Hatoful Boyfriend

Hiyoko Tosaka is the only human in PigeoNation’s school for gifted birds and is just about to start her second year. There she meets a lot of different kind of birds, both teachers and students – all having their own story to tell.

Ryouta Kawara
He’s a rock dove and Hiyoko’s known him basically all his life, after saving his life when he had fallen out of the nest. He’s health is a bit weak, but he has to take care of his mother whose health is worse than his.

Things are as normal, until Ryouta’s mother gets worse at the start of the second term, and is admitted to the hospital. Apparently she’s not going to get better, but on Christmas Eve, Ryouta’s mother won’t hear of anything other than him spending the day with someone he cares for and he calls for Hiyoko to talk. About a month later, Ryouta’s mother passes away. She wanted him to rely on Hiyoko, but despite loving her, he doesn’t feel he can do that, because he will die much earlier than she will. But to Hiyoko that’s not a problem, just part of life.

Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane
He’s a French aristocrat fantail pigeon and thinks he’s better than everyone else because of that. He becomes the student council president upon admission to the school as well. He looks down on Yuuya, his brother, a lot, but the one he truly never gets along with is Okosan.

Normal End
Hiyoko joins the student council and becomes the vice president of the school. By being together the two grow closer over time, and Hiyoko learns Sakuya has little idea of what is normal in a school. But he’s doing well in all subjects, and it surprises her when she also finds Sakuya playing the piano in the music room, playing it very well. He wants to be a musician, but as an aristocrat he can’t imagine that is alright. He talks to Hiyoko about it, and Hiyoko encourages him to talk to his father about it and then see what happens. And if it goes well, he can always come to her.

True End
Sakuya runs away again and stays with Hiyoko, pursuing music. Hiyoko suggests contacting Yuuya, but Sakuya doesn’t seem to be ready to talk to his brother yet.

Nageki Fujishiro
He’s a mourning dove that’s always at the library and ignored by everyone. He doesn’t even have a presence so Hiyoko doesn’t notice him at first. He’s always reading, and chooses to avoid everyone.

Hiyoko grows close to him, as she’s working at the library and studying there a lot. One day he decides to talk to Hiyoko, but they’re interrupted before he finished what he was going to say. Some time later he approaches her again and tells her he can’t leave the library and they talk about why no one but Hiyoko ever talks or notices him. He killed himself several years ago and has been at the library ever since, but thanks to getting close to Hiyoko, he can finally pass on. He tells her he loves her, and disappears.

Yuuya Sakazaki
He seems to be Sakuya’s brother and is of course also a fantail pigeon, but Sakuya refuses to acknowledge him as his brother. Yuuya is known for being a bit of a playbird and tries to be sexy and suave in front of the girls at school.

Hiyoko joins the infirmary staff, and it seems Yuuya is also part of it. Thanks to that, she grows closer to him. But some mysteries surround him, the doctor and the infirmary, and it makes Hiyoko curious of what he could possibly be doing or what he’s involved with. But when she finds Yuuya with a broken wing and they both are shot at, Yuuya explains he’s a secret agent for the Dove Party and since they were seen together, he asks Hiyoko if she wants to follow him. And she doesn’t need to think twice – she is ready to follow the bird to a world of darkness.

A hyper fantail pigeon (maybe?) with a fascination for pudding, this bird is in the track team, and is really fast. And that’s about all he’s good at.

Normal End
Hiyoko joins the track team and sees Okosan have his regular fits over a true pudding he seems to search for, but can’t find anywhere. And some other fits as well. Despite that, she grows close to the bird somehow. So when he quits school to go on a journey to find the true pudding, he lets Hiyoko come along.

True End
They arrived to the Ruins of Pudding and open a chest that contains…!! Nothing? No, Okosan has turned into the Lord of Pudding and the world is engulfed in pudding, and Hiyoko’s time with Okosan ends.

Kazuaki Nanaki
He’s the home room teacher for Hiyoko in her second year and is a quail. He’s otherwise the teacher in mathematics and physics and is a known mathematician, but he often falls asleep for unknown reasons.

Hiyoko works hard to get close to her strange teacher, and though he often falls asleep when talked to or invited, he always goes along with Hiyoko’s requests, and he also cares for her and is willing to take her home when they meet. Of course, Hiyoko helps out whenever her teacher asks for help as well. But he seems to have a side that Hiyoko doesn’t know, even if she felt like she knew him well.

She confesses to him at the end of the school year, but is turned down. Kazuaki has lost someone in the past and isn’t currently able to love anyone like she loves him, because he doesn’t want to push hatred upon them. However, he’ll wait for her. When she’s grown up, she can return to the school and Hiyoko is willing to wait for the time when she can return and confess again.

Shuu Iwamine
The school doctor is a partridge and has a pretty bad reputation and it’s rumoured that just talking to him can make you sick. He isn’t someone Hiyoko really wants to be around. Luckily she’s a healthy girl, so she seldom needs to go to the infirmary.

Normal End
Hiyoko joins the infirmary staff and tries to get closer to the doctor for some reason. As she tries to get closer, she starts getting involved in some kind of mystery, and among others, Yuuya suddenly disappears. She later finds out she ate him, roasted, during Christmas. Shuu then kills her, preserving only her head to keep by his side for the rest of his life.

True End
After cutting Hiyoko up and preserving her head, the Hawk Party get interested in acquiring her head. Shuu has gained attachment to it, so he can’t allow letting it go. As such, he breaks the jar and is the killed himself.

Anghel Higure
He’s a strange Luzon Bleeding Heart and another sophomore, that Hiyoko meets one day at school. Despite his weird Japanese and choice of words, Hiyoko quickly catches on, even though she doesn’t always understand him.

Anghel tries to investigate the infirmary for evil, but Yuuya stops him to make sure he isn’t killed. Hiyoko later finds him interested in the infirmary again, making plans to attack it to make sure no Demon Spores spreads. And one day he decides it’s time to stop it, and Hiyoko rushes after him, worried he’ll be hurt because the doctor is who he is. But it turns out all the RPG-like talk is true and Hiyoko has to battle evil together with Anghel.

Azami Koshiba
Hiyoko meets this sparrow on a run on which she got lost. She realizes the sparrow can’t be just anybirdie with that intense pressure she gives off, and the vintage scooter adds to the impression. But it turns out Azami is really careful with traffic safety.

Normal End
Hiyoko takes a job at a café and after staying out too late, she runs into some punkgeons. Luckily Azami appears and together the two beat the crap of the unkept rock doves. Hiyoko invites Azami to the café and on the last day Hiyoko works, Azami comes by and tension rises, as a regular customer turns out to have been a legendary biker gang leader who disappeared half a year ago, and who Azami had confessed her love to. She claims she has stopped loving in, but Hiyoko knows better. She says Azami still loves Rabu, and Azami admits it’s true. In the end Azami and Rabu get engaged.

True End
Hiyoko points out Azami must have been training her kicks, so she can’t have forgotten Rabu. Azami beats the bird up for dumping here and then sells her bike. As Azami comes out of the shop, the rock dove gang comes up and starts a fight. Hiyoko and Azami fights through it and starts a all-girl delinquent gang, who never break traffic laws.

Bad End
Hiyoko isn’t intimate enough with any of the birds at PigeoNation’s, so she’s disposed of.

Bad Boy’s Love End (Locked)
Hiyoko starts school just like normal, but one day she doesn’t come to school. Ryouta is worried and plans to call her, but is asked to take a print box from the faculty room to the classroom. Inside… is Hiyoko’s head. The school is evacuated, but they get no real reason as to why. So Sakuya and Ryouta heads back into school from the gymnasium where all the students had been gathered. When leaving the gymnasium they notice a grey dome closing in the school. They go to investigate further and notice Hiyoko’s head is missing from the box now. They find out Hiyoko has been gathered for autopsy, and start investigating the possible connection between her and the “natural disaster”. They find more clues, but don’t seem to be getting any closer to an answer. In fact, the clues are confusing them even further.

Eventually the mystery starts to unravel, but things unfold to be much more complicated as it seems, and Ryouta himself killed Hiyoko, though with the help of Shuu. But it was all according to a wish Ryouta and Hiyoko had once had. In a sense anyway. The two are frozen down for an unknown amount of time for when Ryouta can be cured and Hiyoko once again can live.

First, let me just give a bit of a recommended play order, which I mostly am putting together because some of the routes somewhat go into one another, so you can use the same saves if you want to bother with that. But It’s also a recommended order just because I can give a recommendation, I suppose. You could just as well the game by getting each end in numerical order.

Kazuaki -> Otosan -> Azami -> Ryouta -> Sakuya -> Nageki -> Yuuya -> Shuu -> Anghel -> BBL

If someone wants a save guide for quicker play, let me know. I could make one. But this game is really short, so it’s fine if you don’t have one. Though, it can be a pain if you don’t want to pick the same choices over and over.

This was an interesting and kind of fun game. As I mentioned, it’s short too, so you can easily play through it even when you don’t have a lot of time. A route took me around an hour to complete. I really enjoyed it despite its strangeness and absurdity. But I think that part is what’s charming about it. You don’t really think about the facts everyone in the cast but Hiyoko is a bird. The music fit well, art worked well… I have very few complaints. I just enjoyed the ride to be honest. Even the puns.

My complaints are found in the technical department: There is no auto mode from what I could find, and if there is one, it sure is difficult to find. Auto mode for me is generally an important feature, because clicking a button or key for every phrase is physically painful. It’s easier on a console though, so had I played the PSN version and not Steam, I suppose it might have bothered me less.

The skip is a bit messy. While it for most part only skips to a new scene, it sometimes skips through something you haven’t read before, because it wasn’t put as a new scene or something. While it’s not all that noticeable in the general routes, it definitely is up to a certain point in BBL, because twice did it auto skip through monologue I couldn’t stop the skip in, and when the story changed completely, it kept skipping.

Which takes me to one more thing. There is no history or any way to go back in the conversation, so if you skipped passed something you missed, you have to start over from your last saved spot or entirely from the beginning. I didn’t bother with this and hence missed some amount of information.

But these technical stuff aside, I really love the game. Awful ends and all, this is one that has a fond place in my heart. Or maybe because of them. That’s difficult to say, as I seem to be a bit masochistic in my choice of favourite otome games.

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