Sailor Moon The Movie

Serena is an everyday girl when one day she comes upon some weird stuff, among the speaking cat Luna. Her life changes as she now can transform into Sailor Moon.

From today on I am starting a new series in which I review fanfiction. You will get a new post every day for the rest of your life.

…Or so I thought, but I come across this absolutely wonderful piece of art and I can’t believe how good it is! I will never be able to find anything fanmade as good as this, so I’ve decided to just scarp that idea completely and make this a very special occurence.

I can’t believe this is supposed to be Luna. Worst actor in the film.

This is a fanmade film based on the first season/part of Sailor Moon and it’s way better than the original! The actors portrayed the characters better than the characters themselves would do and look exactly like they would in real life. The only real downer is Artemis and Luna. How could they cast REAL LIFE CATS to play those two. Gosh, that’s just crap. But every good piece of art has something bad about it and I can live with the real life cats. I usually don’t like CGI and stuff, but it really works in this film. It looks so real and isn’t overdone. That’s my problem with computerized graphics, you know? It looks so fake. So they did a great job, because I didn’t actually notice it was CGI at first.

This looks just like Nephrite, doesn’t it?

I especially like the character rendition of Nephrite. His long, flowy hair was really beautiful in this film. I can’t get enough of it. *cough* Of course, all others were perfect as well. Aside from the cats. I really can’t believe they cast cats to be Luna and Artemis. Really? Beside, how did they find alien cats with half-crescents anyway? Oooh! Maybe that was CGI as well? Gosh, I’m an idiot.

You should really head to YouTube and watch this film now, because it’s free for all to watch. It’s definitely my favourite film of all time. Best adaptation ever.

5 thoughts on “Sailor Moon The Movie

  1. This is such an interesting movie. Thank You so much for writing about it. The quality is really good. The acting is REALLY good. It is so awesome when fans of a show really get the content so well they can actually pull it off THIS EXCELLENTLY.

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  2. Reblogged this on Iconography ♠ Incomplete and commented:
    This is very good. I mean you should see the quality of this show. The acting is so well done. I think the emotions, atmosphere and content is pretty awesome. I really like this movie. IT MADE SO MUCH SENSE.

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