Beyond the Horizon is back! (Episodes 12 & 13 Release)

This is new for my followers here, and I know I would do sporadic updates, but well… Since I have this blog and I’m expanding to write about my own writing I might as well share my chapter introductions.

I’m, as always, wordy as hell. You should be used to it by now. Sorry, not sorry.

Part one (or Book One: When You Hit Rock Bottom…) ended as the first term in Beyond the Horizon ended, with five extra episodes to cover the summer break with some might light-hearted content. The book will include two bonus extra episodes from a different perspective.

Last month was Camp NaNoWriMo, and I spent a lot of it editing. I edited most of BtH part 2, so no last-minute editing for a while, and I also worked my way through a good chunk of Tea and Coffee and almost the entire first book of When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe From the Wrath of God. Both of those are in part available on Wattpad as well, though my health declined once May begun. Whether from working so hard during April has anything to do with is unknown, but I know I’m finally feeling the effects of people stressing out around me. It’s a rather hard time to be a person with any kind of anxiety disorder, even when you know how to handle it.

Episode 12 is called “Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” and is rather self-explanatory; don’t judge a person based on their appearance. This is Tomo’s first encounter with someone who is openly nonbinary, but it’s not a smooth ride despite everything. Because that would make the plot pretty boring, but it’s also not how reality works. If life throws you something good, it’s bound to throw something bad as well – whether you put your mind on it, is the question.

Besides, despite everything, we never know what hides beneath the surface. Ask, rather than assume, especially rather gender identity, as this is — unquestionably — a big theme of this series.

Episode 12: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

In Episode 13 the focus shift from Tomo for a bit, and anyone who has read the first part can figure out who it is about based on the title alone. Despite his usual attitude, playful nature, and melodramatic queen tendencies, he had things that worry him as well. Not to mention, he learns something about Tomo he had never thought was possible.

Episode 13: One Worth More Than This World

Quote of the Post

“Tomo…” He looked worried.
Tomo felt a stab of guilt in his chest. He didn’t want Ken to worry.
“What happened? Tatsumi and Yuu said they weren’t sure what was going on.”
Tomo shook his head. He didn’t want to answer. Didn’t want to cause Ken trouble.
Not again. Not this time.
“Are you being bullied?” Ken asked while taking Tomo’s hand in his hand again. “Tell me. If you’re being bullied again…”
“No. No one’s being mean.”


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