The Magic in This Other World is Too Far Behind 1

Tragedy may strike, and they may even be separated from each other, but Suimei didn’t want his friends to suffer. As long as there was hope, he didn’t want them to give up.

Suimei Yakagi is secretly a mage and friends with Reiji and Mizuki, but despite his talents, he had not enough time to stop what happened to the three of them and they are summoned to another world. But it’s strange. Only Reiji was supposed to be summoned and somehow Mizuki and Suimei got dragged along with the hero who was summoned. Mizuki decides to follow her beloved to face the danger of the Demon Lord, while Suimei… refuses. He wants to go home, and he will do so, even if he has to figure it out all on his own.

When the main character was a guy and there was like a handful of girls involved I was genuinely worried that this would go down the harem route (even if Reiji’s the hero). It didn’t! Yes! It doesn’t mean there wasn’t any romance-y stuff going on, just not a goddamn fucking harem for no reason. Yeah, that last one really bothers me.

And better yet, I truly enjoy Suimei as a character. Reiji is the “of course I will help all of these strangers who selfishly dragged me out of my own world and can’t send me home” character and to some degree, don’t you think that feels extremely idealised? Suimei, on the other hand, refuses. Nope. He’s not doing it. And I appreciate that kind of character because humans aren’t ideals. We’re selfish messes, really. I mean, in a sense, helping others can be seen as a selfish act, because we want to feel good about ourselves and/or be seen as kind, but would someone go to war alone against millions of demons? I don’t think I’d go to war all by myself against, say, Finland no matter how much power I had. So I enjoy and appreciate the genuineness I feel in Suimei’s character.

My last isekai light novel review was of a harem isekai with PTS, so I can also happily announce this has a good translation! While it’s a shame -dono isn’t explained, so the implication is lost, but it certainly is better than just dropping is and you have no idea of anything.

This is another story from Shousetsuka ni Narou that got picked up to be published and later translated. The story is also very good with nice pacing. I also like how they paint the picture of the secrecy of magic in our world and the dangers of walking down the path of magic(ka). It also mixes various magical traditions which I think is super interesting! But I’m a herbalist so maybe that’s why…

I like the art by himesuz, and luckily it’s not the only good thing with this novel. The descriptions of the magic and spells are especially intriguing! I hope this will turn out to be a good read and that I won’t regret it in the next volume. Or any other in the future. Because I’m definitely continuing this for now!

But, despite my high praise, it’s not all good. It annoys me that it seems like Reiji’s (not Suimei’s though!) weaknesses are big boobs and that he’s oblivious to romance. The latter, okay. The prior… Why is a big bust the reason for Reiji to be interested in someone! After knowing them for two weeks! Or well, at least that’s Suimei’s guess to it. And somehow I don’t doubt he’s wrong… Then again… Reiji is a hero going on demon subjugation and Suimei’s not, so I guess… We won’t see much of him after that? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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