Writing Update #1

Alright! I’m here with a new series on my blog. One I know might not be appreciated by all. Why? I did a poll about whether to write about my writing, and it didn’t get overwhelming support. Or much support at all.

But I’ve been thinking. A lot. I’ve gone back and forth on it. But in the end, I decided to look at the tagline.

A collection of thoughts and polite rants on Literature and Visual Arts

As you see, I highlighted three words: “thoughts on Literature”. My work counts as literature. But! I will still write reviews, don’t worry! These posts might be sporadic, so there might not be some for months, or once every week for a few weeks.

That said.

It’s Camp NaNoWriMo. I was already going to edit during Camp NaNo, so I paid for a month of Grammarly, and now editing is essentially my life until the one month expires. Saying that I’m in editing hell is not a joke. LOL.

I have three long stories Wattpad:

  • Beyond the Horizon
  • Tea and Coffee
  • When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe From the Wrath of God

Beyond the Horizon is on break and the reason I got Grammarly to get some grammar fixed, because let’s face it: my English isn’t bad, but my grammar can suck, and I do a shitload of typos. And I write really long sentences.

Anyway! Beyond the Horizon has the entirety of its first part on Wattpad, it being finished this past Wednesday. Part 2 is what I’m working on. Part 1 was 16 parts (including extras on Wattpad), plus some bonuses for the future book release. It’s about nonbinary Momoi Tomoki who deals with wanting to fit in but doesn’t, and the expectations he perceives people and society have on him. The story is supposed to cover seven years of his life as he builds confidence in who he is so he can stand on his own two legs without being crushed by his own worries and perceived expectations (true or not).

Tea and Coffee is a finished, full-length novel I decided to publish online because of the time we live in, and people look for things to read. It’s a side story novel to BtH, with Fujiki Arata (who is Tomoki’s supervisor on his part-time job) and Sakuraba Makoto (who is the older brother of Sakuraba Yuusuke in Tomoki’s class) as the main characters. It’s established in episode 3 of BtH that they’re a couple and Tea and Coffee is about how they met, became a couple and their first time together. I’m editing this in its entirety: 54 chapters + epilogue. I’m also posting one chapter every day Mon-Fri.

When the World… Okay, even I don’t have the energy to write that entire thing out. WWFSFG originally was an in-universe title in BtH. It’s supposed to be a fantasy BL light novel. I was initially just writing passages to have some to quote in BtH, but I like the idea so much and was building the world so much, I’m currently writing the third volume. And I’m editing the first two this month. This is updated weekly and has long chapters.

And yes, the title is so long because light novel titles can be ridiculously long.

In short: I’m editing four (4) full-length novels, and potentially two more (BtH 1 and WWFSFG 3). And TnC is long. I mean, like 600 pages in pocket format long. So it could basically 5 or 6 novels I’m editing.

That’s it for today. On the review side of things: I’m playing something, reading something and watching something. Let’s see what I finish first and post on April 29th. Link to my Wattpad can be found in the menu bar at the top.

Edit: I wanted to add a quote, but forgot about it in the hurry!

Did he just suggest the person he was crushing on would make him sick? How stupid could he get?! However, if it was a woman, he probably wasn’t having a crush, right? This was fine! No, it wasn’t!

—Sakuraba Makoto (from Tea and Coffee)

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