Kill la Kill

5142ab9ed5dd56153b731de52021ac5b1379547918_fullRyuuko Matoi (CV: Ami Koshimizu) transfers to something-something school, which is ruled by Satsuki Kiryuuin (CV: Ryouka Yuzuki). At her very first day Ryuuko starts a fight with Satsuki, as she’s trying to find out who killed her father. But she loses the fight and returns to the ruins of her home. There she finds a sailor school uniform that is not as any other…

… this was a really predictable show. I’m also trying to figure out why people like it so much. It was a really, really, REALLY average show to me. Nothing interesting ever happens, and it was, as mentioned, very predictable. Some say the show starts out slow, but to me it’s like it never even starts. It’s 24 episodes of me wondering if it’ll ever get going. Yes, in the middle of the finale which was full of action, I still wondered if it ever was going to start. And much like it never starts, it never finished, as something that has not started cannot finish. I liked how episodes 7 used the dystopia setting which the school was, but I didn’t like anything else. Well, aside the soundtrack.

I keep trying to say more, but this was indeed really, really, REALLY average and nothing really stood out, aside from maybe the fact that you’re slapped in the face by text a lot. But if you loved it, then that’s fine. But to me this had neither any strong or weak points. Aside from maybe the weakness that to me it never really started. At all. Did I really spend like 9, 10 hours staring in a wall?

This shows was in a sense very interesting in sense of mahou shoujo. The shows practically checks off each criteria perfectly. Aside from a tiny little fact. There’s not magic in this show at all. It’s science fiction, a dystopia, and nothing that happens in that show has to do with magic. Some very shady alien science, but you know, no magic. And before anyone mentions Sailor Moon. Yes, that has some weird alien stuff going on as well but it’s not like Ryuuko caught up some weird super powerful magic crystal out of nowhere or was waving a wand around. She was splurting blood and nonsense, waves half a scissor around and had some alien breast flapping going on. Hence, this show isn’t mahou shoujo either. Let’s hope the next one in this series is, no?

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