Batch #13: Boys Love

Here we got a second BL webtoon batch with titles from Toomics! I haven’t gotten tired of men falling for each other, so bear with me. I promise I’ll post something else… eventually. I just need my romance fix every once in a while, and BL, GL, fantasy romance and dark/bittersweet romances tend to hit home better than the average shoujo romance (but needless to say Kimi ni Todoke and Ao Haru Ride remains my favourite romance titles to date.)

I Like You (by Momopia)
Andy Goh always ends up bullied at his school and he recently changed schools because of it. Of course, some boys make him their gofer and make him pay for their drinks and food, but as long as he keeps doing it, he’ll be fine. Right? But it’s while he’d hurrying back to the classroom he accidentally sees Jesse Baek confess to the mathematics teacher that he loves him. In desperation, Andy says he likes Jesse and somehow, for some reason, the two ends up being a couple. How will Andy get out of this mess now? How will he break up with the school’s top dog?

There are only 21 chapters so far in English, so this is very much a first impression kind of thing, but this is pretty darn funny. Bullying aside, that is. And the shitty math teacher. And Jesse’s tendency to not respect boundaries, but he doesn’t seem to take any hints that Andy doesn’t like the guy (and it’s pretty obvious why, when you read it). Er… Wait… Why is this funny? I guess most of the jokes just hit home and the teenagers are very much teens. So maybe it’s kind of cringe funny? I don’t know. This is set in a boys’ school so for once it fucking makes sense there are like no girls! It bothers me when I read BL and for some unexplainable reason, girls/women don’t exist. Another thing I do appreciate is that Andy does notice that Jesse isn’t as terrible as he thinks and that he isn’t going “I ONLY LIKE GIRLS!” but instead has a moment when he goes “Wait, but I never liked a girl either!” It’s completely unrelated to my general opinion on this webcomic, but I can appreciate seeing a demi-romantic-ish character that isn’t supposed to like one or the other specifically every once in a while.

Settia (by Kim Reunel)
Mujin is a half-demon that also goes by the name Lewellyn and who works at a research facility, where they research the demonic flower Settia. One day he’s reunited with his childhood friend Eunil who, for some reason, hates him. But when transformed Eunil loves Lewellyn because Lewellyn saved his life. Mujin isn’t sure what to do but he needs to focus on gathering mana so he, eventually, can go back to the demon world, regardless of the feeling Eunil may have against his two different halves, or the feelings he has about the situation.

Fantasy BL? Yes, please! This one is really cute. It’s so short though! I would have honestly liked it to be longer, but it does go very well into why Eunil feels the way he does and Mujin’s thoughts and feelings about the situation. I like the art a lot, and the story is good. And I don’t really have much more to say…

Matchmaker (by NomNom Cornflakes)
There’s a god who matches blue threads, and he puts hooks up BL couples. Yeah, that’s the summary for this.

This was a major let down. It was funny while I read the first arc with a guy and his neighbour. At least in the beginning. It pretty much is a parody after all… Then it was a guy and his… hair… dryer… O…kay…? I did read all of it, and it almost maybe got a bit better with the final couple, but meh. Not recommended. Read Settia or Ranunculus instead. Or give Summer Snow a try.

Summer Snow (by OMOON)
At the end of July, it started snowing and Forest feels like maybe the summer snow is messing with him, because he might be crushing on his friend, Glen. As time passes, it becomes clearer he’s in love with him, but does Glen feel the same way? He keeps getting his hopes up, but he just doesn’t know…

This is another one that is more of a first impression than a full review. There are 17 chapters out at the time of writing and it built up to a confession and ended there. I can only assume it will continue with Forest’s and Glen’s relationship from there. Up until that though it was really nice and kind of like the art. It’s consistent and they aren’t super skinny nor super muscly, so it was a nice.

Ranunculus (by zzamong)
Wallace Kang has everything he needs to have a girlfriend – decent looks, even better-looking body, his own home, a business… But lacks trust in women, because every girl he has had has left him. One night a naked beaten up stranger knocks on his door and kisses him. And then has sex with him, but he can’t remember it. But he can’t just leave this nameless victim with nothing on the streets and lets the man stay at his home while working at the combined café and flower shop, and names him Rana Lee.

This is a really good fantasy title, but gosh it’s dark! And the violence. AAAAAAH! If you can handle violence and someone essentially breaking apart because of their love for a person who can’t remember things, then I suppose you can read it? But it does get very dark and freaky. I like it because it goes into some really dark parts of the human mind, but I mean… I don’t like sexy stuff and even if nothing is shown it does make me uncomfortable, especially since Wallace ends up doing things he can’t remember because of Rana’s scent which is cringy as hell. So aside from an actually really good story, it freaks me out, so I also can’t recommend it.

Quick mentions
I did read all the titles tagged BL I could find on Toomics, so here are a sentence or two on each of the titles I won’t review. None were really heavy on the BL anyway.

My Mercury: This is triggering as eff. It’s more about mental health and psychiatric wards so if you’re mental health is poor or you have dealt with self-harm, this is not for you.

The Silent Reading Club: This one’s dark and probably more mystery than BL and I didn’t enjoy it.

Demon King Baby Diaries: There’s not much out for this one yet but there was more sexual stuff than love and it was freaky because it’s a baby mixed in. Otherwise, it seems to be some kind of one-sided war between heaven and hell and baby-raising kind of story.

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