Blush Blush

Oh no! While working at the zoo you mess up and all the handsome male visitors turn into animals. it turns out only love will reverse it, so now you have to date some guys. Which are animals. Wait, wasn’t this a game where you date guys?!

This is by the same creator as Crush Crush, which I reviewed recently. The game system is essentially the same with idle stat raising and working while you’re not having the game on, so I suggest going to that post and read what I wrote about the system because my thoughts remain the same for that. This is also an Early Access game on Steam, so this may change (and I may update or make new posts on updates later).

What I knew going into this game was that it was reversed, and hence you’d date guys rather than girls. I didn’t expect, I don’t know, Beastmaster and Prince? Mind you, I haven’t played that yet. It doesn’t have the charms of Hatoful Boyfriend which was all birds you dated in a postapocalyptic setting (I guess). And while I think the dialogue is much better and more appropriate in comparison to Crush Crush, I miss the puns of the earlier game.

The art is a major improvement, while I feel it’s a let down they don’t have events for the guys in Blush Blush the same way they have for the girls in Crush Crush. But I feel there is an issue with the CGs. I mean, there’s not an actual issue with it, but, as a reviewer, the pop-up kind of CGs just are shit to me. They are so hard to screenshot for review purposes! But I much more like the way date art is made in Blush Blush than Crush Crush.

Despite the similar systems, I feel more invested in the guys than the girls. There are some minor differences, like the diamonds not giving 2x output of money in jobs, but 2x speed instead, and it just plain takes more time to capture even the easiest boy. It also seems like you can’t tap the heck out of the pet guy you’re on a date with, which I could in Crush Crush, which probably adds to have slow it gets to capture these guys.

By the time I write this, I haven’t found any guy I actually like a lot though. The rabbit and wolf aren’t really my thing. So while I can’t say it’s great, I think it’s a good low-effort game if someone wants to date some pets guys.

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