Batch #8

First of all! So sorry about missing the monthly post! I was a week behind in my mind and thought I had one more week to write my D.Gray-Man review. (Gosh, Anny! Where’s the spoiler alert?!) But you know, I can’t be the only mum who write reviews of fiction who forgets they need to write a review because childcare takes up all mind power… right?

Anyway, I watch so many shows and read so many titles I never write a proper review of, that I could probably post a batch every 2-3 times a week and still have a monthly post. Maybe I should do that. Maybe I shouldn’t. If I do, I guess you wouldn’t mind the missed monthly post as much… Maybe? Or not? It depends on you prefer quantity over quality? I guess? Wait did I just say my batch posts are bad?!

Lost Song
Finis (CV: Yukari Tamura) has to use her power to sing for the royal family because of an incoming war, while she wants to sing for the sake of the people. Rin ( CV:Konomi Suzuki) wants to sing in the capital because she loves to sing, but her grandfather refuses to let her go there. But when her village is burnt down, she has nothing but her dream, a promise and her foster-brother Al (CV: Misaki Kuno) left, and her path crosses with Finis’.

I think most people thinks this show is boring up until about episode seven. I actually liked it, up to about then. But I can’t say I liked how it twisted and the show wasn’t for me. It just got way too far-fetched for me. And I know I’m talking about a fantasy show and that I watch stuff with dragons and demon lords and what not, but this show just took it too far without giving me something to hold on to. Had it had more on how the characters felt (at the end) in it, yes I might have liked that, but it didn’t give me that, so I ended up not being particularly fond of it.

Jingai-san no Yome
Non-humanoid non-humans taking underage boys as wives and somehow the boys just accept it. That sums it up and is also where I draw a line. No.






My Sister, My Writer
Yuu Nagami
(CV: Tasuku Hatanaka) is trying to become a light novel writer, but he can’t win any awards. One day his sister tells him she won one, and it happens to be a series called “This is a story about a sister who loves her brother so much she can’t cope.”

I knew from the moment I picked it because of the art despite the title that I’d regret my choice. It did actually take me by surprise by having the younger sister being really into her brother and her brother probably being more into light novels than her, but it was still out of my comfort zone with all the sexy stuff.

She-ra and the Princesses of Power
Adora (CV: Aimee Carrero) has just been promoted to Force Captain when she and her best friend Catra (CV: AJ Michalka) head out into the whispering woods with a skiff and almost crash. They lose each other but Adora finds her destiny…

I really wanted to write a proper review of this, because initially it looks like it’ll be really good and I rarely write about non-Japanese stuff. And it is worth it! But the character development I want to see is not yet seen as of episode 13, because it takes about 13 episodes to properly introduce the cast. It’s not bad, and I see lots of possibilities in it for characters to grow and for the show to go down a path that can be very educational for any viewer, but it needs more time for me to spend time on a review.

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