Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

The very pretty Koizumi (CV: Ayana Taketatsu) has transferred to the same class as Yuu Oosawa (CV: Ayane Sakura), Jun Takahashi (CV: Yumi Hara) and Misa Nakamura (CV: Akari Kito). Yuu, who likes pretty things, gets attached to Koizumi and starts trying to befriend her, but all Koizumi cares about is ramen.

I can understand wanting to get to know someone, but Yuu is pestering Koizumi to the point I’d personally would call it harassment. Koizumi ignoring her is also rather awful, but I’d say it’s understandable at least after a few times of Yuu forcing herself into the company of Koizumi. Yuu also shows severe traits of a stalker and I find that horrifying, rather than funny. It goes so far as Yuu not being able to accept it if Koizumi has a lover.

Yuu aside, this is actually a surprisingly good show even though all it is about is ramen. There’s no character development whatsoever and Yuu could really need some in the 7 episode I’ve watched, but I think it’s a really relaxing show if you ignore Yuu. It’ll live you hungry for more ramen after every episode.

But while I call it relaxing and surprisingly good, it’s far from great and you’ll find better shows to watch this season. And beware if you do pick this show up. You might need to have your instant ramen ready and you’ll binge both the show and the ramen.

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You love ramen noodles as well? Give me some time to cook up some links.

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