I almost didn’t write a title for this post… (Beyond the Horizon Episodes 17 & 18)

…so I’m letting you know about it in the very title, because I’m terrible at this title thing.

Every time I sit down with these to write an intro, I think about just how inappropriately appropriate the episode titles of my story are. Many of them can be applied to the world we currently live in. “When it Rains, It Pours”, “Stand Your Ground”, “All Wounds Heal, Some Leave Scars”, “Cause and Effect”, “Challenges”, “Anxieties and Embarrassments”, “Fear”, “There’s a Limit to Everything”, “Choose Your Friends Wisely”, and “Silver Lining” all are things we either feel like is happening or are things we experience and need to keep in mind right now. Some are, of course, more figurative.

If I had known all of these and many more would have been applicable to the year after I wrote the first 92 episodes that I wrote (almost all titled too), I would perhaps have named them very differently. I only thought about how they suited the episodes and not how they would potentially be applicable to the world starting from December 1st and later. I wrote 60.5 Part 3. at the end of November after all, so the past 8 months are (un?)fortunate coincidences with these titles.

But, as the title of Episode 18 goes: My Words are Mine Alone. These are the words I chose, and they will remain my chosen words. Well, for now at least.

This is the second arc which has a focus on the good things, but I think we all know by now that Tomo doesn’t have it easy. How would it be easy to find the positives when the entire world seems to be against you? I think we all know how hard that is, seeing what kind of situation the world is in. And Tomo certainly knows.

Episode 17. Silver Lining

Abe Rieko is back to cause trouble for Tomo while the cultural festival preparations are being done, and it’s not very helpful when Tomo has the club’s anthology entry as well. How will Tomo deal with this in addition to everything else?

Episode 18. My Words are Mine Alone

In other news, I’m having some health issues again, so if there would be that I miss a release at some point, that’s why.

I’m also making a wiki for The Universe (which BtH is part of as well) on World Anvil. I will share a spoiler-y page for BtH first, and will then go on with making pages for characters. I will mark anything that is a spoiler as such, so you don’t have to worry about it more than avoiding to click on spoiler tags. After I’ve added BtH, I’ll likely add The Three Realms, but I’ll see.

Quote of the Post

“I’m glad we got to talk for a bit.”

“I’m happy you called. Call me more often for no reason at all. Like you did when we were kids.”

“I called twice a day when I couldn’t just run over to see you! I can’t do that!”

From Episode 11. Love Knows No Name

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