Batch #9

It’s all shows I’ve only started from the autumn season of 2018. Most of the season wasn’t very much to my taste, so I didn’t feel like even watching the majority, but I did give a few a try. The next batch is likely going to be another post of started and dropped shows, but I’d like to share a comic batch soon.

Ms. Vampire who lives in my neighborhood.
Akari Amano (CV: Yuu Sasahara) and her friends talk about a ghost story. As they mystery ghost is described as a doll, the doll-crazy Akari decides to look for it. And she finds the vampire Sophie Twilight (CV: Miyu Tomita), and starts living with her because Sophie really looks like a doll.

This show was basically cute girls doing cute things with some girl’s love hints and supernatural elements. Pretty much what you’d expect from that description, I suppose.

Anima Yell
Kohane Hatogaya (CV: Yuka Ozaki ) helps people a lot and didn’t really do anything for herself. But one day she sees a cheerleading team perform and she decides to give it a try when she started high school. But there’s neither a team nor any members, so Kohane has to start by getting a team together. Not to mention, work on her basics.

This is kind of a cute girls doing cute things sports. Like the show mentioned above, it includes girl’s love hints. It wasn’t bad, but if we’re doing sports, I want something more like Haikyuu. That’s not because I can ship the boys together, I swear.

As Miss Beelzebub Likes It.
Mullin (CV: Rikuya Yasuda) has recently been assigned to be the assistant of the great demon, Beelzebub (CV: Saori Oonishi). Now we get to follow him as he serves the person he looks up to the most.

This is the most pastel and fluff anime my eyes have laid their gaze on and I’m so throughly bothered by it. Ignore that the demons and hell being are all pastel-coloured, but there is romance around just about every corner. It’s like I ended up with a slice of life romance that just doesn’t allow me to wrap my mind around the setting. I got somewhere that Satan was defeated and Beelzebub seems to follow God and I’m so throughly confused, and all I get seems to be everyone being in love with someone?

Between the Sky and Sea
Fish disappeared from the waters of Earth for unknown reasons and the Japanese decided to make space fishing a thing. Follow 6 cadets in their adventures.

Just what is going on?! Giant fish tanks in the sky? Rockets? Someone who hasn’t even trained being dragged into space and no one except her supervisor seems to be against it? And then men sets them up for a challenge only a team of three clearly experienced space fishers has managed? This show clearly has no plot. So no thanks. Also, could it be less equal to genders? Not really.

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