Batch #7

This batch is… a comic batch post! It’s actually a batch of first impressions of comics. I don’t do a lot of first impression posts, but I thought I’d share at least a few first impressions. I’ll try to make more comic/novel posts in the future. And I hope to get in at least one game post before the year ends.

Honkai Impact 3rd
14 years has appeared since the last herrscher appeared, but now one has appeared in Nagazora. It’ll be the start of the third Honkai War.

Honestly, I feel like I have no clue what’s going on after read the three first chapters. It’s not intriguing or anything, I’m plain confused and don’t want to touch it again.

The translation on Crunchyroll is also not the best one. There are problems with the text in the speech bubbles, and in chapter one these seems to be mixed up pages or possibly even a missing page.

Not recommended.

Crossing Time
Waiting for the train to pass the crossing can be so boring, but it can also be a time for youth to show its blossom. What is it for you?

After reading two chapters I can help but to want more. It seems like a fun work that is easy to read. I’m definitely coming back for more of that. I especially like how the characters were introduced and just how ridiculous some things got. I’m also curious about which other characters may appear. What I did notice was that I felt slightly confused between the first two chapters, because I wasn’t sure if one of the characters had been in the first chapter or not as I feel they looked similar.

Holmes of Kyoto
Aoi Mashiro‘s long-distance boyfriend broke up with her to hook up with her best friend. She has just recently moved to Kyoto, so she needs money to head back and give them a piece of her mind and she turns to an antiques’ shop to sell some scrolls she thought were nice. Noticing that her story is likely not true but that she has a keen eye for antiques, Kiyotaka Yagashira employs her as a part-time so she can put use to that sense of hers while saving up money instead of selling her family’s goods without permission.

This was surprisingly good. I saw the title was part of this season’s line-up, and was curious about it. But as I wanted to not watch a lot, I put it aside, only to see it on Crunchyroll’s manga app. It’s originally based on a light novel, but from the two first chapters you wouldn’t notice that. It seems like it could be a really nicely executed adaptation, but I will have to read more before I can say if it feels like information is lacking. I definitely got interested in the light novels based on these two chapters.

Edens Zero
10 years ago Shiki suddenly appeared out of nowhere at the abandoned theme park, Granbell. For the first time since, another human, Rebecca, enters and soon all the robots at theme park changes their behaviour. Shiki has to leave with Rebecca so the two won’t get the ship stolen and suddenly Shiki realises that a “ship” didn’t mean a boat, but a space ship!

This is by the creator of Rave and Fairy Tail and I certainly can see the similarities between Natsu and Shiki and I honestly thought Rebecca could be Lucy. Just the opposite background, it would seem. It seems interesting and I liked the reference made to Fairy Tail within the first four chapters. I look forward to reading more, and I also feel I really should read Rave while waiting for more chapters.

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