Are you into trading card games but can’t afford buying real cards and have yet to find a digital game that’s like a real TCG? Look no further, ’cause I have found it! Shadowverse has 6 different kinds of decks you can build: Forestcraft, Runecraft, Dragoncraft, Bloodcraft, Shadowcraft and Havencraft. They all have their specialties and you can choose to both build a deck from scratch or get a generated deck. The game has both a single player (story mode and playing against an AI) and a multiplayer mode (ranked matches, unranked matches, play against a friend and Take Two), so no matter what mood you’re in, you’ll be good!

Play against the computer or other players like it’s a real trading card game while trying to beat the opponent by cutting down their defence points. You receive a play ord every turn until you have a total of 10.

I LOVE card games. I also love collecting cards. But I had yet to found either a digital game which was fun or one that was within my budget in terms of card collecting. The games either forced you to buy cards if you wanted to collect, or it took forever to collect whatever you need to buy them. Or the game play just wasn’t really a card game. You had a bunch of cards, but all you did was (for instance) choose them as a party and they beat the crap out of your enemies while you had auto. That’s not a card game, as I see it. Isn’t that a crappy mobile RPG?

Build multiple decks of different types and with different properties. You can start from scratch or have one randomly generated from the cards you have. Here you can see I have a deck for testing out ideas for changing of my main deck (Forestcraft) as well as decks in Dragon-, Haven- and Shadowcraft.

Anyway, Shadowverse was what I had been looking for.

With its two modes and many options for plays, you can expect some actual need for strategic thinking. Maybe not so much against the AI on low-levels, but against other players from all around the world. You also receive daily bonuses in terms of coins and card pack tickets so you can get cards without playing to win, and rewards for winning games include vials as well so you can create cards.

I found the story mode pretty generic in terms of story, but it’s a good way to practice as you start out because the difficulty goes up as you play. I also used it to try out new decks that I knew were unbalanced, before I went on to balancing the decks in non-story AI play mode and then unranked games.

Receive a daily bonus, like a ticket to play Take Two, coins to buy things with, or tickets for card packs.

I like how most things can be bought with coins, though there are a few things that cost crystals (which costs real money), but they are extras and not at all necessary for game play. In other words, you are really able to get the most out of this game without spending a penny, unless you want to. Another plus is that every monster card is voiced and in Japanese you’ll hear very known voice actors. An example would be Junichi Suwabe, who I know some girls and women find has a very sexy voice.

Yes, I know. I’m fishing friends to play with by getting all Suwabe fans to join me. Sugitan friends should join me as well – Tomokazu Sugita is in it as well.

Learn more about each of the leaders (Arisa in this screenshot) by playing their story in the story mode.

But you shouldn’t play this game for the voice actors. Or the pretty art. Or generic story. But for the genuinely good set-up of the game and the card game itself. It’s fun, and you have a lot of options for your plays. There are achievements and missions in the game as well, so even if you choose to opt out of ranked games, you can still get a sense of accomplishment. I really recommend this game if you want to play a good card game, with or without spending money on it.

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Let’s play together!

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