No Game No Life 3

A relationship of mutual trust going beyond normal bounds?–No. To put another person at the top of the list of elements that constitute oneself is not what is called trust. At this point, it was a condition for existence. These two, all metaphor and hyperbole aside, were truly–two in one. Warped. Broken. But, when you put them together, they joined as if so designed into a complete one. It defied comprehension.

9780316385190Sora and Shiro were transferred to the world Disboard where they are the King and Queen of Immanity – the human race. Their goal: Total World Domination. Next up is a game against the Eastern Union and they are waiting for a date for the game betting the entire race of Immanity, but something’s amiss… Where is Sora?

God, the translation of this series is really bad. It’s been a while since I read the last volume and GOD, it’s bad. I still like the psychological part of this series, but the translation is awful, and the ecchi, kind of incest but not really and lolicon is kind of annoying. I think I’ve thought this with every volume so far, but this series might not actually be entirely legal in Sweden. It’s just a thought though, because I have indeed bought the three volumes I have from a webshop located in Sweden.

I’ll keep reading this series, but I’m dropping it in English. No more. The translation is just too bad for me to deal with. And this is a great time to change language, as the first arc of the series ends with this volume.

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