July (mostly) Writing Report #2

Well, guess who overexerted their hip? Yep. That would be this very person sitting here typing out a post two days late while in pain. It doesn’t burn like I’m hell, but it still hurts quite a lot to sit on my behind.

I still do it. I don’t know. I guess I’m just so used to pain I push through even though it’s nearly hell.

But let me get this quickly done and just report how far I’ve got.

Projects of July

Just as a reminder, here’s my list of what needs to be done. The asterisk (*) is non-work. It’s most writing or writing related.

  • Edit my novella The Demon Realm for release during Camp Nano
  • Draw illustrations for The Demon Realm
  • Draw the cover for The Demon Realm
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 1 for book release, after reading through beta comments
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 3, which is what’s coming up after the bonus chapters of Part 2
  • Write Beyond the Horizon Bonus and Extra Chapters, most importantly for Part 2 and 3
  • Draw covers for Beyond the Horizon Parts 1-3
  • Finish the 6-book long Arc I of WWFSFG
  • Write WWFSFG Arc II Book I, ie Book VII
  • Edit WWFSFG Arc I Book I
  • Worldbuild Wheltem, the world of WWFSFG, with at least 10 prompt-based articles for Summer Camp *
  • Write My Soul is Where You Are *
  • Draw Patreon Bonuses for both Beyond the Horizon and WWFSFG
  • Draw commissions
  • Draw stuff for my shop on Ko-fi *
  • Share snippets of TDR, BtH, WWFSFG and MSWYA on Twitter almost every day
  • Post a WWFSFG VSS almost daily (I’ve scheduled these for my own convenience because… everything above) *

And no reviews yet. Oops.

Status right now

The Demon Realm

I’ve edited 2 chapters. I’m many chapters behind. Eh… Oops? I have a thread where I should be sharing snippets daily until it’s done. Um… I’ll try to catch up?

Cover is at the same stage as before I started. No illustrations.

Beyond the Horizon

I’ve literally done nothing related to BtH. I need to catch up on TDR before that. I actually drew myself into quite a predicament.

When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God (WWFSFG)

I have two articles up now: The Healing House Ròsahn Kartahse, and the Demon Plague.

I’m working on making the theme more readable outside of work hours, so if you struggle to read the article right now… uh… try next week? I want to write my third article today though. I guess I have my after-work hours set for me. Not that I’ve actually worked today because of pain and thunder. I can only write this now because the thunder has passed.

I haven’t really written anything on Book VI or VII though. I do have something in mind for Book VII, but I need to get to that location first. Or maybe not, now that I think about it. When have I ever really written WWFSFG in chronological order? Well, guess i’ll be writing a few scenes I have in mind. But I struggle to decide how long a journey from A to B will be. It could take up half a book, the entire book… It’s a difficult balance.

Something I have in mind is making changes in books III-VI because of something in Book VII. This is why I like writing ahead — there might be something I want to change before it’s done.

In regards of Book I, I’ll get to it.

And I’ve progressed on MSWYA, the author fic of WWFSFG. I’ve divided the chapters and read through some amount of it, while also adding some later content. I have a snippet thread here. I only really work on it when I feel like between 7 pm and 8 pm. I either read or write.


The first Patreon bonus has been publicly released in low-res with watermark! It’s Answard, the main character in WWFSFG, dressed in the school uniform of Tomoki’s school.

It’s fine to reveal he’s a man on my blog by now? Just kidding. It shouldn’t be all that difficult to guess if you know WWFSFG is BL. Lol.

I decided to throw them into each other’s universes, so Tomoki will be… Something. He won’t be a witch, so I’ll figure it out. Uh, yeah, I still haven’t figured that one out. I got hurt before I could begin.

The reason I chose a school uniform for Answard is that he’s 18 at the point the story is of what I’ve published. So he would be in his third year. I didn’t expect he’d look so fricking good in one, though!

The background is a nod to who he is in his actual universe. I also didn’t want to draw him in nearly floor-length hair, so I cut it for him.

Embarrassingly enough I realised I forgot the scribbly blush that’s my signature thing in the style I drew it in?

I will put up the bonus on Patreon in full size in a few days, when I also will post it on Ko-fi for a few €. I will appreciate the support. The money currently goes to cover for costs of this blog. I’m sort of sinking a lot of money into it. I would like a laptop though, so I can write anywhere and not be stuck with either my phone or at my desk.

And a laptop would let me play Windows only VNs.

Streaming times have been decided, by the way. It will be 7 am to 8 am UTC. I might stream 5:30 am to 6:30 am some days though. If you prefer to convert from CEST, which is my time zone, it’s 9 to 10 and 7:30 to 8:30 respectively.

I have written 18 VSSes so far and I have 11 left, while 9 have been posted. There were two days when the prompt weren’t applicable to WWFSFG. So I have 1/3 posted, 1/3 scheduled and 1/3 left to write and schedule. You can find all my VSSes related to WWFSFG in my Moment on Twitter.

The comms are waiting for Tomoki to be drawn. I have very understanding commissioners. Ko-fi merch in general is waiting for its turn, but I have some stuff, aside from my handsome teen in a uniform to add, since I have some previously made art.

And that’s it for today. We’ll see if I catch up by Friday, I guess? And hope I do in fact updated then too. Haha…ha…

I updated my pinned Tweet yesterday, and it includes a list of some WIPs, so it might be worth checking it out.

I also still take suggestions for bonus art. AUs, themes, whatever. As long as it’s not 18+ anything goes.

Like last week I hope you wish me some energy, discipline and focus. I need it. I didn’t do too bad, but i still am tired. But I finally have my sleeping meds again, so maybe we can get these really dark bags under my eyes to go away now? It’s been a few rough weeks of barely any sleep, so yeah… Waking up earlier isn’t even the hard part for me, it’s that i still can’t sleep, you know? I’m actually a morning person.

Oh, and you can wish me to have circumstances turn favourable too. I mean, wish me luck.

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