Partial Hiatus Notice

Partial. Note the partial! I’m not disappearing again, no.

Okay. So it’s like this.

On Monday, I manage to badly injure my right foot and left knee. We were a bit suspicious it might be fractured. It doesn’t seem so now, a few days later, as I can, for a while every day, support my weight on it, it doesn’t look bruised, there’s no swelling, I can move my toes just fine and all that. I still need to spend most of my time in bed though. It’s not fully ruled out either, because last time I fractured a bone in my foot there was no swelling and just a teeny tiny bruise. It could be the same injury, just the other foot.

I’m keeping my eye on it, and if it doesn’t get better by Monday, I’ll give the doctor a call to have it checked and x-rayed. If it’s the same injury, they won’t do anything in the first place, so I’m just giving it some time.

My knee is mainly just really, really bruised.

However, remember I injured my hip? Twice? Well, that’s the left side. Hip subluxations take a lot of time to heal, and more so with my medical condition, so though it’s been a while since my hip subluxated the second time, it’s far from healed. Having to support my entire weight on that hip… Not so good. So in addition to having some issues with my hip, a severely painful knee and foot (at times, not always), and my usual pains, my hip just decided to join the pain party.

When I considered all this, taking into account that I will need time to heal three separate injuries and doing physiotherapy for at least two of them, and asking some people for their opinion on the matter, I decided to take a 2-month break.

This doesn’t apply for my reviews and regular blog content at all, but it does affect my fiction writing. For now the plan is for me to return to work on July 5th. This means that I won’t be posting anything right away. I’m not a wizard who can get edited chapters out of thin air.

Reviews will appear during these 2 months, though. I plan on primarily use it for gaming, so I should get some game reviews up.

I have some polls up on Twitter to choose my first batch of games to play. They’ll close tomorrow around noon (CEST/UTC+2), but I’ll put them at the end of this post for anyone who wants to get a last vote in. The winning games will be my first batch, then I’ll play the runner-ups. I’ll flip a coin if there’s a tie between 2 and make a new poll if there’s a tie between more than 2.

The plan is to cycle through all my consoles while getting games off my backlog. I’ve been binge reading recently, so I’ll also take the opportunity to get out of that. Reading is good and all, but it’s good to use your brain in different ways. And my eyes won’t be as strained by squinting at text all day. I still have non-game reviews planned, including some batches, so we’re all good. I’ll still read, of course, but I’ll just read less, and try to get some more reading platform checked out too.

Before all this, though, I will finish Collar x Malice, and then follow it up with Hana Awase Mizuchi-hen. Only after that will I start going through the consoles and the games one by one to finish the game in each batch.

If I need more time to heal, I’ll make sure to tell you all.

Also, July 5th is the day I celebrate the bloggoversary (but I don’t remember the exact date I go into it) and this year it’ll be my 15th bloggoversary. It’s been so long!

I also want to let you all know that my blog expenses are right around the corner, and if you can spare €3, please buy me a coffee on ko-fi. It’ll be a tremendous help, since my budget is tight.

That’s it for today. See you all in my next review!

Poll time! We got 12 of them!

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