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I need to get better at writing these. But before that I might actually need to remember what I did during the month

During April I spent a lot of the time very depressed though, I’ll be that honest. The reason was a new medication. Or was that March? I no longer remember.

But I did go to the Netherlands last week and met a friend and picked up a few games and three volumes of Akatsuki no Yona which she bought for me in Japan earlier this year. The games she for me was Uta no Prince-sama Repeat (which is the remake Broccoli released when it turned out UtaPri was selling) and Wand of Fortune Portable (which is a port of a flagship franchise of Otomate’s) on PSP, and Black Wolves Saga ~Weiß und Schwarz~ (a port the PC game called Bloody Nightmare, and a PSP game called Last Hope by Rejet) and Clock Zero ~Shuuen no Ichibyou~ ExTime (which is another Otomate port) on PS Vita.

I swear, I only just now realised it was all ports and remakes.

Spring has also finally arrived to Sweden, so hopefully being able to go out a bit will motivate me to game and read more, because I can sit on my balcony doing that instead of being cooped up indoors. Not that it makes much difference though.

On the child front I’m trying to think of books for one to read during summer. Or some kind of challenge/game/reward system that makes him interested in reading. The other one is an almost always happy child who loved reading and sitting in our laps. They love a wide range of music, so if you were to visit it’s highly likely you could hear Itsy Bitsy Spider followed by some heavy metal, then some trance and just to spite you, some otome game character songs, to which they would headbang. And the entire time they will try to sing along and you can hear what they’re also singing. That baby is weird.

Did I manage to bullshit myself out of telling you what happened last month? No? I’ll try to do better in June, I promise! Or July. Or August. Or whenever I actually end up writing the next one of these. But truth be told, I’ve been trying to get more and more done on my blog in general. Let’s see how it all goes!

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