Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? 2

”Kid…! Do ya want to die?!”
”W-wait…just a minute. If you can just calm down…”
”Shaddup!! The hell is wrong with ya?! Is short stack there yer friend or something?!”
”N-never seen her in my life.”
”The why the hell are ya protecting that piece of shit?!”
”…B-because she’s a girl.”
”The hell are ya saying…!”
Really, what am I saying…? But I don’t think I have a choice. That’s what real men do, right? It’s normal to help a girl in trouble. Do I need any more reason than that?
”Fine… I’ll slit yer throat first, kid…!”

9780316340144Bell Crannell is an adventurer and the only member of the very poor Hestia Familia. He has gained experience in a very fast pace and even though he has been an adventurer for less than a month, he has well surpassed the status of more experienced adventurers. One day on his way to the Dungeon, Bell is approached by a small girl, Lilliluka Erde, who asks if he wants a supporter. He agrees, but…

The harem is strong in this book. That’s one of the things I surely can say. The translation isn’t so bad, but there are a few awkward moments, in my opinion. I would like to explain why it’s so good, but the thing is… it’s not. There are some really funny jokes and I like that it’s not showing off sexual harassment and naked girls at every chance, but… The harem is strong in this one. Girls fall for Bell every step he takes. That’s how I feel. (lol) The story is pretty mediocre too. I mean, Bell is an interesting character, but because he is the ONLY interesting character, it’s not much to go on. And then there’s the harem. Yeah, I have a problem with harem. I know.

Between No Game No Life and Wrong Dungeon, I think I’d tell you to pick No Game No Life. The story is interesting and although the jokes are of sexual nature a lot, I prefer a good story with annoying features over… well, everything is mediocre. If you like a fantasy setting with harem and little focus on the story and characters, Wrong Dungeon is definitely what you should choose though. But don’t expect any more reviews of this series from me, unless someone gives me the books for free. (lol)

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