Hiatus for unknown amount of time

I hate it every time, but here’s another hiatus notice.

I mentioned issues in December that were seemingly resolved. Well, they weren’t. Since the end of January I’ve been struggling and I’m back to a place where I just can’t keep up with the blogging, because on top of my health I need to focus on getting some income due to sudden expenses I have to make.

This doesn’t just involve blogging though; I’ll put Beyond the Horizon on hiatus as well. I will continue with editing BtH book 1, but I can’t continue to post book 2 and later until my health issue is resolved. It just adds stress to an already stressful situation.

What I will do, though, is to sporadically post reviews when I’m able to. Sometimes they might just be comments on events or similar.

I guess 2020 absolutely needed to make my life as miserable as everyone else’s, because I already lived in isolation and had a routine to minimise getting sick due to my poor health, and thus gave me a stomach ache that doctors just don’t take seriously.

I’ll keep you posted, and I really hope you understand. I’m always available on @theannyblog on Twitter, and frequently logged onto Instagram (even if I don’t post much), and those are the easier ways to get in touch with me, though mailing me at theannyblog [at] gmail.com or annyborg [at] vivaldi.net works as well. And the Discord server is also open and I’ve been sporadically online (mainly because of Camp NaNoWriMo), but you’ll find me there as well, if Twitter, Instagram and mailing aren’t your thing.

I will leave the Patreon page for The Anny Blog open for monthly payments, so you can always subscribe to support me (even 1 USD helps a lot!) or send me a coffee (3€) on ko-fi. (I also do art, writing and art commissions. Information on that will be up soon! Keep your eye on the Twitter account for an update.) Of course, a supportive comment is really nice too. Now I’ll go announce my hiatus on several other platforms. It’s so much work just to take care of oneself, isn’t it?

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