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b7ce4b859fb5081ac27a54fe89ee67171446083640_fullYuki Takeya (CV: Iori Minase) is the upperclassman of the school living club and is one of the original members of it together with Kurumi Ebisuzawa (CV: Ari Ozawa) and Yuuri Wakasa (CV: Mao Ichimichi). After joining the club she has started to enjoy school as well. But one day the dog that the club takes care of, Taroumaru (CV: Emiri Katou), left the club room by himself and Miki Naoki (CV: Rie Takahashi) is searching for him, asking Yuki for help. But Yuki has to remind Miki every time they enter a classroom that it’s in the middle of class, because not everything is as it seems…

This may start out looking like a comedy or the slice of life kind of show that shows cute girls doing cute things, but is in fact horror and won’t allow you to forget that. The characters of the show are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and try to live their lives. But it deals more about the psychological perspective of it, as well as just daily life. Needing rations, losing loved ones, just dealing with it somehow. One of the characters is in complete denial of what’s going on after losing someone important, which is why they very much need the school living club and the rules include that they can’t live the school.

Because it’s dealing with a more psychological aspect of it, I enjoyed the show a lot, especially seeing the differences between reality and delusion, and the characters’ mental struggles. There are no real surprises though, so if you want that, too bad. There’s not a lot of action either, although there are some zombie fighting and more gory scenes.

It’s a very good show, which reminds us to not give up. It’s important to have a goal to motivate us in the darkest of times, but not forget what’s important. I’d say that’s the very essence of the show and at the time of writing – it’s late February – this is something we must not forget in these uncertain times.

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