Batch #6

It’s been a while since my last batch post, but allow me to briefly share my thoughts on a few shows I’ve watched recently (or not so recently but never finished the posts for). There will be another batch soon, because I didn’t want this post to be too long and I’ve binged a lot of shows while I was pregnant and during the past year and I’d like to share my thoughts on at least a portion of them. Next month will be a game review, but I think there’ll be another batch post the month after that.

Joker Game
In Japan a school for spies was created in 1937, and we get to see individual stories related to this agency of spies, called D-Agency.

I had seen a review of like the first episode or something that bashed this show to bits. Well, it was not as bad as the reviewer thought. In fact, I kind of found this show – that is clearly targeted to an older audience – very charming in a strange way. I mean, it’s not charming in the sense that it’s a bunch of cute girls doing “cute things”, because this show lacks women a lot and it’s really not anything cute about it. But I guess I found the Joker Game explained in the first episode very charming and there was at least one moment of that it tugged my heart-strings.

If you’re into spies or political shows, you might enjoy this very much. If not, you might bash it. I’m not, but I like dark stories, so that’s probably it.

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After a lot of people started suffering from severe insomnia, an untested medicine was launched. Its side effect turned out to create vampires. Years later an incident of disappearing vampires on death row happens, and among them is “the child of hope” – the child of a human and a vampire.

This is based on a Chinese web comic, made as a joint project between a Chinese company and a Japanese studio, and the premise is really good. But the name and the execution of this adaptation is absolutely awful. I haven’t read the comic, but apparently they changed a lot for the worse. If you can look past of the awful execution, you might see a bit of good things about it, but it’s overall pretty darn bad.

You can watch this show for free on Crunchyroll so no need to throw away your money on it!

Kado: The Right Answer
A giant cube appears out of nowhere on the Haneda airport. One of the best negotiators in Japan is on a plane, which is absorbed by the cube and now he is the negotiator for… an alien?

This is a very philosophical show that kind of ends very… I don’t want to say weird or bad, but… it ends really oddly. The ending could have been executed better, but I actually enjoyed this show a lot. It’s uses a lot of CGI, and it can be a bit jarring when it changes between non-CGI and CGI, but it suits the feel of the show so well I think it’s awesome. And Kado – the cube – is so beautiful. I want a Kado of my own. I think those who like philosophical shows and ideas may enjoy this, as it questions if what humanity wants it what it needs, as well as things such as why human exists and what god is, and briefly touches a few economical and political topics.

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Poco’s Udon World
After his father die, Souta Tawara (CV: Yuuichi Nakamura) returns to Kagawa, where he meets a strange child that turns out to be a tanuki (CV: Shiho Kokido). Souta start living with the child, naming him Poco, but he now needs to think about whether to move back to Kagawa to take care of Poco or go back to Tokyo.

The title is extremely misrepresentative of the show, because no udon is made. Lol. Or well, they make udon like twice. This show is on the other hand about facing yourself and your choices in life. Souta feels guilty about not talking more with his father and the choices he has made, but Poco helps him through it. It looks very cute but I think the show is a bit meh. The pacing can be really weird going from slow to quick in a second. It threw me off at times. I still liked the show because of the theme, and it was funny that I expected lots of udon and didn’t really get any of that.

You can get the DVDs or BluRays to support the show and this blog.

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