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The plan was to post a review today, but going off a medication has been messing with me, so I didn’t have one ready. Don’t you just hate that? But I’m much happier off it, so that’s definitely a bonus!

But I’m not coming empty-handed! Under the cut, you’ll find the FULL webnovel release schedule for the year. It also includes special dates and holidays. All coloured are my holidays from the blog and most are national holiday too. I won’t post anything on those days, because I’m taking better care of myself and actually try to relax on national holidays (even if I don’t celebrate them).

Update 21/4: I’ve revised the schedule as needed, since I had health issues and BtH is now on Webnovel. With every part, there will be bonus chapters only available on Webnovel and that will later be available on Patreon for Level 3 and 4 and in the published books. The bonuses are no added to the schedule.

The BtH schedule is now based on Webnovel releases because those are first. Patreon will be 2 weeks later, and BtH is an additional 4 weeks behind on Wattpad. WWFSFG dates are releases on Patreon, and Wattpad is 6 weeks behind for that series.

With this it looks like BtH will go on a break in January 2022 on Webnovel and Patreon, then February for Wattpad. I will take March 2022 to prepare for the next part, so it’ll return on Webnovel and Patreon in April 2022 and Wattpad May 2022.

WWFSFG will go on break in April-May, I presume, but I have yet to sit down and actually write out the schedule for next year, so….

Regardless of what the final result is, I want to take a month for each when I don’t worry about releases on any platform and just focus on preparing for the releases, if that makes sense.

I can add there are plans on releasing both on Tapas in the future. [End of update.]

If you’re curious about the review plans/schedule, subscribe to my blog’s Patreon! If it’s not up at the time this post (at the time of writing it’s still 24 hours until then), it will be up before the end of the day! Yes! I’m putting up a review schedule as well.

Update 17/5: Because I got injured, I need a break. I will updated the schedule with new release dates when I’m better.

20: Beyond the Horizon Episode 19
25: WWFSFG Prologue

3: Beyond the Horizon Episode 20
8: WWFSFG Chapter 1.1
17: Beyond the Horizon Episode 21 (delayed)
22: WWFSFG Chapter 1.2 (delayed)

3: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22
8: WWFSFG Chapter 1.3 (delayed)
17: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22.5 Part 1
22: WWFSFG Chapter 1.4
31: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22.5 Part 2

2: Good Friday
3: Holy Saturday
3: Tomoki’s Birthday
4: Easter Sunday
5: Easter Day

10: Sakura’s Birthday
19: WWFSFG Chapter 1.5
28: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22.5 Part 3
30: Walpurgis Night

1: May Day
3: WWFSFG Chapter 1.6
9: Mother’s Day
12: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22.5 Part 4
13: Ascension Day
14: Holiday
17: WWFSFG Chapter 1.7
22: Pentecost Eve
23: Pentecost Day
26: Beyond the Horizon Episode 22.5 Part 5 [End of Part 2]
30: Mother’s Day (Swedish)
31: WWFSFG Chapter 1.8

6: National Day of Sweden
9: Beyond the Horizon Part 2 Webnovel Bonus 1
14: WWFSFG Chapter 1.9
23: Beyond the Horizon Part 2 Webnovel Bonus 2
25: Midsummer Eve
26: Midsummer Day
28: WWFSFG Chapter 1.10

5: 15th Blogoversary Celebration
7: Beyond the Horizon Episode 23 [Beginning of Part 3]
12: WWFSFG Chapter 2.1
21: Beyond the Horizon Episode 24
26: WWFSFG Chapter 2.2

4: Beyond the Horizon Episode 25
9: Anny’s Birthday
18: Beyond the Horizon Episode 26
23: WWFSFG Chapter 2.3
28: Beyond the Horizon 2nd Anniversary

1: Beyond the Horizon Episode 27
6: WWFSFG Chapter 2.4
14: Kenta’s Birthday
15: Beyond the Horizon Episode 28
19: Yuusuke’s Birthday
20: WWFSFG Chapter 2.5
29: Beyond the Horizon Episode 29

4: WWFSFG Chapter 2.6
13: Beyond the Horizon Episode 30
18: WWFSFG Chapter 2.7
27: Beyond the Horizon Episode 31

1: WWFSFG Chapter 2.8
4: Tatsumi’s Birthday
5: All Saint’s Eve
6: All Saint’s Day
10: Beyond the Horizon Episode 32
14: Father’s Day
15: WWFSFG Chapter 3.1
24: Beyond the Horizon Episode 33 [End of Part 3]
29: WWFSFG Chapter 3.2

6: Finnish Independence Day
8: Beyond the Horizon Part 3 Webnovel Bonus 1
13: WWFSFG Chapter 3.3
22: Beyond the Horizon Part 3 Webnovel Bonus 2
24: Christmas Eve
25: Christmas Day
26: Boxing Day
27: WWFSFG Chapter 3.4
31: New Year’s Eve

Note that names and dates are objects to change. For instance, not all episodes have been properly numbered in Part 3 and there may be omake episodes I write later that don’t exist right now. And let’s not even speak about my health! Based on this schedule, BtH will take a break in November to return in January 2022, and WWFSFG will be off sometime in March 2022 and return May 2022. And these are the Patreon releases. Publicly they’re always 2 weeks behind.

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