Trust is a treasure (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 15 & 16)

I confess. I sometimes get incredibly worried that I bother people when I write reviews or these posts. I hope you’ve gotten used to these though, and I really hope you like the changes that have happened slowly over the past six months. Just like I, this space evolves with time. It needs to evolve with me, or else, one day, we won’t work together anymore, this site and I.

That’s it for my random rambles. What you’re here for isn’t me being sentimental, but my fiction.

Episode 15: Confessions

Somehow I feel I can’t top the introduction I wrote for this episode in my last post, but I say this in relation to the following episodes: Choose who you decide to share things with. Someone you think you can trust might betray you; someone you think will betray you might be the one standing there by your side at the end. Think things through thoroughly so you won’t regret it.

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Episode 16: Choose Your Friends Wisely

If you are making friends, decide who to keep by your side based on how they treat you. But don’t blindly believe they are good. How they treat others, may reflect what they think about you too…

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Quote of the Post

“My heart is yours; my love for you burns stronger than anything in existence. I know it is not jealousy in your heart, but it is the feeling of being apart from me that darkens it so much you seek me out. Therefore, my Momo, I will be honest and say it is very humbling to know I occupy your thoughts. I will cure you of your loneliness day and night, stay by your side in perpetuity. I will protect you from the maliciousness of others, and fight your demons by your side.”

— ‘Ken-kun’

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