The Devil is a Part-timer! 1

“Borrowing an umbrella from you is a deep, deep wound to my personal virtue and honor! One that will never heal in thousands of years!”

The Devil King and his general Alciel fled from the world they tried to conquer when the Hero Emilia was overpowering them. And the two ended up in Tokyo, Japan. Now they have little to no magical power and they realize they need to adapt to the life of the Japanese. They get an apartment, they work, they buy necessities and food. And live a peaceful, yet financially difficult, life as Sadao Maou and Shiro Ashiya until Sadao one day meets the girl Emi Yusa.

Oh gosh! Look! A post out of schedule?! Congratulations! I somehow managed to finish a book that wasn’t pregnancy related before the baby was due (and before the Taisho Alice post, oops), so here is a bonus post for you all.

There were a few awkward moments in this book, but I feel Kevin Gifford translated this book very well. So I want to praise that hard work first of all.

That being said, this story has a very interesting premise and the story is pretty funny. There were a few times I laughed out loud. Unlike No Game No Life or Wrong Dungeon which I’ve been reading recently, there wasn’t any naked girls or sexual harassment. (Chest size is mentioned once, and in one scene they talk about clothes and decency, but that’s all I remember mentioned.) It clearly works for a younger audience. The characters are also pretty interesting, and makes up for some of the more information dump-like parts of the story.

I can definitely say this is worth getting in English if your Japanese isn’t good enough. I plan on reading it in Japanese as well some day when I get my hands on it. And look forward to a review of volume 2 one of these days! I’ll get to it when I get my hands on that as well. And… well… get time with all the mama responsibilities coming up.

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Get the English translation here, and the Japanese original here.

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