Look Into My Eyes

Three out of four members of The Indent Girls wished to quit the idol group Mami is a member of. Following the announcement, Mami struggles with accepting it, but does her best to handle her own regrets and feelings, while looking back at where she came from.

First, I got a copy to review from Star Fruit Books, a small US based manga publisher, with interesting — and perhaps some unusual — titles. This is a 38-page one-shot by Yoko Miyako and is about the internal struggles of one member after the breakup of an idol group. This is mainly targeted to young women (josei), and the art is style is typical for the demographic.

With that introduction, let me just say that, as always, I keep my review honest. Just a small reminder for you.

While the story is short, I like how focused it is. I was disappointed it ended, because I would have liked to read more though! All I felt while I wrote my draft was “It was too short. I wanted more. It was so good.” and I struggled to put those feelings into words. Honestly, it’s still a little hard.

The thoughts Mami has are well depicted, and I could also feel and understand the reasons the members had for wanting to quit. In particularly Yui (I think it was) hit hard, and how she expressed how it was nothing but a weight and she couldn’t take it anymore was such an accurate feeling of depression I actually paused for a moment. Sometimes it’s just how life is.

Reading this was time well spent, although it was over just a little too soon. I might go read it again after this.

I think those who enjoy stories about reaching your dreams would enjoy this one. That sounds so vague, but I really tried to think of something I’ve read that compare, but I could only think of anime with idol groups trying to become popular, instead of a popular idol group breaking up! And I feel like the two are different. Regardless, if you want a short, but great, read.

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Head over to Star Fruit Books to buy this, and support the author and the publisher.

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