Why are my chapter titles so long? (Episodes 13 & 14 release)

Someone needs to teach me how to pick titles for posts. Lol. But it’s true that my chapter titles can be long at times. For instance, today’s release are Episode 13. One Worth More Than This World and Episode 14. There’s a Limit to Everything. Long, right?

Those who have read Book 1, know what the title of episode 13 is referring to. Those who haven’t, well… Go read it! We all have something or someone we treasure a lot, and you may think that’s the theme of the episode, and while it is to some degree it’s not Tomoki who’s in centre of attention this time, but someone else.

If I say anymore I will spoil, so let’s not. However, it’s important to have someone to treasure, and if you truly treasure someone, remember to communicate and show that. Especially in times like this pandemic, we need to show our affection, and at times in ways that don’t fall natural to us. Yet, we need to remember that potentially risking the health of someone we deeply care for, is cruel, not just to them but to yourself as well.

Take care for your own sake and, if possible, wear a mask to lessen the spread of the pandemic to yourself and your loved ones.

Episode 13. One Worth More Than This World

Episode 14 is about reaching one’s limit. We all have them. While both this and the previous one was written in September, they strangely fit the current situation, don’t they? We all will at some point reach some sort of limit. But, blow up when reaching them won’t do anyone any good. Instead, find a way around it. We live in a highly digitalised era but think about the past. When one wished to see one’s friend or family one sent a letter, or they even — some young people might be shocked by this — called their loved ones. On a phone that was more or less stationary. (And for you youngsters, a word of warning: This will, in fact, appear in Book 3 and is nothing but the reality of the past.)

When you notice you a reaching a limit, take a moment’s break and find the way around it. If you are heading straight for it, you will crash right into it, but, in reality, you likely never even needed to run right at it, to begin with.

Episode 14. There’s a Limit to Everything

In other news, I have a new chapter of When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe From the Wrath of God, which has been on hold for a few weeks. I will post the next one one Friday, and the Epilogue the Friday after that, finishing the first book’s draft.

Quote of the Post

“Are you being bullied?” Ken asked while taking Tomo’s hand in his hand again. “Tell me. If you’re being bullied again…”
“No. No one’s being mean.”
Tomo squeezed Ken’s hand.

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