Size 12 is Not Fat

The Swedish title is “An irresistible desire”.

Heather Wells was a pop idol, but she has fallen far from that fame after her idol boyfriend dumped her, she lost her contract and her mother ran off with all of Heather’s money. Now she lives in an apartment, paying rent by doing bookkeeping for her super sexy landlord, and just recently got a job at a dormitory. But when a female student is found dead in the elevator shaft, Heather can’t believe it’s just a sad accident…

I was recommended this book because it has some amount of romance, but is more comedic and focus a lot on mystery. As strangely as it may sound as I love VNs with dating, romance is not my thing (despite that one of my recommendations is Ao Haru Ride). It doesn’t mean I don’t like romance in my books, I just haven’t quite found my romance novel niche (unless you count VNs, which I think you should).

Anyway this was a lot of firsts, but the main first is probably that I laughed while also reading a crime novel. Crime novels I read tend to be really serious. You know, like, someone died, got to make sure to find the killer. With the tangents to romance, heather’s ex-boyfriend issues, her backstory… Well, it was different and it was a good different. The humour was good, although Heather became more and more teenager throughout the book when it came to romance, which in a sense was painful, but also pretty funny in another.

I read this in Swedish though, so I can’t say how the writing itself is. The downside with translations, I guess, but aside from some typos the Swedish writing was not something I’d complain about. I’ve seen far worse. It didn’t stand out either though.

I liked this book. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite novel, but it definitely was worth my time. thumbs up and I’m definitely going to pick up another book by Cabot.

Is there any romance novels (or other) you would like to see a review? Let me know in a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Size 12 is Not Fat

    • Something mature without sex/sexy stuff and women (or men) swooning over men (or women)? Romances I come across tend to be either very cheesy, too sexy for me, or just makes me think I’m getting old. Or all of the above.

      I do have tumblr though, so maybe I can get some help to find something more my cup of tea.


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