Otogi-Juushi Akazukin

cj649_Fairy_MusketeersWhen he was a child, Souta Suzukaze (CV: Motoko Kumai, Yuuko Sanpei) was told a fairy tale. Now, 14 years old, he has a recurring dream featuring the story told by his mother, and he’s trying to find the fairy tale in books. But he can’t. One day he hears it while looking for it and he chases the voice to find a man telling it. Souta corrects the man’s version and that’s when Souta’s life changes tremendously.

This is a pretty standard kids’ show, with Souta being an extremely special human being. Which you know, makes me think of shounen. Anyway, pretty standard with nothing that really stands out as really bad or really good. One of my thoughts early on was however that the character designs are a bit weird. Lol. And then it hit me that this is basically a harem, with Souta as the one to want. That honestly made the entire show even more difficult to watch, because… Yeah, it got too weird for me. I couldn’t help but finish this review up after episode 8.

No, this one isn’t mahou shoujo. Although it may seem like it, Akazukin, isn’t the main character and she doesn’t even have magic powers. Shirayuki is the only of the Three Musketeers who does use magic (Ibara is maybe more… a plant-bender), but she’s not the main character, nor particularly special when they get back to Phandavale. Besides, their enemies seem to equally knowledgable about magic as well, so she’s really not a special case. Souta is the chosen one in this show and he seems to have magic abilities which, basically, makes this show mahou shounen, not mahou shoujo. In the end, this is a fantasy show, and not a particularly good one.

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