Otouto Scramble

c94080_038ba73d0026413ab0d5f9358a881b7b-mv2Mirai Sotokunda (name changeable) is a college student studying to be a nursery school teacher. One day in December her mum drops a huge bomb – she’s getting remarried! Before the end of the year! Mirai needs time to think about it, but give her mother her blessing. That’s when her mother drops another bomb – the new man has four sons – all younger than Mirai. So now Mirai suddenly will have four brother’s and a new father before the end of the month and she’s never met them! Less than two weeks pass and they move in with the guys, because her father-to-be has a sudden business trip and Mirai now has to live with her four brothers. Alone.

Izumi Osaka
The third son is a 14-year-old who doesn’t go to school. Instead he is homeschooled and learning about his habits makes Mirai worry about him. She starts making lunch boxes for him to make sure he eats a proper lunch. She then starts tutoring him and her love for the boy grows, until she one day tells him to go to school, which leads to him being pretty offended and they don’t talk for a while. They then eventually talk again after she fakes collapsing because she’s an idiot and Izumi decides it’s appropriate to attack his older stepsister after getting her inside his room.

Izumi thinks Mirai will hate him, but she confesses her feelings instead. After that I don’t remember what happens even though I just played at the time of writing, but it ends up with Izumi going to school and Izumi and Mirai not talking for like a month before they end up in Izumi’s room again so Izumi could confess his feelings.

I played this for free because I ain’t paying 11-12 USD or whatever for crappy android otoges with crappy translations and an 11-year-old otouto. That, however, meant I came across a bug with getting story tickets through watching the advertisement videos. I ended up being stuck on my first route (Hikaru) on episode 3, lol. I could only continue when the bug was fixed, which took a while and I honestly got tired of waiting. I uninstalled the game and picked it months later again. I started over, but went with Izumi first this time.

But I decided to just play one route because of how uncomfortable this game made me, so here’s what I wrote during my first try:

The youngest of the 4, Hikaru is an 11-year-old elementary school kid who instantly likes Mirai. He’s basically “I love you so much onee-chan” from the start. He’s spoilt and Mirai can’t be angry at him, and she think he’s really cute. But sometimes her heart will skip a beat because Hikaru shows signs of being an adult and I’m starting to get really uncomfortable typing this.

The tickets you get every day are collected, so over time you can get a lot. An ending ticket is 200 points, so I suggest to play this game so that you collect story tickets every day and also watch as many videos you can to get the points to pay for the ending ticket. BUT IT STILL TAKES FOREVER. I had more than enough story tickets for another route by the time I could get that ending ticket for Izumi.

The grammar is awful. And there’s typos all over the place. There were sentences I had to reread a few times to get. But I guess the most ridiculous part is THE JAPANESE LINES. I think there were two, maybe three, lines that weren’t even translated.

I felt Izumi might be the best character and I kind of had nicknames for all the others, but now I totally regret playing his route. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE OLDEST BROTHER. He was totally a brocon for Hikaru, but at least I wouldn’t finish the game and I feel like I made the biggest mistake in my life. Or well, I suppose it wasn’t that bad. I DIDN’T FINNISH HIKARU AFTER ALL. Still, I feel like uncomfortable even knowing I played this game. I’ll NEVER play this again. I swear. NEVER AGAIN.

I don’t understand how this game has good reviews on Google Play. Actually WHY DID IT EVEN GET GREENLIT ON STEAM?! If you feel like playing this crap I only have one things to say: Have fun feeling like the scum of humanity for a while, lol. AND TAKING MONTHS TO GET A SINGLE ENDING TICKET. LOLLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL.

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Want to play this crappy game?

You can get it from Google Play or iTunes and has been greenlit on Steam as well.

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