First, I want to mention that this is the fan disc of AMNESIA, which I reviewed the localised version of here. The FDs for Amnesia aren’t available in English, and I played the original version for PSP, but there is a Vita version which is called Later x Crowd and is the two FDs ported together. There’s also a Switch version of Later x Crowd coming out in October in Japan.

The Heroine lost her memories as Orion (CV: Hiromi Igarashi) bumped into her consciousness. To ensure that her memories return, she needed to be stimulated. She pretended to be fine while working, studying and meeting people she couldn’t remember how she interacted with. But she somehow managed and found love.

And now we’re back in August when it all had just begun…

This post is long, so here are its contents. Click on the titles to jump to that specific part of the post.
New World (Includes Shin, Ikki, Kent, Toma, Ukyo, and Waka, in that order)
Girls Party (Sawa, Mine and Rika, in that order)
Shin After Story
Ikki After Story
Kent After Story
Toma After Story
Ukyo After Story
Waka San World
Thoughts (New World main guys, After Stories, side characters and Orion, in that order)
Final Thoughts (of the game as a whole)

“Hey, good morning Anny~. Are you awake?”
The Return of Orion. And I called myself “Anny~” in hope it’d lessen the blow of Toma calling out my name. Spoiler alert: It didn’t.

While the heroine is at work one day, Ukyo comes by at Meido no Hitsuji. He has brought pictures of fireflies because Waka wanted some, and he managed to take some the night before. The staff looks at the pictures and Waka and Ikki start making plans for firefly catching the next evening. Before Ukyo really grasps what’s going on, it’s decided everyone working at Meido no Hitsuji, as well as Rika, is going to be shown the place where Ukyo took the pictures and they’ll go in yukata.

Because the Heroine doesn’t have a yukata, Shin and Toma take her along to buy one and the next evening everyone gathers outside Meido no Hitsuji. Ukyo brings them along but realises he isn’t sure where he took the pictures and hence it’s decided they’ll hang around for a bit.

SHIN (CV: Tetsuya Kakihara)
He is Heroine’s childhood friend, and he works at the same café as Heroine. Together with Toma, the three of them are like siblings.

On their hunt for fireflies, they don’t find any, so the Heroine goes along with him because he looked up places where to see fireflies and they might see some. But after a while of walking here and there, her foot starts hurting. She pushes through while they walk around, looking until she can’t deal with the pain anymore. Shin gets angry, but gets her a bandaid and walks her home.

He tells her he wants to talk and three days later they meet up…

IKKI (CV: Kishou Taniyama)
They work together at Meido no Hitsuji. He’s very popular and even has a fan club. He’s worried she’s overdoing it, as she has been working a lot lately. He asks the Heroine out on a date to watch fireflies with Kent. Ukyo comes by with the perfect timing with pictures of fireflies he had taken and Ikki takes the lead to arrange a firefly catching for all the staff at Meido no Hitsuji with Waka’s permission.

During their field trip, Ikki’s tired of searching for the fireflies while everyone’s doing their own thing, and he suggests going on a drive. When the Heroine doesn’t answer, he decides to assume she’s too embarrassed to reply, but Kent then comes to save the day and explains he’s the driver. They head to Kent’s house to get the car, and they explain they’re staying over at an inn before heading out for a drive to a secret place.

2 and a half hours later they arrive at Shinano, which was mentioned on the news before, and they head out to look for fireflies right away. But despite being in Shinano and looking around in the dark, they aren’t finding any. The Heroine tries to figure out why everyone seems to want to let her see fireflies and tries talking about various things, but all she gets is a “because I want to make you happy” before they head to the inn.

Back at the inn, Kent goes to sleep, while Ikki orders coffee. While waiting for it, they go out to look at the beautiful moon. Ikki tells her he wanted to let her see the fireflies since she was so moved last year and she wanted to see them again. That’s when her memories return.

As her memories return, she stumbles and Ikki catches her. He then tells her he’s both sad and happy she doesn’t fall in love with him despite being in his arms and explains the complicated feelings he has for her. He wants to spend time just the two of them when they return to Tokyo and wonder if she can promise him that…

KENT (CV: Akira Ishida)
He also works at Meido no Hitsuji and is a close friend of Ikki’s. He’s studying mathematics and makes math problems for Ikki to solve (and Ikki takes him up for the challenge).

When the Heroine is going to talk to him during the hunt for fireflies, it turns out Kent was trying to figure out how to ask politely her on a drive with no further explanation. Ikki saves the day and explains the two were thinking of heading to Shinano, where there might be fireflies with her. And eventually, after a lot of debate between Ikki and Kent, they head to Kent’s place, get the car and go. Or well, after some more back and forth between Ikki and Kent, and Ikki asking questions the Heroine don’t know the answer to because she has no memory.

When they arrive at Shinano, Ikki first goes to check in, and then the three of them head into the mountains to look for fireflies. After half an hour, they still haven’t seen any fireflies and they’ve gotten so far it’s really dark. Ikki notices the light of the torch he has is starting to be fainter. They guess it’s running low on batteries, so it’s decided Ikki goes back and buys some batteries while Kent and the Heroine wait for him.

In the middle of waiting, Kent sees something and leaves the Heroine by herself (or not really, because Orion is there) in the dark. He comes back ten minutes later and explains he thought he saw fireflies, but he was wrong. He says they just need to wait for Ikki and then realises something is wrong. The Heroine says she was worried while alone and Kent apologises because he didn’t realise that could be the case. They sit down and he explains why he wanted her to see the fireflies, and her memories return. She seems tired, so Kent lets her rest against him. He tells her to stop before Ikki comes back, but until then…

I seem to have forgotten that I needed Toma screenshots of the New World story, so this is the best you’ll get. Sums up how I see him, anyway.

TOMA (CV: Satoshi Hino)
He’s another childhood friend of the Heroine, and together with Shin the three are as close as siblings. He also works at Meido no Hitsuji. He comes to visit the café together with Sawa and Mine to plan a trip. But with what group of people?

While everyone is out doing their own thing during the firefly catching, Toma is watching Kent and Ikki make a dam. Shin went down to stop them but ended up joining them. Toma says it’s been a while since they were all out together and wonders how long it might have been since they last wore yukata. The Heroine’s memories start to return and she remembers something about a school. And they sneak into school for whatever reason and Toma tells a ghost story. Then he gets way too close and totally invades the Heroine’s personal space, and she dies. Okay, most likely she doesn’t, but I skipped the rest. Toma traumatised me once, and I couldn’t handle more of that.

UKYO (CV: Kouki Miyata)
He’s a regular at Meido no Hitsuji and he has told the Heroine to not trust him. So, while Orion says she can trust someone with her secret that she actually has amnesia, Ukyo shouldn’t be trusted.

He comes to the café to leave some photos of fireflies to Waka who had wanted them. He mutters something about this world must be the only with fireflies, as none of the others had a lot of them. The staff gathers around his table and looks at the photos he took the night before, and suddenly Ikki and Waka make plans to bring all the staff to where Ukyo got the shots. Ukyo gets upset when he realises Heroine would come along as well and lists a bunch of rather out there things that could happen. Ikki, Kent and Waka tell him it’ll be fine and the Heroine will be safe because the rest of the staff will be there, and Ukyo declares his determination to keep her safe as well.

They can’t find any fireflies though, so the Heroine goes to him and asks him to take responsibility and search for fireflies with her (because he doesn’t want her to be alone with him so he’d refuse otherwise). But before they can go, he needs to finish up a game with the other guys. The Heroine congratulates Ukyo for his win, but he says it wasn’t such a big deal. Besides, his ability to sneak around isn’t actually a good skill and doesn’t really come from living a normal life. But he had fun and is glad they invited him to join the next week too.

After thinking about places that have water (but won’t result in Heroine’s death), they decide between going to the park or the cemetery. Lol. They go to the cemetery and Ukyo is certain there should be a small river, but somehow there isn’t so he runs off to look. He quickly returns, but somehow he’s strange and laughing weirdly. Then he asks if he was weird a moment later. And then he talks about a “him” and wonders why he would disappear after a moment. And then realise it’s because it was the first time he saw her in a yukata. (AND HE SAYS THIS ALL ALOUD, ESSENTIALLY HALF TALKING TO “HIM” AND HALF TALKING TO HER.) He says that if she wants to meet up, she has to dress up super cute. Oh, but he’ll definitely do something about “him” too.

They then return to the place where Ukyo was certain he saw the fireflies before, but they notice everyone else isn’t there anymore. Ukyo suggests they call Waka since the two of them left and Waka might be worried, but he then wonders why she would choose him and tell him something uncharacteristic for her to make him go along with her. He tells her he cares for her but that he realises she sees him as a customer she barely knows. He then stops himself to ask her if she’s cold because it’s getting windy, because the one he knows easily gets chilly. The heroine doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, though.

They then go down by the river (I assume) to look again and Ukyo excuses himself for being too close because he thought she might be cold. Then, suddenly, the fireflies appear and the Heroine’s memories come back, and she remembers a conversation she had with Ukyo. And it makes Ukyo so incredibly happy and he tells her he loves her and that even if he tries to not feel like that, the feeling just won’t go away…

WAKA (CV: Hidenori Takahashi)
This is the manager of the café Meido no Hitsuji and is, in other words, the Heroine’s (and many other characters’) boss.

When the Heroine approaches Waka while they’re out, he takes a moment to figure out who she is (well, thanks for that) and he can’t really believe how much her appearance changes with different clothing and makeup, and he points out she looks more like a woman like this, even though the uniform also is Japanese styled.

They talk for a bit and then Waka asks who she’s interested in. She doesn’t know how to respond and Waka picks up on that and assumes she doesn’t have any one particular in mind, so everyone has a chance – himself included…

SAWA (CV: Satomi Moriya)
She’s a good friend of the Heroine and she also works at Meido no Hitsuji. So the Heroine chooses to go with Sawa instead of any of the guys, who are fidgeting to talk to the Heroine, when they can’t find any fireflies. It’s a chance to talk, so it’s alright with Sawa, anyway. They talk about how they met – which is really embarrassing to Sawa – and how not finding any fireflies is a good thing because it means they have a reason to all gather again sometime.

Mine and Rika then find the two of them, and apparently all the guys are very, very seriously skipping stones. It’s decided they’ll try to find fireflies, just the four of them, and plan for some girls-only time while at it.

A week later it’s the day for the girls to hang out, and it’s a perfect opportunity to pry a little and for the Heroine to find out more about herself. Sawa, Mine and Rika come over and they bring some snacks and tea. There haven’t been any summer vegetables due to the cold weather and Rika realises they hadn’t got any eggplants from her grandparent’s. That way they find out Rika family comes from a background of agriculture, forestry, fishing and sericulture, which makes her seem less like a princess.

The heroine could make several remarks on the current topic, but she instead decides to ask about one of the guys just mentioned – Toma and Kent. Then she just enjoys the company.

MINE (CV: Kana Akutsu)
Mine is a coworker from Meido no Hitsuji. The Heroine goes over to her and Mine is wondering if she’s still searching for fireflies. Mine hasn’t seen them in real life, so she actually wanted to. But she wonders why the Heroine would choose to come over to her when they’re not close or friends or anything. So they talk about Mine’s lack of friends and fireflies.

Then Sawa and Rika find them, and apparently the guys are creating a bridge out of stones to see if they can find fireflies. But they’re about as childish as Mine’s younger brother. And then they hear Ukyo falling into the river. The guys want to help him, but Ukyo motions that he’s fine because he’s used to this. They decide to leave that to the guys to their own and they make plans to meet up the next week at a place Sawa picks that has tasty tea.

They meet up at Meido no Hitsuji (lol) and the Heroine is last to arrive. Rika says it’s fine since it’s just a couple of minutes, but Sawa and Mine say that at work they can’t be even a second late because it’s natural a warrior is on time. Rika says it’s not like being on time was the law for warriors of the past, though. They could only determine the time based on where the sun was in relation to them after all.

Orion wonders if forcing Sawa to commit seppuku for being late too much isn’t murder, but then goes on to suggest asking about some of the guys. And so the topic changes and they talk about Shin or Waka who were mentioned just earlier. But since they’re at Meido no Hitsuji, the subject of their discussion is the one taking their order…

RIKA (CV: Seiko Yoshida
Ikki’s childhood friend who’s in love with Ikki (and also made and leads the Ikki FC) seems like a good choice to talk to while they’re out searching for fireflies and Rika wants to ask the Heroine for advice. She bumped into a man whose bag she accidentally took (and he hers). They exchanged bags, and he said it was fate, and wanted to date Rika. She doesn’t know how to express that she only has Ikki in mind, and she wants the Heroine’s opinion on what to do.

Mine and Sawa come over and want to join the chat as well. The guys are building a dam and Mine and Sawa got bored watching them. Sawa asks what they were talking about, but Rika says it was nothing and asks them if they want to go to a new place she’s found next week. They’re curious about Rika’s suggestion, and it’s decided the girls will hang out.

It’s in the middle of the day on the day the girls meet up and only Sawa greets them with “Good morning” but it’s because she was hanging out with the tennis club from her university. She got home late and hence woke up late. Rika says Ikki also plays tennis, but Sawa says she’s more like a ghost member because she prefers her job. Mine also like working at the café, and Rika warns her about her grades getting bad. Apparently, Ukyo also told Mine to study so she “won’t become like me”.

The Heroine takes the opportunity to ask about Ikki or Ukyo.

I fell deeply in love with that side of yours. It’s a love so strong… That it wouldn’t matter if everything with this world was changed.

– Ukyo

Now follow the after stories which follow up on the original game routes. These contain spoilers of the original game, so skip down to my thoughts if you plan on playing the first game and don’t want ending spoilers.

It’s mid-September after Toma disappeared. Shin calls Heroine up and asks if she wants to come over in the evening. She decides to do so and helps him study. When it starts getting late, Shin walks the Heroine home and they talk about Toma. They don’t know where he is, but at least they’ve been contacted by him.

They make plans to hang out a few days later when they reach the Heroine’s place, but while Heroine’s at work Shin calls her up to tell her he has to change the plans because there’s a class that seems important. But he comes by after work to walk her home so he could apologise for breaking his promise of seeing each other.

They talk about how Heroine doesn’t want to be left alone with Shin and Heroine later talks with Sawa and Mine about how it’s scary because her heart beats really fast when Shin suddenly kisses her out of nowhere. Sawa and Mine can’t help but feel sorry for Shin and try to encourage Heroine to be alone with Shin. He happens to call right then, but Heroine chickens out. The two start teasing her about it, saying Shin’s frustration will build up since he’s holding back for Heroine.

Later Shin calls again because he didn’t get a reply from her. She just replied, though. He had asked if he could come over. When she hears he’ll study, she feels a bit disappointed. He comes over, lets her know it was a lie to let him come over and he demands to kiss her. But the Heroine isn’t ready for that yet and Shin gets angry at her and questions her love for him. When she tries to go along with his demand to kiss to prove her love, he leaves because it’ll be better for them both. After that, he says they’ll step back to being childhood friends until Heroine is ready, but that doesn’t make the Heroine happy at all, because that’s not how she sees him.

A week later they have a party at Meido no Hitsuji. There she gets an opportunity, so she asks Ikki for advice and he encourages her to gather the courage to get out of her comfort zone since she hasn’t kissed Shin because she’s embarrassed. After getting advice from Ikki, she talks with Mine and Sawa and remembers when she confessed her feelings, making her determined to move forward.

When she hears Shin stepped out for a moment, she goes out too. He thinks she came to call him back inside, but that wasn’t what she wanted. She asks if she can come to his room, but when she is asked why, she can’t be honest with what she wants. So she asks to hear him play the bass. When she comes the next day, the bass’ string broke, and she asks if she can ask for something else for the day. He’s fine with it, so she asks if she could attack him. First, he wonders what that’s about, but figures it’s something innocent as it’s coming from her, and the result is that she desperately clings to him.

He threatens to kiss her but then lays it off without doing anything because she’s shaking. They talk it out though, and it’s decided they will spend a day together if he gets an A on his exam. He does, so the two go on a date to the zoo and do couple-like things. When it’s time to part in front of Heroine’s door, she wants him to stay and they talk about how the Heroine had acted spoiled during the day and why she doesn’t normally do that. When it’s five minutes to midnight he’s about to leave, but the Heroine wants him to stay, still. He then kisses her, apologising for not being able to stay kind for another 5 minutes. He then asks if she would prefer to be engaged if she was scared of losing him, and they go on kissing because kissing slowly is fine to the Heroine.

One day Heroine is helping Shin with his studying and afterwards, he asked her out. She wonders why he’d ask her to go with him, and after she has been prying a bit, he admits he had something he wanted to talk about. He gives her an engagement ring, just like he had done in the past when they were children, but this time it’s a real one and proposes. Naturally, the Heroine says yes.

Ikki and the Heroine are now a couple as per the usual 3-month agreement, but they keep it secret from the fan club, and so they generally can’t leave Meido no Hitsuji together. But this time, when Ikki leaves toward the station with the fan club after promising to go home with the Heroine, Shin calls out to the Heroine, watching as this happens. The two talk about Ikki and Heroine’s relationship and Shin comes to the conclusion that she must indeed love Ikki for going through basically being the girlfriend of an idol. But Heroine isn’t sure about that. But before she can explain herself, Shin sees Ikki run past, and the Heroine has to chase him down.

As August ends, they have come to a decision and the Heroine moves in with Ikki mid-September. They talk a bit about how small Ikki’s room is while they unpack, and after unpacking they go out to eat. On the way they talk about the time they will be able to spend together, and how they’ll soon have less time.

While eating, Ikki realises, he made a mistake by taking her out to eat because now he couldn’t be close to her, like they would be at home. But they decide on who would do what chores and when before they return home. At home, they take a bath (separately, of course), and while Ikki’s in the bath Heroine finds a photo album and they look at it together.

When they are going to bed, Ikki starts telling the Heroine how much he loves her and tells her to say she wants him to sleep with her. He backs off though, and she’s a little sad because, in reality, she wants to sleep by his side.

The next morning, Heroine is woken up by the alarm clock. She tries to wake up Ikki, who only agrees to wake up if she hugs him. But he later falls asleep and when she wakes him up and tells him to get dressed, he starts undressing in front of her. She freaks out because, you know, a naked man. (Am I the only one who doesn’t get this?) When he’s done changing, he explains he didn’t get much sleep (because she was there) and then they eat breakfast before they head out to work.

After work, while Heroine and Ikki are cooking, her father comes to tell her how awful Ikki is (based on how her father was in his youth) and how he’d leave her and told the Heroine to move back home. Ikki tells the Heroine he could talk to her father once she returns inside (they talked outside) and tells her it’s not just her problem so she should rely on him.

A week after Heroine moved in with Ikki, she’s out shopping with Sawa and gets some matching chopsticks. When she gets home someone is threatening Ikki and it’s… KENT. He came to return Ikki’s glasses. Then Ikki they get drunk and Ikki says how cute Heroine is. He wants the Heroine to come closer, and Kent takes the hint and leaves. After Ikki’s used her lap as a pillow they go to bed and the next morning Ikki is going on an overnight trip, so the Heroine hasn’t had time to show the matching chopsticks. But she still has a chance to do so the next day and plan on making a tasty meal for when he comes back.

When she’s about to go home from work, Waka warns her because he saw some girls hanging around. The Heroine assumes they want to see Ikki, but getting outside they decide to go clubbing with her? But Rika then appears and chases them away, reminding them of what punishment would await them if they did something unforgivable. Rika then takes her to a café for a date to apologise for things she’s caused. They talk about why the fan club came to be and learning that the Heroine tells Rika about the memory loss she for some reason suffered from August 1, because she can understand the feeling of wanting to do something for Ikki. Before they part, Rika gives the Heroine some food for her and Ikki to eat.

When she comes home, she tastes it and wonders if the reason Ikki can’t cook is that he always has got food like that, and she is filled with determination to do what she can for him.

The next day the fan club members stop the Heroine again and tell her to come with them for drinks. They do the same with Ikki, saying that the Heroine might have come along as well. He goes to talk with them, but the Heroine herself turned the invitation down. After a while after getting home, she gets a text message and a picture with Ikki being close to the fan club members. It bothers the Heroine, and, since she forgot something when going shopping, she heads out again. Partway, Ikki calls her and is worried because he got home and she wasn’t there, but she explains she was just going to the supermarket.

They meet up and Ikki wonders what was so important she had to go outside when it was getting dark while she wonders about how quick he was, and they quickly come to the topic of him going there to talk and she asks about the picture she received, which turns out to be an old one. He says he’ll deal with the fan club, but the Heroine points out the fan club is – like her father – a problem for both of them. And they make a promise to rely on one another and share both the good and the bad.

They return home to find a feast in the kitchen, which the Heroine left there to go to the supermarket. She had got a dish from Rika and it turns out that’s Ikki’s favourite. She says she’ll make it next time, but Ikki just tells her it’s fine. As long as she’s by his side, he’s happy. While he’s waiting for the Heroine to finish the cooking, he gets a call from Rika who lets him know the girls (some of them? All of them?) got arrested after he had had drinks with them. Rika had been on the lookout and got a video with proof, so they couldn’t explain it away. The Heroine’s email had also been completely deleted, so she shouldn’t be getting any strange texts/emails.

That night Ikki plans to just go to sleep. So far he’s been sweet-talking her every night he’s been home, but he just feels like she might hate him for it. But she tries her best to let him know she wants them to sleep by each other’s side. But it’s such a tease for him when she can’t manage to say it, that he kisses her, I guess. She manages to tell him that she wants to sleep by his side, but he says he won’t let her sleep. And then it faded to a new day and I’ve never been so happy.

The next day they wake up in the morning, side by side. The Heroine has to get to university, but she wants to stay by his side. While she feels like she better get up and get ready, Ikki manages to make her stay in bed until she can barely make it. Later she hears from her father, who wants to talk while she’s at the university. She tells Sawa that Ikki wanted to talk directly to her father, and Sawa thinks it’s a good idea. And Ikki and the Heroine’s strong feelings for one another and their resolve to be together make her father re-evaluate his own situation (LOL). But Ikki both begged for the Heroine to be with him while kneeling and explained he plans on marrying her after she graduates (which he had yet to actually tell her).

After they see her father off, he tells her he will propose to her for real before she graduates, and then goes on to what sounds like a speech leading up to a proposal (LOL). She feels the same way and says he loves him. He uses a way heavier way of saying it, and the Heroine tries to respond, but she can’t say it and Ikki then says he’ll find out how she honestly feels using different methods. The Heroine doesn’t get it, and Ikki teases her about it, while she continues to wonder (probably until they get home and he shows her).

A couple of months later, the Heroine has got used to her life with Ikki, and Ikki seems to laugh more now. Even when girls see Ikki’s eyes, they just run away, seemingly without a care in the world.

It’s mid-September. The Heroine meets up with Kent ahead of their decided time to spend some time together and then they’re supposed to see his parents. First, they go to eat some macarons and then they head to a park, in the hope that the Heroine won’t be as nervous when she meets Kent’s parents.

While having dinner with Kent’s parents, they talk about London and how his parents can relax knowing she’ll be by his side, because he got no idea how to survive on his own and they bring up an episode when he was going to get the futon cleaned, but didn’t know you could remove the cover and brought the entire thing to the cleaner. (LOL.) After dinner, Kent says she won’t have to take care of him. He’ll manage. But the Heroine says she wants to help him and that they will learn about love and such together. So Kent asks if she won’t teach him how to get the futon and cover properly cleaned, and she does the next day. (And teaches him a bit more about laundry in general too.)

After they finished the washing, both of them fall asleep. The Heroine dreams of things that happened in the past, and it makes her really sad. Kent thinks that might be nerves about their future. Despite deciding to meet up at her place an hour after she stops working, he then brings her home after being a little awkward, and it’s decided he’ll learn to cook the next day. He comes to Meido no Hitsuji to wait for her to help carry the ingredients because he thinks the experience is valuable. Mine comments that he’s unable to kiss the Heroine which he doesn’t catch, and the Heroine hurries out. They go on to grocery shopping, during which they are confused as a married couple. They then cook together, and while the nikujaga is simmering, Kent tells about his worries about how she feels about things like being treated as his (future) wife. (Which she actually is, I guess? I mean, he proposed before.) They come to the conclusion they could kiss more (since they’ve only done that once), and Kent seems to advance to do that when the nikujaga timer goes off and they need to get it off the stove.

The food Kent cooked with the Heroine’s help turned out great, and after they clean up, Kent advances again when the Heroine has gone to check the clear sky. He tells her he even checked the timer so it won’t go off again. They then try to decide how to do this thing, because they’re not sure who should close their eyes first. They count down and close their eyes and… Kent’s phone rings. It seems like it’s an important call that’ll take some time, so Kent leaves while answering the phone. They spend the next day passively socialising, and then the Heroine spends a few days looking around for a school with language studies (to prepare for their life in London).

They meet up at the university and Kent says none of the schools the Heroine found are good. But he did put out the question about a language school at the university. While talking, Ikki interrupts because Kent needs to be elsewhere though and Ikki and the Heroine talk about Kent and it’s decided she’ll do a surprise party for Kent’s birthday 6 days later. So now she has to hurry up and prepare and find a gift, and getting a gift for Kent seems like an impossible task. But while shopping with Mine and Sawa, she finds out Kent wants a muffler and makes sure he won’t buy one before his birthday.

On the day she’s preparing food when Kent comes 30 minutes early for the film-watching-at-home-date (because he completely forgot about his birthday). All the food is ready… except for the cake, which just failed. She feels pretty down about that. But problem solved! Kent actually had made a cake, and he thought it would be nice to bring it with him, so he did. When it’s time to eat it, the Heroine make sure to light candles and turn off the light, and Kent wishes for a second kiss that night, which he gets before even blowing out the candles.

About a month later, the Heroine is reading through Kent’s recipe notes. Among them, she suddenly finds… plans for how to propose to her! Now that she knows his plans, he feels like there’s no point in hiding it, and asks her to marry her while putting a ring on her finger. Naturally, she says yes. (Because, you know, she was technically already proposed to once.)

For reasons, Heroine stays at Toma’s place for a week. Toma needs to help out at the café for a few days. While he’s there, Rika shows and Heroine and Rika go to check out Toma and Ikki at work. Toma notices them and drags Heroine back home.

They try to divide chores and, after Toma says not to clean because he has things he doesn’t want the Heroine to see, she finds an album with just pictures of her, which Toma got from school or friends, and tells him she has one of those too but of him.

After commenting on the quality of an apology video from the Ikki Fan Club, Toma says the Heroine probably can return home in a week which saddens her. And then they buy some stuff. Coming home, Toma steps out and after a while, the Heroine runs out to see Shin hit Toma (YES) because Toma wants punishment (but is too cowardly to go to the police, obviously). Toma apologises for being a shitty and toxic human being that causes problems for Heroine and Shin, and then… Shin scolds him because both he and Heroine wants him to be him and love him as the way he is. (SHIN WHY DID YOU TURN ON ME?!) And then he scolds the Heroine because shouldn’t it be her responsibility? And then all three of them eat hot pot because the Heroine decided so. She tries to take care of both of them and when Shin refuses to be cared for (because his hand may have gotten injured) Toma chimes in too. Basically, siblings being siblings, although they’re not. Shin leaves and Toma asks if the Heroine is going home the next days, but she doesn’t want to, so they live happily (?????????) ever after.

Ukyo saves Heroine from the fire, which Heroine has no idea why she’s in. She doesn’t remember what happened through August, and Ukyo tells her to not try to push herself to remember.

Heroine is back at work and Waka is talking with the heroine about a wedding ceremony at Meido no Hitsuji when Ukyo comes in and orders food. He says he’s got the habit without realising it, but Waka asks if it isn’t to see the Heroine. He says that’s true, but it’s only part of the reason. He likes the menu and doesn’t have furniture or cooking utensils, anyway. Waka asks Heroine if that’s true, but she wouldn’t know because she’s never been over to his place. Ukyo asks if Waka knows a place that sells things like daily necessities since he needs to get some stuff if he’s going to live in this world town. Waka knows a place nearby, so he’ll give Ukyo a map later. Then he wants to ask for a favour from Ukyo as a professional photographer. Ukyo misunderstands and thinks it’s his and Heroine’s wedding he’s talking about and starts rambling about how it’s too soon and he doesn’t know if she wants to marry him, though he has thought about it. He accepts the job, but messes up and says it was some time ago he had a job, and needs to correct himself, saying he meant he’s only been doing the same thing since he got there and it just feels fresh to get some “new” work.

Heroine gets off at lunch that day, so Ukyo and Heroine leave together. Ukyo mentions there were a lot of customers, but the Heroine was fine with it. Ukyo then remembers Shin doesn’t like serving customers, and he got scolded by Rika because he showed it on his face. Which leaves the Heroine confused. Ukyo realises it must have happened in a different world and says it was his mistake and the people might have been different. He then asks if the Heroine has time the next day so they can buy some stuff for him. But before going, Heroine would like to check his room out. It makes Ukyo really happy. He’s wanted to invite her over but hasn’t asked yet because it’d seem like he’d have ulterior motives. Not that he has no motives for it, but then there’s the fact he has nothing at his place too.

They get to his place and Heroine is shocked that there’s really nothing there and wonders if he really can live there. He’s like “uh, yeah, I’ve lived here for quite some time” and Heroine says it’s waaaaaaay too empty. It’s not really any different from sleeping outside, and Ukyo agrees but points out he’s been sleeping at home because it’s got cold. Heroine says he did have a nap outside last month and then wonders why Ukyo would sleep outside. He says it’s because he’s the outdoorsy type. But Heroine had seen he had fallen into the pond that time, to Ukyo’s embarrassment.

Regardless, Ukyo’s incredibly happy the Heroine is visiting his place. He’d come home to it so many times and wondered how happy he would have been if she had been there to say “welcome home” but she had forgotten him wherever he went so that wasn’t a possibility. If she had been behind that door smiling, it might have been enough for him to give up. She wouldn’t know, of course, but hearing her say his name is enough to make him cry. (DUDE THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE SAYING THOUGH.) He walks her home in the evening and gives her a forehead kiss and prays that he’ll see her smile the next day.

They go shopping the next day. They decide to get curtains, a sofa, drawers and a bed (though Heroine needs to tell him to get it). He wonders what bed to get, though. A single seems a bit slim, but Heroine thinks it’s probably fine. But Ukyo says he might not like it and Heroine wonder who he’s talking about and Ukyo freaks out a little and asks if she can come along with him for a bit now because he had something he wanted to pick out together. He wants them to get matching cups. And everything else, too. He’d be happy to see them and not feel like being together is a dream. But he of course also wants her to come over and use her half of the things, and she can come over as much as she wants. Not 24/7 though, because he’s not sure it’s safe yet. He might attack her or something. When he gets sleepy, his senses weaken, so it would be bad to be together. And he realises how it sounds and says he wouldn’t force her to anything. Probably. (AND THE TWO ARE AT THE STORE. IMAGINE SOME RANDOM DUDE WITH HIS GF SUDDENLY RAISING HIS VOICE SAYING THAT. I’d probably go and ask the guy if it would be fine to call the psychiatrist so he could deal with any issues that would lead to that.) He always wants to do things to her, but it’s not like he would do it. And he keeps rambling very loudly, clearly saying what he thinks but doesn’t say or do, which of course makes Heroine very embarrassed. But they manage to buy things at least.

Rika calls Heroine and wants to talk to Heroine ASAP. Ukyo thinks he knows what it is about and wants to tag along. He thinks she won’t understand anything of the conversation, so he will talk and explain to her later. The Ikki FC members apologise for what happened at the shrine, but Ukyo explains Heroine has no recollection of the event. But if he hadn’t saved her, she would have died there at the spot. They resolve the issue and everyone can get on with their life.

On the way home, Ukyo takes the opportunity to apologise to the Heroine and then tells her how deeply he fell for her. But he did horrible things to her, even if she doesn’t remember. Even worse than the FC members. But she still forgave him, and it makes him anxious that maybe she will change her mind or that he didn’t deserve to be forgiven. But she says he probably was forgiven because she loves him. (Kids, this sounds bad. Don’t just forgive anything because you love someone. Though Ukyo’s case is special… I guess… I mean, how many travels through several universes and get completely mad because it either will end with their own or their lover’s death? But still, don’t just blindly forgive.) And he asks what she loves about him, because (summed up) he’s a weirdo and a death god. But that’s exactly the person she loves. Which makes Ukyo so happy he has to hold back all of his urges.

The next day Ukyo comes in for lunch to go with Heroine after her shift. The guys at Meido no Hitsuji had heard Ukyo was her boyfriend, but now they get it confirmed. So they decide to mess with Ukyo. But it fails, and they start plotting how to mess with his food the next day. Ukyo notices the guys sneaking glances, though. When she finished work, the two go to Ukyo’s place because he has furnished the place now. When there he starts plotting how to be able to bring her out of the country when he has to go for work. He gets them tea, only to trip and drench her clothes. Luckily Heroine was going to air out the kimono she uses at work, so she changed to that. It was too much for Ukyo and he hugs her, shaking like he’s scared. He then snaps out of it and runs off to buy new tea. Heroine realises she has absolutely nothing to do when… she finds a notebook. And it’s… weird. It’s like two people holding a conversation. She knows it’s not something she should have or look at, so she puts it back under the carpet, even if she can’t help but wonder who this other person is and if it’s a girl and if this notebook has something to do with the horrible things Ukyo said he has done to her. (Considering Ukyo called himself 乙女 — or maiden — before, I guess one could argue she’s right on both accounts, but not in the way she thinks.)

A new day arrives. The Heroine couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t stop thinking about the notebook. And then she cries a little bit. At work all her male coworkers and her boss basically go “why are your eyes so red?” and makes a big deal out of it. They tell her not to serve, but she wants to. So Waka makes up a plan for how to deal with the situation. But Heroine doesn’t notice when Ukyo comes, and then Rika comes running in and drags her to the office to find out what happened. She then decides to deal with the situation by asking if Ukyo is two-timing Heroine, which to Ukyo is unthinkable (because, you know, he’d pretty literally been through hell to be with her now). Because there’s been a major misunderstanding, Ukyo asks Waka if he can take Heroine for a while to explain what it really is, and considering Heroine (and probably the fact there’s been pretty much shouting in the middle of the café), it’s fine. And Ukyo tells her about his split personality. He also lets Waka and Rika know about it, who then relays the message to the Meido no Hitsuji staff.

Ukyo has to leave for a few days the next day, and the day before Ukyo was supposed to be back Heroine goes over to Ukyo’s place to water the plants, but… There’s a sound from the bedroom?! It turns out to be Ukyo sleeping, but remembering what Ukyo said, Heroine decides to leave because she doesn’t know which Ukyo it would be. But Ukyo wakes up, and it’s the Other One. He doesn’t see the point in killing her, but because she was the cause of all the pain, he wants to make her cry. But the doorbell rings, making him go away. Ukyo urges Heroine to run away, and she does.

But when outside she meets a little boy who is there to do a delivery to Ukyo. He, on the other hand, urges the Heroine to go back and save Ukyo. And Ukyo and Heroine talk, which returns her memories from August — both good and bad, about Ukyo and about Orion. And the Heroine wants to talk to the Other One. But he doesn’t come out right away and Ukyo has time to get annoyed that the Heroine started talking formally with him instead of casually again and he tells her to punch the Other One real hard. (LOL) But that’s when the Other One and Heroine talks with him. It ends with an embrace and a kiss, which is what Ukyo wakes up to.

Half a month later, they need to do a picture for the Café Wedding thing. Ukyo’s there to take photos when the Heroine comes out in a dress. He not only proposes but picks her up and runs with her because he can’t stand the thought of her standing next to some other man in a wedding dress. The male staff chases him down, but Ukyo is determined to never again see her with someone else.

Waka has four separate routes. They all happen before the incidents in the original game.

Demon Sergeant……? World
Waka is on the phone with a new guy when Mine and the Heroine hear his shout. They go to the back to hear Waka shout some more. The person on the other side of the line then hangs up. Apparently, the new guy wanted to quit on the second day. Because it was just before opening too, Mine and the Heroine have to take care of the customers in the actual café themselves, which is more than normal because of an event they have. So when Mine is getting tired, the Heroine lets her go on a break.

But during her break, a customer who had previously approached Mine about taking photos to post on the net, calls for the Heroine. She declines, and the customer tries like every trick in the book until he is ready to drag her out (while she’s literally the only one serving people – talk about being self-centred), but that’s when Waka comes and scolds the customer. The customer is shocked about the treatment of customers, but Waka says that someone who takes photos without consent is no customer, and he’s chased out. Waka then apologises to the customers about the disturbance and offers them all a beverage on the house. Mine comes rushing because she heard shouting and Waka asks her to take care of the serving and then takes the Heroine to the kitchen to talk to her.

She apologises for not more firmly declining, and Waka scolds her. She should have been more definitive. And if the guy still had bothered her, she should have called for Waka, because he’s the manager and everything that happens in Meido no Hitsuji is his responsibility. She’s asked to make time after work, and Waka takes her to a nearby park and they practise self-defence because they’ll likely have more customers like that in the future and the Heroine is pretty on top of that. He then walks the Heroine home after a two-hour session.

He tells her to rest her body the next day since she has the day off. But the Heroine says she’ll come. To drink tea by herself, so he can tell her more about self-defence.

Introvert……? World
Waka has treated the girls to dinner. Sawa only had chicken, which apparently was because she was helping out trying different chicken dishes because Waka wants a new one added to the menu. Finding that out, Mine wants to go to another restaurant. But as the Heroine had been working all day, and she had an early shift the next day, she went home.

On her way home, she bumped into two drunk guys who want her to have a drink with them. But the Heroine is not only tired and on her way home, but also underage for drinking. Of course, these dudes give no shits about that and grab her to drag her somewhere. That’s when the usually quiet Waka is telling them to let her go because it’s clear she’s bothered by these two drunks. They run off because Waka is pretty threatening, really, and Waka then brings the Heroine back to Meido no Hitsuji because she’s pretty shaken up.

He gives her a cup of coffee and tells her he shouldn’t have left her like he did since it was a Friday night and hence a lot of people out. He should have made sure she’d get home safely, so she hadn’t had to go through that. She had never expected Waka to act like he did, and Waka explains he suppresses his personality and emotions to observe properly what a person wants and needs.

He makes sure Shin and Toma take care of Sawa and Mine so they don’t have to go through the same thing and will personally walk the Heroine home, so she can be at ease. He gives her another cup of coffee and the two kill a bit of time before he takes her home.

Gay…… World
It’s time for the Heroine to take a break, and Waka goes on one too. He mixed whatever leftover coffee there was, and it was surprisingly good! Waka thinks the Heroine is a good kid and the Heroine points out he calls the staff kids (ウチの子, really). It’s because they’re smaller than he is, and she wonders if it’s because they’re shorter or younger than Waka. He says it’s both.

He points out the Heroine changed her earrings, and she tells him that one actually broke. He takes a look and sees that, yeah, it did. And then breaks it by accident. Even though the Heroine says it’s fine, Waka takes her to buy a new pair the next day, leaving the café in the capable hands of the staff.

They find a pair that suits her and she likes and Waka tells her he has a metal allergy, so he can’t wear piercings or clip-ons. He did wonder if she maybe had one too because she didn’t have pierced ears despite there being more options. But she explains she’s scared of getting her ears pierced since it seems like it’d hurt. Waka has been interested in a place and wants to check it out, though he doesn’t think it’s as good as Meido no Hitsuji. It’s been hard to go because a single guy would stand out though, so going with the Heroine would be great.

He orders for the Heroine, after asking if it was alright, and evaluates how well the server did. The Heroine points out he changed his speech and Waka says that speaking femininely would leave an impression. It did surprise her though because it was the first time she heard him speak like that. He says he tries to not trouble anyone by seeming feminine, but he’s not actually gay. Just because he speaks like a woman doesn’t make him gay. He’s glad if him being into women didn’t ruin her experience though, and she says it was nice to have a guy’s perspective on things like earrings. Which makes Waka happy, because people tend to treat him like a middle-aged woman. He starts saying something, but the pizza they ordered is served.

Waka walks her home and they talk about what was better and worse about the restaurant, and then he asks her if they can go out again. She gives him a happy yes, but he then says that he asks her as a man but that he’ll give her a year to think about it, and they’ll see what kind of relationship they have in a year.

Assassin……? World
It’s closing time, and Waka puts out the closed sign. When he returns, he tells the Heroine it’s raining. She doesn’t have an umbrella, so Waka yells her to stay until it stops. While at it she can taste a new blend of tea. He also asks her if pie or pound cake would work better, and they decide he’ll have the staff try the tea with pie the next day.

When the rain stops, Waka walks the Heroine home, as he likes walking after it’s rained, and they talk as they do. When they’re almost at her place, he wants them to be closer, and they have to walk slowly to manage because he’s really close, and then walk around the neighbourhood.

After quite some time Waka says they are being followed, and they need to keep pretending to be a couple. The people following them must also be targeting the Heroine, because it certainly doesn’t seem they’re after Waka. But it doesn’t seem to be a stalker because whoever it is isn’t seemingly getting jealous that Waka is with her, and their presence is probably… Well, it doesn’t matter. They walk to her place and he tells her to check her phone when she gets inside her apartment.

There are texts from both Shin and Toma, and almost as soon as she checks it, Shin calls her and wonders what the heck that was about. Toma quickly takes over because he’s sure she doesn’t get it. They had gone shopping and then it had started raining, so they went to meet her, but Waka and the Heroine had left the café and then there’s wasn’t any good time to call out to them. Shin asks if she’s dating Waka but she explains he just walked her home. Shin and Toma don’t believe it quite true and the Heroine hangs up saying she’ll explain at Meido no Hitsuji the next day.

It’s obvious that one would be lonely when someone one cares for is gone, so why don’t you just say it as it is?

– Orion

ORION (Unlockable)
It’s the beginning of October. The Heroine is together with Ukyo and she’s very happy. But… Something… Someone important is missing.

Ukyo is going out of the country for three weeks for photoshoots, and the Heroine can’t pronounce the name of the country and the shoot has a pretty ominous name, so both Mine and Sawa are fairly worried he won’t come back. The Heroine isn’t that worried though, even though it’s not like she isn’t worried at all either. And while there’s the sadness of not being able to be with Ukyo for three weeks, there’s something else that pains her heart.

When she’s done with work for the day, she walks around a bit, because even if she goes home and makes the cookies she got the recipe for from Waka, it would just be her eating them. And it’s sad to go home and have no one to talk to. …Except she’s lived alone the whole time, so who would she had talked to? There shouldn’t have been anyone other than her. Regardless of who… what… it is, it makes her sad enough to cry.

Then, at the park, while the wind is cold, she sees a child sleeping in the grass. (Flashbacks to a certain man sleeping in the park, anyone?) Images seem to come back to her, but it’s a haze, and the child wakes up as she’s going through this – and he’s pretty confused because he napped at noon and it’s evening now. She tells him the time, and he’s really shocked at seeing her there. She realises he’s the one who gave him the handkerchief, and the child says that that’s exactly the relationship they have. After thanking her for waking him up, he runs off before she can talk to him further. At home she texts Ukyo, but she feels alone and doesn’t know how to kill time. Being alone like this makes her want someone to be there, and she feels like there used to be someone.

The next morning she has trouble waking up and suddenly she remembers someone saying she needs to turn the alarm off because the speaker can’t. But she has no idea who that could be. Maybe it was just a dream.

On the way home after her classes, she’s going home but meets Toma who’s just starting his classes. They talk about how they would have been going home at this time as elementary school students, and the Heroine starts wondering how old the boy she met yesterday could be. She goes to the park where she saw him, but sadly he’s not there, so she goes home. There she sees the boy who seems to be coming home from shopping. She tries to talk to him, but he says he’s in a hurry. And he’s plastic bag breaks. She picks things up and puts them in her own tote bag and says he can borrow it and she could follow him home if it’s far. But he lives in her building, so it’s super close, instead. She hasn’t seen him before, and he says that he recently moved in, and if they live on different floors, they wouldn’t meet much. But she had no memory of telling him where she lives. She then makes sure to help him get things home because it’s too much for the bag, so he would have to carry things as they are, which would be too much for just one person.

It turns out he lives right above her, and he says it sure is a coincidence. Then he mutters things like he wanted to live further away, but someone said it was better to live nearby. She asks if he lives with his family in the apartment, but the boy says he lives with his older brother who’s in university and both of them work part-time at the flower shop. He just helps his brother out, though. The Heroine says he’s a good kid to do that because someone so young wouldn’t normally do that. She turns to leave, but the boy stops her because she has a leaf on her skirt. She says it must have got stuck while she was at the park, hoping to see him. He’s surprised she’d look for him, but she says she just really wanted to see him again for some reason. She says it’s a bit strange, but he doesn’t think so. He’s happy because he actually wanted to talk to her the entire time.

She must have fallen asleep at some point because she suddenly wakes up after dreaming a strangely vivid dream. And she seemed to try to say someone’s name. Which reminds her that she didn’t ask for the boy’s name.

The next day she has a day off and she plans to just take it easy. But before that, she has to put the things she removed from her tote bag into it again. She finds a snack that definitely isn’t hers and goes to check if it’s the boy’s upstairs. Turns out to be his brother’s though. They talk a bit and the boy finds out she has a day off with nothing special planned and that her boyfriend – Ukyo – is in some foreign country for work. She says she’s fine though because it’s not like she can do anything about it, so she won’t tell him she misses him. But the boy wonders if her boyfriend might not feel sad if she seems fine when he’s gone. He suggests she just tells him “I miss you so please come home safely” and then says he heard it on TV.

She tells him she planned on just taking it easy, but the boy wonders if that wouldn’t make her feel more alone. So he asks if they could have tea since she’s free, anyway. His brother is out shopping and all he can offer is someone to talk to, but if she wants to… When she agrees, he’s super happy and invites her in. He says he likes drinking tea, but they have coffee too. She says tea’s fine and he can make it like he likes it. He tells her there was someone who liked sweet tea with milk and sugar, but he couldn’t drink it back then so the taste might be different. She finds it delicious though and thinks he’s done well to manage to make it this good because it is hard.

She asks him what school he’s in, but he tells her he doesn’t go to school because of preparations. He looks forward to starting, though. She tells him he’ll make tons of friends, but he then starts wondering what defines a friend. After they talk, he sees her off, and she tells him to come over. He asks if it’s really okay, and she says it’s his turn to visit next time and she’ll wait for him. When she gets home, she notices she has missed a call from Ukyo and that he also sent her a text. He won’t be able to call her that day, but he’ll try again if he gets a connection. She texts him to be safe and that she misses him and wants to see him.

The next day she wakes up from another weird and vivid dream. It really feels like it’s not just a dream. But she gets ready and goes to work. There she’s asked to put out flowers because Waka impulse bought flowers on his way to the café. It turns out it’s from the flower shop where the boy and his brother works. So she decides to stop by the shop after work, even though he probably isn’t there, and that’s when she realises she still doesn’t know his name. She finds the shop and sees the boy work. He’s not just helping like he said, but actually properly working. But he gets a bit stuck after selling a flower, and the Heroine steps in. He’s really happy she did, and that she came, and she gets happy because he’s happy.

They talk about flowers, and he tells her he likes tulips among others. He didn’t know about them before he checked out schools with his brother, so he was really confused. But his brother told him what they were. While telling the story, the boy says his own name. He says it’s a weird name, but she disagrees. He says his name will be changed to a Japanese one, though. The Heroine is relieved and happy that he’s Orion though, but, confused, she cries.

Because he’s worried, Orion leaves the shop early, which is fine because he was almost done for the day, and he walks the Heroine home. While they do, she gets a text, and she exchanges information with Orion. She adds him as Orion, and he says he added her with her name. She can’t remember she ever told him her name, though. When they get home, she’s the one walking him home because she’s older, but he wanted to walk her home. She says he’ll maybe get to walk her home in another five years. Thinking about that, he wonders if he’ll grow taller because it’s hard to imagine since he’s always looked like he does. The Heroine thinks Orion is really positive and gets happy about the most mundane things, which makes her happy, and it feels like things have got better for her since they met. She tells him that it’s like talking to an old friend. His response to that is to give her a rose names Amnesia.

The next day she’s looking the word “amnesia” up, and she wonders if she has met Orion before and forgotten about it. While pondering about it, an image overlaps with the image of Orion, but the look is different. She wants to ask him if they met before, and she decides to go over with cookies, based on the recipe she got from Waka earlier during the month, as a thank you gift for the flower. Except she misreads the recipe and Orion comes running, thinking it might be a fire. But luckily it’s just burnt cookies, although the fire alarm didn’t go off. Orion mutters it must have been on August 25th but then asks the Heroine if she’s alright since she inhaled the smoke.

She’s saying she’s fine, but suddenly all her memories rush to her and she remembers who Orion is. She learns the two became human as punishments because of Nil’s actions. Orion also didn’t tell her about himself because it was hard to say he was a spirit that hung around her, and because August was pretty much hell. But he’s really happy to be human, even if it can be really hard. He can experience things he couldn’t before, and that’s so much fun. Ukyo calls and he finds out she remembers about August and Orion teases him saying that if he leaves her, Orion will take her, and that he’ll be a really good man in like five years. Ukyo gets really flustered, but the call gets cut in the middle.

The Heroine remembers that Orion was talking about having a different name. He’s been troubled by it and had to stop Nil from writing Orion in kanji. But then he comes up with the idea that the Heroine can decide on a name. She’s like one half of him, after all. She gives him a name and he’ll treasure it. They also make the day his birthday since he never actually had one. The Heroine then asks him to come to Meido no Hitsuji the next day, and to his surprise, they’re celebrating the birthday he decided to have the day before.

There you are, Mysterious Statistician Mad Kent!

– Ikki

There’s not much to say about the new world, so I won’t. It’s a new world, and it’s pretty short. You can easily play through a route in the new world in one sitting each.

I honestly don’t remember much of Shin. Just that he dragged Heroine around and she just didn’t say her feet hurt. Because that’s what you do with someone you’re really close with? Idk.

Ikki made my heart flutter a tiny bit… only to ruin it at the very end. I was more interested in Ikki’s and Kent’s exchange because their dorky friendship is wonderful.

Kent was hilarious. Like, I mean, I think most people would find it either really annoying because Ikki and Kent end up arguing a lot, but I thought it was hilarious because I can relate. I think his New World route was the most wholesome, to be honest, and if I had to choose someone I’d be the most comfortable with, it would be Kent. But he’s more like best friend material, not a love interest.

I skipped through like half of Toma’s New World route and didn’t even pay much attention to the half I did not skip and all I have to say is… well, it’s Toma. That’s about it.

I really enjoyed Ukyo’s route. I loved it, actually. Especially the bittersweet ending. While Kent’s route was the most wholesome, I think this was the most emotional one, especially since we understand where Ukyo’s coming from. At the same time, he’s like sooooo weird from the Heroine’s perspective.

Picking the perfect yukata is serious business.

When clearing each New World route, an after story for the original game got unlocked for that character. Those are longer, and clearly have more backstory, so there’s a tad bit more to say.

Shin in the after story was more annoying than I remembered him in the original game. Also, more of a jerk than I remembered. The entire after story was kind of painful to read. And essentially the entire setting was based on lack of communication! In the most awkward way! The entire shitty thing would not have happened had they just been honestly talking to each other. If you’re going to take anything out of Shin’s after story, it’s to TALK. WITH. YOUR. DAMN. PARTNER. Also, with your friends and family. Just talk calmly and be honest and have a good and healthy relationship. Does it have to be that hard? No, it doesn’t. I know it’s difficult to talk to people and when you’re in a romantic relationship it can feel like you’re giving out your most secret thoughts, but you know what? Your partner can’t read your mind, so TALK FFS. Thanks. End of Anny’s relationship advice. If I had to say something I liked about Shin’s after story… Well, there was no Toma. That was a good thing. But that was about it. It was just a big lack of communication and feeling like Shin threatened to sexually assault the Heroine. No, thank you.

Ikki’s after story to the original game was basically a long version of the New World route: Make my heart flutter (a tiny bit), and then ruin it at the end. With a huge mid-section which just made me go “PLEASE TALK TO YOUR PARTNER” and “THE STUFF HE SAYS ARE BAD SIGNS”. Again. At this point, I felt like this game’s theme must be “overcome communication difficulties, then head into marriage”. The thing I liked the best in Ikki’s route was obviously the dorky friendship with Kent, and there was a serious lack of Kent in it, so overall, I’m somewhere in the neutral area in whether I liked or disliked it. Like, pretty lukewarm. Much like back when I played Amnesia: Memories, actually. But I felt like a major character inconsistency was the Heroine’s father. He was entirely against Heroine and Ikki’s relationship, only to be basically 100% change five minutes later. Like, what drug did they give him??? Can I have that to give to people who think I’m a cold-hearted bitch? Overall, it was really just a lighter version of Ikki’s original route as well, complete with the fan club and the father, but I guess we got better (?) ends regarding those. No Toma killing anyone this time.

Kent is so wholesome, I can’t. I can’t what, you wonder? Me too. I just can’t. Anyway, as a route, it was really wholesome. Which I guess you already kind of gathered. You actually see character development in Kent, compared to the original game. In comparison, Ikki is really just clingy and Shin shows no signs of becoming a decent human being, so Kent’s development was just really nice. This after story was definitely more daily life than the others, and I liked that. But I appreciate the more “I’m so glad we spent time together” stuff, in general, than “You’re an idiot!” or “Let me sex you up”, so I might be super biased. While at the topic, Kent definitely isn’t someone I’d date. Be best buddies with, sure, but we’re way too similar. Much like when I played Amnesia: Memories I ended up relating to Kent. I would have much rather play a game as Kent. Anyhow, it was nice. A good, neutral and overall positive experience. I would have liked more Ikki in there, solely for the beautiful friendship, which I can’t get enough of, but I was more than content with this. This is the stuff I live for (usually). Just… less relatable romance options might be a good idea. It kind of feels like I’m dating myself with Kent and… yeah…

TOMA WAS AWFUL. I mean, sure it was sweeter than the original game, but WTF it doesn’t undo throwing a girl in the uguu cage of love if you’re being all nice afterwards when you realise you have mutual love. And then after punching Toma in the face Shin just scolds him for being such a shitty friend/big bro instead of calling the police because that guy is dangerous? NOPE. Kent is so wholesome, and then it was followed up by this bag of poop, because I played them in the same order as the original game. Like, this is a big fat HELL NO.

OMG, I HAVE NO WORDS TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS. I love Ukyo so much and after the After Story I. LOVE. HIM. MORE. It felt like this after story was considerably longer though, but I can’t say for sure, because I might have just added more details and paused more often because I got a major crush on Ukyo for life. I also did most of it in one single sitting (mostly because after 3 hours I thought it’d end soon and sat there for another 2 hours), while the others were cut up in shorter sittings. However, I can get why people would think the setting is weird. Like, wait, wasn’t basically this plot resolved LAST GAME?! But on the other hand, no, it wasn’t. It was, in fact, following up on the very end of Ukyo’s route with Orion and Nil, so it made sense. I really like it. Also, am I weird for thinking the Murderous Ukyo looks bloody handsome in CGs (I’ll take one Ukyo who might murder me, thank you) and that Ukyo looks a million times better in the braid and… is it his pyjamas? But this was a great way to save me from hatred and fear of Toma. Which is pretty ironic, really.

That glance over the sunglasses is not as effective as the Glance over Glasses move, if you ask me.

Next I played the Girls Party “routes”, Waka’s “routes” and Orion’s route. These are all characters that had no own route in the original game. I know I did list these the Girls Party stuff in the New World area of the “summary”, but I did play it AFTER the after stories.

Waka. I’m honestly sad Waka got no CG in his route. He deserved at least one. Or four. I laughed so much in the New World, and the Demon Sergeant Waka was actually pretty adorable. Introvert Waka made my heart flutter, but only because the more I heard his voice, the more pleasant it seemed to get. Onee Waka (which I chose to translate to gay in the summary) was a lot of fun and I spent most of it laughing so loudly I thought I would disturb my neighbours. Mind you, I can also laugh very loudly (despite being a fairly quiet person otherwise). Assassin Waka was really anticlimactic, so finishing with him was a letdown, in my opinion. It kind of left me with a feeling that I was cheated. Like, I could have got something much better but got poop instead.

The Girls Party “stories” were cute, and I got kinda surprised by some of the things I got to know about the guys, but I think I would have appreciated it all more if I had played them first. Especially as they take place in the New World. Also, it would have been nice if they were longer. Not as much of a letdown as Assassin Waka, but between Ikki and the girls, Ikki was more enjoyable. Just to kind of give you an idea of how the length affected my enjoyability.

I loved the Orion. I still love Orion. I will always love Orion. This will probably have a special place in my heart. I can, however, get the annoyance that in Ukyo’s After Story she regains her memories, and in Orion’s they’re gone again. Orion’s route also continues off from Ukyo’s route too, but I guess Orion’s counts as the true end, because Orion has a major role and you need to clear everything else to unlock it, like in the main game. And while I love Ukyo’s after story, I do find this much better. I honestly wish it could be like… more the same route? Like that she had regained some memories in Ukyo’s after story and then regained the rest when she remembered Orion. Because, while it implies the Heroine remembers everything in Ukyo’s after story, it never outright states she remembers Orion and he was maybe more important in the Heroine’s life during August than Ukyo was, so the pain of missing something seems appropriate. That said, it could be that it’s implied that the Heroine did in fact only remember things about Ukyo’s murderous side and why he became like that, but not all of the hell that she went through, nor Orion. But maybe I don’t remember stuff from Ukyo’s after story that made that possibility non-canon. And there are the other games, too. Idk. I can only hope and my head-canon is that she only regained some memories and somehow was in too much shock after meeting the other Ukyo to remember Orion’s delivery to Ukyo later and hence only remembered the handkerchief incident.

And finally! The FINAL thoughts!

Once I finished this game, it felt like a hole in my life opened. Even if I didn’t spend like months playing it every day, it just… I don’t know, the grief of a really good game, I guess? Or at least some really good routes. So if you really like Amnesia: Memories and know Japanese, this fan disc is worth the money, in my opinion. I haven’t played Crowd, but you can get both of the FDs on Vita or Switch (not on sale yet). I got a second-hand copy of the PSP game thanks to Cas when she was in Japan last year and it was, what, a few hundred yen? I think it was 350 or so. So you’ll probably be able to find it fairly cheap if you’re willing to go PSP. [Insert shameless plug.] I got an affiliate link at the bottom, so… I can’t tell you how many hours I spent on this post alone.

So, obviously, I really enjoyed this game as a whole. I got my hubby (Ukyo) and my beloved little brother (Orion) back, and I even got a lot of 1-on-1 time with my baby bro. Orion is so cute. He’s too good for this world. Or any other. But I also got the guy who made me cry and whose route has traumatised me for life. And I had to spend time with him. TWICE. I also got to spend some 1-on-1 time with Waka and got to hang out with the girls a bit. That was nice. And Kent was just a blob of wholesome. So the good points win over the bad ones, character-wise.

This game had a lot more content than I expected. It took me like 6 hours or more to finish with each of the main guys (New World and After Story), so I guess that’d translate to about 4 or more hours of content for each guy. Not like super long, but there’s also some hours with Waka and the girls (maybe summing those up it’s about the same as one guy?) and Orion had about as much content as one main guy, I think, but not enough CGs. So I’m happy with the amount, especially considering Amnesia: Memories’ length. The downside is probably that I would have liked more キュン and ドキドキ while playing it. You can kinda check the lengths of the summaries to see which one actually caught my interest. I know part of why Toma’s short is that I really didn’t want to play his After Story, but let’s be honest – there wasn’t really anything to write either. Nothing happened, except what I wrote, more or less. Though nothing quite got worse than one of Waka’s worlds in terms of nothing happening.

So, in terms of writing – not quite up to par with the main game, and if Waka is your fav character and you want to date him… sorry, this is not your fan disc. The soundtrack was the same as the original game, so it was good. The opening and ending songs were pretty meh, though. The sprites were nice too. I like that we got new variations of sprites for everyone that mattered, including Orion (well, that’s obvious considering his route), but am sad that not all characters got a CG. Girls didn’t really need to, but GOSH! Waka needed one in his stories! Orion also needed more considering the length of his route and the amount the guys actually got. Voice acting was just really good. And the facial expressions are major wins. I’m not sure I mentioned those in the actual Amnesia: Memories post, but I’m pretty sure I did livetweet about them back then too because Orion has a lot of funny ones.

But I can only repeat myself and say that I found it worth the money and that I think it was a really good fan disc. It had an unexpected amount of content. But to be fair, I also got good content for the characters I really cared for. I recommend it, but only if you really liked the main game or really want some time with non-romanceable characters, or have a major crush on any character but (probably) Toma (and Waka – poor Waka). Maybe. Or all three, because I fall into the category.

And yes, one day I’ll play Crowd and World too, eventually. Just give me time and someone who can get those games from Japan for me and we’re set. Lol. If you want to see the FDs and World localised, let Idea Factory know. Like seriously. Bother them to death. I thought the Amnesia: Memories localisation was really well done, so it saddens me they probably got fewer sales than they deserved and hence didn’t come out with the rest of the franchise.

The suggested order for this game… Let me explain this a little because just writing it out in a list would make little to no sense.

  1. Start with one of the girls, then do her Girls Party route, then pick the next girl, and finally pick the last girl. It really doesn’t who you take on first or last. Just all the girls and their individual Girls Party routes first.
  2. I think Waka should be next because I think he fits in best here.
  3. You can do Shin, Toma, Ikki and Kent in any order in the New World though. I suggest playing Shin and Toma together and Ikki and Kent together. Leave Ukyo for last. Or don’t, but I really think it’s better to leave him for last.
  4. For the After Stories, I think Shin, Toma, Ikki, and Kent in whatever order, but I once again suggest playing Shin and Toma together and Ikki and Kent together.
  5. For Waka San World I suggest Assassin -> Demon Sergeant -> Introvert -> Gay. While I suggest it here, you can play any of those after you finish the New World too, or between the after stories. That’s up to you.
  6. Finally, to unlock the final route, you play Ukyo‘s After Story.
  7. Now Orion‘s unlocked, so time for this boy! It’s not a romance route, so thankfully it’s not a shotacon route.

(But order probably doesn’t matter all that much to anyone but me because it’s a FD.)

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