Lofty Flower, Fall for Me!!

Kaori Kurokawa doing the princess carry on Kouta Shiraishi on the first cover of the series.

Kouta Shiraishi is popular among the girls, and has always been. But then he meets Kaori Kurokawa, who shows no interest in him as such. Instead she seems to be competition due to her habit of acting like a hot guy. He decides to make her fall for him, and to do that he says he’ll help her get rid of her habit. But is that really how it will all end up in the end?

This is a really funny romance comedy with a funny story, well-timed punchlines, hilarious character and really fitting art. And that’s all I have to say.

Just kidding! Or was I?

I really enjoyed reading this. I loved the shoujo manga-like art and how it made fun of the manga for the demographic, while not taking itself seriously. It was nice to see some actual romcom which knew how ridiculous it was, while still actually making you care for the characters and my heart when kyun more than once for the romantic scenes. There are cover extras where the genders of the cast is flipped, which is its own funny story, which I think it’s totally worth reading too.

There are very obvious hint to some gay coupling for those who love BL or GL (or both, if you’re me), as well as some actual homoromanticism, which made me happy. And it was dealt with really nicely for the one who canonically is in love with the same gender. Instead of being homophobic the characters accepted it as a non-issue.

It’s a 4-koma though, so there is often a punchline at the end of the page, but it does have an overarching story, which is a nice. I mean, even overarching story manga can mess up the timeline, but in this title the time actually passes.

I’d watch the anime is there was one. I can’t help but wish for one, actually. Seeing the characters move and I can imagine Kaori with one of the female voice actors who can do a deeper voice make people swoon over Kaori, while a male voice actor is half squeaking as Kouta. That would so much fun!

I think it’s clear, but this is definitely a recommendation from me!

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