The service of the dive massively multiplayer role-playing game (DMMORPG) Yggdrasil is going to be terminated and the player Momonga (CV: Satoshi Hino) decides to be on until the servers shut down, and then go to bed. But as the time passes midnight… he doesn’t disconnect. He quickly realises this is abnormal and start gathering information as he’s alone with only the NPCs in his guild in their guild home…

This starts off by having Momonga try to find information in this strange world, but the show actually focuses on the side characters. Momonga turns more and more into a game-like character, while the NPC are turning more human, which is really interesting. I also think it’s nice to have a show where nothing is entirely black and white. Momonga and the NPCs are both good and evil, depending on where you turn, and so is just about everyone else. In other words, they have enough character depth to have motivation for their actions.

But since it focuses not on Momonga as much as pretty much everyone else, the audience sees the arcs’ main characters come and die go, sometimes making you angry, sometimes making you frustrated, sometimes laughing in their face – depending on what emotional bond you have gotten to them. This is because of the way the light novels are set up. However, the arcs are sometimes too short for the light novel’s content to be explained and we get some amount of lack in understanding what is actually going on. This is especially noticeable in season 2 when a character poses as someone else, but unless you’ve read the light novels (or read the Crunchyroll comments while the opening/ending song, like I have the bad habit of doing) you would have no idea it happened and while you may as a viewer feel something is off, you don’t know why because it’s never explained.

Over all, this is a pretty good show. It’s similar to Log HorizonKonoSuba and Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, with kind of a focus on just living in a new world for the NPCs and Momonga, and just being alive for other supportive cast, so if you like either of them, you might enjoy this. More so if you have read the light novels and know what is not explained. I mean, it would be better if it had time to explain more and let you connect to the supportive cast more, but we simply don’t.

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