Love Unholyc (Part 1)

Mir is an Unholyc, an unholy being that is half human, half demon. However, she’s not quite mature yet, but will have her coming-of-age ceremony during the Black Sabbath; in seven days. For it, she’ll need a partner. Strangely enough, she has a letter from the great Dorian Gray (lol), who wishes to help her, telling her where to go. She goes there and finds not one, not two, but three partners. However… they’re human.

First, I want to point out that this game is partial and I’ve played what’s currently out. There is more planned to come out in a few days, hence why I wanted to get this one out before then!

Second, as I am unusually quick to play this one (we all know by now I’m likely to be far behind on everything), I’m taking the time to make a choice guide which will be up in a day or two. I will update is as more of the game comes out, and I’ve included how many time tickets you need, in case you buy them, so those who don’t want to wake up at 2 am don’t have to, but also not buy more tickets than they need.

Finally, this post covers the common route (at least Days 1-7, in case more comes out for the common route). There are three main guys, so I’ll only cover the three of them in this post. I won’t go into detail about the plot since it’s available in English.

Leo is a friendly and easygoing model who recently became popular. But with his popularity, he’s also been a target for malicious comments online. The cyberbullying is getting him a little down, but he has the support of his childhood friends, Sol and Jung Hi.

Jung Hi is an idol. No, he’s a World Star. He’s also always thinking about sex, and he’s delighted by the situation he got himself into. What’s most important to him, though, are his friends and he trusts them completely, which also leads him to feel incredibly betrayed if someone lies or break promises.

Sol is the owner of Repeato, the high-end tailor shop where the three first meet Mir and sign the contract to become partners. But not all his customers are celebrities, like Jung Hi or Leo, but with one foot in the mafia and the other among the rest of the world, he also tailors suits for the big-shots in the dark side of the world.

The story is pretty straight-forward: have the guys suck your blood give you their… uh… sexy energy? and then fu—*coughs* I mean, get a little sexy with a lady friend. It’s basically reverse vampirism and a really weird cult-like thing going on.

The game’s scenario is absolutely ridiculous. But it’s strangely addictive and fun even though there are crows to eat you, shadows that speak to you, likely eyeballs being drunk involved, and some guy I think wants to eat you literally.

Translation isn’t too bad. I expected worse. There are some moments when it’s a bit painful, but tolerable nonetheless. That, or I’ve got so used to poor localisations I just don’t see it. If that’s the case, shame on me.

It’s pretty generous in terms of free materials. You can use Acme to exchange for tickets, phone coupons, Asmodeus’ Tears, and character summoning coupons, and you get Acme by playing the game, and every 30 minutes you can watch an add to get acme. There’s also a daily free gacha where you can get any of these. Asmodeus’ Tears are used for special gacha with better drops, and you can also get video call tickets.

And, again, I am working on a choice guide that you’ll find in a day or two, which includes just how many tickets you need in total, so if you want to give it a shot but want a guide to play with, you can miss all messages and stuff, because it’ll give you an achievement to see them, while you try to collect tickets/acme.

Even if you reset the game (after you’ve seen all the missed stuff) to play following a guide, you keep all the materials and progress in what you’ve obtained (CGs, extras, etc), so you can literally just start the game and begin collection all this crap for a 100% f2p experience later. No big deal.


Okay, it really stretches the definition of PEGI 12, but IT. IS. NOT. It’s always just short of PEGI 16, so you know, if you’re a parent, think before you let your kids play it. Just saying.

To clarify, PEGI 12 can include innuendos, sexual posturing and whatnot but little to no swearing. Well, this game is horny. Like, I’ve read books that are 15+ that are less horny. Non-violent games that are PEGI 16 that are way less horny. PEGI rating is supposed to be a bit situational; even if a game fully fills the requirements for a PEGI 12 rating by technicality, if the game is trying to stretch the boundaries or include a lot of the content that is semi-okay (like innuendo/sexual posturing), it should be PEGI 16. That’s how ratings are supposed to work.

If you like mobile otome games, this might be worth it. Aside from my major complaint about the rating, it’s not super awful. And if nothing else it’s just fun to laugh at how stupid it is. If you’re still unsure, I’ll be reviewing season 2 ASAP, so you can see for yourself then. My expectations on it is “WTF is going on? LMAO.” just so you know.

What would you like to see a review of next? Let me know in a comment!

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