July (mostly) Writing Report #3

I thought this was supposed to be a weekly thing, but here I am making a post every 8 days instead.

Projects of July

Again, dropping this as a reminder. The asterisk (*) is non-work.

  • Edit The Demon Realm
  • Draw illustrations for The Demon Realm
  • Draw the cover for The Demon Realm
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 1 for book release, after reading through beta comments
  • Edit Beyond the Horizon Part 3
  • Write Beyond the Horizon Bonus and Extra Chapters
  • Draw covers for Beyond the Horizon Parts 1-3
  • Finish Arc I of WWFSFG
  • Write WWFSFG Arc II Book I
  • Edit WWFSFG Arc I Book I
  • Worldbuild Wheltem, the world of WWFSFG, with at least 10 prompt-based articles for Summer Camp *
  • Write My Soul is Where You Are *
  • Draw Patreon Bonuses for both Beyond the Horizon and WWFSFG
  • Draw commissions
  • Draw stuff for my shop on Ko-fi *
  • Share snippets of TDR, BtH, WWFSFG and MSWYA on Twitter almost every day
  • Post a WWFSFG VSS almost daily (I’ve scheduled these for my own convenience because… everything above) *

And still no reviews. I’m clerly balancing this well.

Status right now

The Demon Realm

I’ve edited 5 chapters, meaning an increase in 3. I’m definitely not getting this done before the end of the month.

Cover is at the same stage as before I started. No illustrations.

Beyond the Horizon

I’ve worked on BtH the past few days, but it’s not on anything I should be working on. I’ve written a bit on Year 5 and 6, but not worked on Part 1 or 3.

When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God (WWFSFG)

I have three articles up now. No change in theme since last update.

I’ve written a little bit on VII. I wrote I had something in mind last time, but I can’t for my life remember what I was referring to… I didn’t write anything at the location of the arc though.

In regards of Book I, I’ll get to it in Year 2121.

And I’ve don’t think I got anywhere on MSWYA. *checks writing log* No, I didn’t.


I’m slowly making progress on the Tomoki bonus. I gave the colours some depth during today’s stream. Reminder that streaming times are 9-10 am CEST.

Check out my Moment on Twitter for the VSSes.

The rest is patiently waiting for me to finish.

And that’s about it. A very short update today, since it’s late in the day and I need sleep.

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