Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition

61PH3G5R9MLYellow (name changeable) is asked to see professor Oak one day and finds him as he’s about to leave Pallet town when he can’t find him anywhere. Oak warns Red for the high grass and then catches a Pikachu. Later Red goes to the professor’s laboratory and receives a Pokémon, however Blue takes it from him. Instead of the Pokémon Blue stole, Red gets the newly caught and still wild Pikachu. He heads out to become a Pokémon trainer and Oak also asks him to collect data on the Pokémon Red sees and catches.

I just want to say that there are more options than Yellow and Blue for the names, but I didn’t want to list three names, when you can also choose a custom name. Yellow is commonly known as Ash or Red though.

This is, very obviously, one of the best known retro Nintendo games with one of Nintendo’s most iconic mascots. Even people who haven’t played console games, most likely have heard of Pokémon. And I remember when Pokémon came out in the first place. You were the coolest kid in school if you had a game or trading cards. Being one of those kid who at best got to play Tetris or Snake on this bought golden cellphone-looking rip off console (which I sadly don’t have anymore), I was about as cool as the burning sun in July.

Thank goodness I’m an adult now and I can play any fucking game I want and even buy really old games and consoles if I want. This one, however, was borrowed from my beloved boyfriend who lent it to me as I suffered through Norn9 (which this post replaced because my health collapsed and I had written most of this post early into the Pokémon game).

All Pokémon games are essentially the same. They share the same two goals and only really changes a bit in story. Despite that, I really enjoyed my run with Pokémon Yellow, which I played on my Game Boy Advance SP (a lovely little second-hand find, which I love) and it really relieved all that built up stress from Norn9’s awful translation. I would spend hours playing Pokémon instead of Norn9. (lol)

I can’t really say the story is like the most epic one you’ll ever find in an RPG, but I enjoy the simplicity of the Pokémon games and that they aren’t necessarily so easy you can figure out where the hell you’re supposed to go right away and you can kind of choose what you rather mainly focus on – becoming a the best Pokémon trainer, or catching all the Pokémon. The graphics in the older games have always been very charming to me, so I enjoyed it, just as much as the music in this game which isn’t bad. (And more importantly, doesn’t hurt my ears.)

I think it’s obvious, but I definitely recommend this one. This recommendation, however, is for those who enjoy retro gaming, Pokémon in general or RPGs which are more open world and less running a long a path. And you know… You can’t be bad at Pokémon, but you can be too impatient.

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