Friends make everything better (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 16 & 17)

We’re in the middle of July. Almost. My schedule means I’m missing the middle of summer with my releases. In Sweden the weather is so-so. Swedish summers are rainy, and the past week has been a mix of shower, sun and thunder. Some times all at once.

I’m not really fond of thunder. In fact, I’m absolutely terrified of it. Whenever there’s any I just want to have somewhere to hide, preferably crawled up in a ball like a cat and be right next to someone.

Why am I talking weather? Well, the summers in Japan can be quite hot and rainy. And because of that, school festivals, like the cultural festival tend to be in autumn, October being the ideal month.

And it’s time for B High and Tomo’s class to begin their next arc in this story…

Plans on what to do during the school’s cultural festival and preparations are starting now that the sports festival and the mid-terms are over. It’s an event the students of B High have looked forwards to, but immediately it turns to something Tomo rather not be part of… But with good friends even the tough things in life can feel better. That is, if we chose friends wisely.

Episode 16. Choose Your Friends Wisely

Part two of the cultural festival arc has Tomo thinking about the good among the bad. It’s something we all need to look for in trying times, these, and others. Look around you and see what is worth remembering from this pandemic, and which of these things will matter to you, in a positive way. If someone as miserable as Tomo can try and find something, we all can give it our best shot.

Episode 17. Silver Lining

In other news, the release of Beyond the Horizon is pushed to summer 2021. This is because I want to publish the best possible revision and need to have it proofread as well. The first part in The Three Realms trilogy, The Demon Realm, is scheduled for release this autumn though!

TDR has been a project for over 15 years now, and it’s really time for me to graduate from it. I’m currently working on the second novella in the trilogy as part of Camp NaNoWriMo, and plan on writing the third part as well this month! I will set up a page for T3R really soon(tm)!

Quote of the Post

“Hana-chan makes it seem so easy. Just walk into the classroom like nothing, and be done with it.”

“Hell no! It was the hardest thing I’ve done in my life!” Sakura exclaimed. “I only cut my hair that morning. I kept thinking ‘It’s probably a stupid idea.’ and ‘What if everyone in class shuns me?’ But at that point, I had already bought the boys’ uniform with my own money. My parents wouldn’t allow it. You know, my father still doesn’t talk to me. Hasn’t said a word to me since I cut my hair. Just cutting my hair was big, you know? I haven’t cut my hair in ten years. That freaked the hell out of me. But I didn’t want long hair. And I honestly just wanted to wear trousers instead of a skirt. Ai-chan knows the only skirt I own is the school uniform one. So imagine not being what everyone expects you to be? That would be a lot harder. There might be circumstances like with my father too. Coming out could get someone kicked out of the house. Do you really think it’d be that easy to come out to a class when word might reach people that could harm you? I don’t think so.”

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