July (mostly) Writing Report #1

Those who follow me on Twitter, may have caught that I’m participating in World Anvil’s Summer Camp. If you caught that, you may even have caught my Summer Camp Pledge.

This post is part of that. Mostly. It also shows I’m still alive, I suppose, and actually getting back to work after my break!

I planned on getting this done yesterday but I was tired and not feeling great, while also freaking out completely over something. So here we go.

Aside from Summer Camp, I’m actually participating in Camp Nano as well, and I have plenty of writing related work to do. This also shows that I’m not just sitting on my hands doing nothing regarding writing, even though I won’t be posting any new chapters or episodes in my stories for a while still.

Projects of July

Most of these are work, so I’ve marked them with an asterisk (*) if they aren’t. Any work related stuff I begin on July 5th at earliest, as my break lasts until then. Though July 5th is my blogoversary celebration date, so let’s see how working turns out on that sort of day…

Regardless, what’s interesting is what I’m working on this month, isn’t it? It’s not just writing, but I’ll…

  • Edit my novella The Demon Realm for release during Camp Nano
  • Draw illustrations for The Demon Realm
  • Draw the cover for The Demon Realm
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 1 for book release, after reading through beta comments
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 3, which is what’s coming up after the bonus chapters of Part 2
  • Write Beyond the Horizon Bonus and Extra Chapters, most importantly for Part 2 and 3
  • Draw covers for Beyond the Horizon Parts 1-3, which I’ve honestly needed to do for a long time now
  • Finish the 6-book long Arc I of WWFSFG
  • Write WWFSFG Arc II Book I, which would be Book VII (7) in the series
  • Edit WWFSFG Arc I Book I, for its online release
  • Worldbuild Wheltem, the world of WWFSFG, with at least 10 prompt-based articles for Summer Camp *
  • Write my WWFSFG author fic My Soul is Where You Are, which is a modern non-fantasy AU *
  • Draw Patreon Bonuses for both Beyond the Horizon and WWFSFG
  • Draw commissions
  • Draw stuff for my shop on Ko-fi *
  • Share snippets of TDR, BtH, WWFSFG and MSWYA on Twitter almost every day
  • Post a WWFSFG VSS almost daily (I’ve scheduled these for my own convenience because… everything above) *

And somehow I plan on fitting in reviews somewhere in here. Excuse me for not posting one tomorrow because I’ve spent a lot of time preparing for July lately.

Status right now

So, to show progress, let me begin with where I’m starting. I hadn’t begun on any of the time sensitive things on yesterday morning (July 2nd), so in reality I should probably have written this first, then begun. Nonetheless, this is practically a before thing though.

The Demon Realm

I haven’t begin any editing on this since its last round and it’s been ages since I read this, so this will be… fun?

Alright, I began the cover quite some time ago, so it’s not something I’m starting from zero, but I haven’t continued on it yet. It’s pretty finished, really, though. I have some old illustrations, but I’ll start over, since they’re old.

Beyond the Horizon

I will begin reading through the beta comments of Part 1 come Monday or Tuesday, and have the not-so-useful ones removed. I’m genuinely nervous to the point of feeling physically ill about reading these and have been putting it off. I planned on getting through it from February to March, or during Camp Nano in April, but I got hurt and here we are.

As for Part 3, I will have to read through the story and begin with rearranging chapters because this part is heavy. Those who’ve read Part 1 and 2 might be able to guess what this will be about. It hasn’t been without clues.

I began drawing the cover for BtH part 1 quite some time ago, but I haven’t finished it. And now we’re about to begin Part 3! Big oopsie on my part. Lucky I had my temp cover, I guess?

When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God (WWFSFG)

This is what takes up most of what I’ll be doing. WWFSFG is so BIG.

I simultaneously wrap up Book VI and write Book VII. I’ve actually also begun on Book VIII, but I’ll refrain from working on that one for the time being. The worldbuilding will support this, since I worldbuild the area that Arc II mostly takes place in. I’ve written my first article today!

As for Book I, I have the on my ereader and am reading through that. I began during my break, but put it aside, and will start that up again this month and use my notes to edit, in addition to using my various addons that can help with grammar and sentence structure.

Okay, so this is a little weird, I admit that, but I work on my own “fan fic” for WWFSFG. That’s how much I love my own work, don’t judge me, okay? I’ve written about 30k so far, but I’m reading through the earlier chapter and changing the length of them to be more suitable for online publishing. This will only be available as an extra to WWFSFG though, so it’s a Patreon bonus/something I’ll put up in my Ko-fi shop later.


I have an idea for the Patreon bonuses, so I’ll just get them done first. The snippets are also pretty much a done deal because it’s something I’ll do while at it. It’s just that I have specific days I’ll do the work once on, and MSWYA will be once of twice a week whenever I want to.

I’m almost done with one comm, so I’ll finish that and then go on to the next one, no big deal. These might be streamed, though I’m still deciding on time for streaming.

There’s no hurry with the Ko-fi merch. It’s probably the things I’ll put aside the most and might just put off for next month. I’ve begun but have some amount left to do though.

I have over 1/3 of the VSSes written based on the #FlexVSS prompts for July. I write them a bit whenever they come to me and schedule them for their respective days. You’ll be able to find them all in my WWFSFG VSSes Moment on Twitter.

And that’s what we got. We’ll see what I’ve got done on Friday, I guess? Maybe I should begin crying.

Also, if anyone has random suggestions for (non-18+) art to make as bonus art, why not drop a comment? It could be fan art, AUs or themes. I have a few ideas, but others might be good. I mean, even if you don’t pay there will at least be previews, so… I’m just trying to push the creativity on others.

Also wish me energy and discipline and focus. Luck won’t get me through this, but those will. Maybe. okay, wish me some luck, too. I might need some circumstances fortunately lining up in my favour.

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