Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE! LOVE!

80776lOur favourite magical boys and alien wombat are back, fighting against new enemies, now that the student council has stopped their evil activity and become friends with the Earth Defense Club! They are powered up in their magical powers, but are just as gay as before.

This is a second season of a parody on magical girls and it’s doing it’s thing well. They power up on the first episode with new Lovracelets and new costumes, just like any mahou shoujo anime would do. They even managed to power up the gayness of this show, which I thought was hardly possible.

I liked that we learnt more about Yumoto’s brother Gora this season, thank to the Vepp Brothers. But to be honest there really wasn’t anything new or ground-breaking in this show. It was a fun ride, but it’s more like I got this kind of “I’ve seen this before and this is going to be fun” feeling. I feel like this was the conclusion of this series for me with the season finale. The only reason to see a third reason was if it meant I’d get to see En and Atsushi kiss, but I don’t think that will happen as it seems Atsushi and Kinjirou are the canon gay couple. Oh well.

While it was indeed more gay than the previous season and an equal amount of fun to watch, it really felt more running on gayness than mahou shoujo parody this time, which was a little disappointing to me. I did enjoy the new villains, but they didn’t exactly get much screen time before the very end and I feel they could have been used better, while I think it was good that why they loved Gora to the point where they clearly had issues wasn’t coming out until the end. But perhaps the stuff about becoming an idol and WHY they saw the Battle Lovers as rivals, might have been better earlier on, if only to have some character in the villains. They were kind of just a couple of twincesty twins with Gora complex for like 10 episodes.

All in all, it was fun, but it’s mostly for the gayness and me wanting to scream at En to not give his boyfriend Atsushi away so easily. Also the other guys relationship clearly went into the love directory. So it was fun to watch and I did really enjoy it, but the execution was kind of poor. I guess that’s what I’m getting to at the end of the day.

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