Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up a Son, Get a Free Husband

Five years ago, Ning Xi lost her baby after a car accident when she was 7 month pregnant after her step sister Ning Xueluo plotted for Ning Xi to be raped, walked into a different room and had sex with a stranger. Now Ning Xi is a struggling, but extremely talented actress clawing her way up in the entertainment world as her step-sister does everything to make it hard for her. One night Ning Xi gets locked into a storage room at a bar to ensure she doesn’t go to an audition, and there she finds a little child who got locked in with her. She saves the child, who in turn saves her, and his father, the well-known head of Lu corporation Lu Tingxiao, says he’ll marry her as repayment for what she did for her son. She can’t accept such a thing as a reward, but it seems getting away from Lu Tingxiao is not that easy…

So, let me share some background information about how I even came across this.

There was nothing I was interested to watch this season, and recently I’ve been in the shoujo romance mood while I also asked on my personal Twitter if I should get myself used to 18+ material (because as you might already know, I’m not very comfortable with 18+ material). A combination of these things led to me start looking for romance comedies targeted to an older market. Or, if we’re going to be even more specific, the audience I would probably be part of – josei. It meant I could come across more mature content in form of smut, while still getting my fix of romance (which would just make me feel awful because I rarely enjoy romances) and I could cancel my Crunchyroll subscription temporarily to save some money while I’m not watching more than the online episodes of Angels of Death.

I was reading these a bit on random, and then chose to use Anime Planet for list I could just pick titles from, one by one, as they have a pretty good tagging system and search function. This led me to this particular list. And, which title is at the very top as the most popular, finished series? Exactly.

So, coming in with absolutely no expectations of me liking it because I had already read some stuff within the genre both recently and in the past, and it did not disappoint. Or actually, it kind of did. Or rather, it exceeded my expectations on how much I would not like it.

The main love interest, who seems to be the stranger the main girl had her first and seemingly only sexual experience with (no spoiler, it’s pretty clear that’s it right off the bat), is a really creepy person. Probably Edward Cullen level of creepy stalker. If not more, because Lu Tingxiao has no supernatural powers, except maybe his non-existent idea of what boundaries are. Just for fun I gave him points (positive and negative) because of his actions and behaviour and he got -782 points. If 0 is a not dateable guy, I’d say close to 800 in the negative direction is definitely someone to run away from as fast as you can and call the police.

And to be fair, the main character tried that at the start and she still ended up at his house and he then refuses to let her go. Toma warning, anyone? However she stays for the child and to the point where I stopped, she was possibly starting to feel something for Lu Tingxiao, but she only really cared for the little child.

In short, this title is creeping me out. A LOT.

The plot is like a day time soap opera and it’s both predictable and with so much unnecessary stuff it just bothers me. It seemed like there were a ridiculous amount of plot holes and the author just used Lu Tingxiao’s standing in society if they seemed to get somewhere or wanted Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi to get some alone time.

I had plenty of moments I was confused about the translation as well.

I do not recommend this. At all. No. NO. NO! NO! I can’t for my life understand the ratings this title has. It’s not good. It’s a nightmare fantasy and I find it scary people wants a man like Lu Tingxiao. If anyone, Jiang Muye seemed like a reasonably decent guy to date. He scored 170 points in the good guy department, even with a lot of negative factors.

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