Shall We Date? Oz+

Oz+It’s Dorothy Gale‘s (name changeable) 17th birthday and three handsome men pick her up at her house and takes her back to the land of Oz. There she’s asked to pick a boyfriend and she picks…

Oz is in the world of Oz as well, invited as well by Solomon. There is something in his eyes that makes Dorothy choose him over the others but she can’t place it. After being chosen Oz teases the others by constantly reminding them he was chosen.

However, Oz didn’t come to Oz to be Dorothy’s boyfriend; he came to save her from being used. They try to escape the land of Oz, but there is a storm and they crash into the mountains. Oz is hurt and they decide to take him to a doctor, and end up in Emerald City, where Dorothy and Oz get a warm welcome. They stay there and their love blooms, resulting in them becoming a couple. Later everyone gather to hold a party (okay, not really) where everyone is suspicious of Solomon and Norton and Norton decide to kidnap Dorothy and throw her into a cage lock her up in his room. She tries to flee out of the window, but almost falls. Thankfully she’s saved because Wesley teleported everyone to Norton’s room. And then everyone learns what the prophecy really is and that whatever Dorothy wish for on her birthday is how the lands of Oz will change. On her birthday she dances with Oz and then there’s the big moment.

Best End
Dorothy wishes for the world to stay the same, to be a world where everyone can live even happier. She’s engulfed by light, which spreads across the world and the lands of Oz becomes a like dream world. Everyone is happy. But Oz and Dorothy can’t stay. They have to leave this new world, and when they do they are separated. Dorothy returns to Kansas and decides to look for Oz. They’ll eventually reunited and live happily ever after, or something.

This is a ridiculous game. The story barely makes any sense and it’s about as ridiculous and childish as it can be. I didn’t finish the entire route until after the play period was over, but it was only two weeks so none of us did expect to finish. I really didn’t like this game. I really hate ticket system games, but I think the entire story and the childish characters was what irked me the most. I only picked Oz because he reminded me of Kaitou Kid, lol.

It felt pretty weird to know Oz was a middle-aged man and Dorothy only turns 17 at the end. I might have grown up in a family with huge age differences myself, but at least my mum was 7 years older (when my sister was born). I’m not disgusted by it or anything, I just think it’s weird. Especially since Oz met Dorothy when she was a younger. Lol.

Upside was the good art and the not so painful translation. Downside was everything else, I suppose, from the story and characters to the ticket system. I heard from the other they had issues with the in-game currency (it wasn’t enough for necessary items) but I didn’t have that problem. I think Oz’s route was cheaper, lol. I was also pretty dedicated to doing the party thing and got currency that way. I had a fricking timer on just to log in every 5 hours during most of the gaming period.

Yeah, no thanks. I’m not playing the other routes. Not worth my time.

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