Batch #15: Webcomics

I promised another batch a while ago. This isn’t a BL batch, but rather a batch of some comics on BiliBili Comics, the international site for BiliBili, and is the first out of two. For these batches, I tried to pick titles to cover every genre they have listed. Since they seem to have some a tag system, though, I can’t guarantee that if one looks through all genres one by one, there will be at least one I’ve reviewed. I used the tags when I found something to check the genre off, out of convenience.

Worth noting is that BiliBili, instead of hunting down scanlations to have the removed and make the groups stop, contacting them about their translations, and I hear they compensated the groups for them (and pay those who continue while working for them). This is not the first time a publisher has picked up a fan translation, but it’s novel to see it at a larger scale, as with BiliBili Comics. Some of these may be a bit of varying quality, from the looks of it with some name variations. Another note is that they’re all free.

I’ve added BiliBili Comics to my Reading Platform Master Post, but I only have access to the site, so if anyone can fill me in the information I don’t have, that would be great!

My Young Lady is a NEET
Gu Yuan is hired to prepare Li Su for her marriage with Han Qingyang to connect the family businesses. But he is shocked to find out that the young lady lives in a pigsty and won’t even enter the sun. Now he has to transform this NEET to a prim and proper, but it seems like an impossible task.

At first this story is just comedy and missing a bit of the romance in romcom, but that comes later. I had no expectations and I’m glad, because it’s a pretty funny series. I enjoy they characters’ development as individuals too and that might be the main reason I like it. The comedy is just a great bonus, and the romance is pretty sweet too.

Read about this funny group here.

Dear Boy, You Dropped Your Integrity
Pei Zhoupei is seeking revenge on a demon, only he doesn’t remember anything of substance after waking up with amnesia a decade earlier. When the Court Master of the Ace Detective Court returns after being away for months, Pei Zhoupei tries his luck to be taken to they court to investigate his past. Who would have known the Court Master would agree so readily, and assign Yao Sheng to look after him and to whom he had to prove his worth?

This is uh… special. It’s so ridiculous at times that I don’t even know how to react. It’s, um, how do I say it? Special kind of roller coaster, because it also has serious sections and then some romance mixed in. Not to mention some dubcon and possible rape?? It’s very “wow, someone made this?” I admit I had done laughs but eventually I just got tired of it and moved on.

If you’re able to stomach it, read it here.

Married to a Stupid Eunuch
Eunuch Li Youde agreed to a marriage with Chen Huiniang while drunk, but the woman given to him trying to commit suicide. Chen Hui takes her place after dying, and to ensure she has a comfortable life, she has to be clever to avoid to offend the other lady of the Li residence and to minimise the torment Eunuch Li is willing to put her through when he’s not at the Palace to serve the Emperor.

I didn’t have all that many expectations, but it felt like this is very similar to what I’ve been reading a lot recently, but without the BL. It’s not the greatest story out there, but it’s also far from bad. But I feel like the main couple could use their wit just a wee bit more.

Read about this dumb couple here.

Villain Initialization
Ling Chen‘s only goal in life is to kill Ye Zimu. That’s it. But it’s not the easiest thing, because Ye Zimu is in fact a hero with superpowers. Then, one day, Ling Chen is reborn to his 17-year-old self, before it all began. He’s still determined to kill Ye Zimu, but now that his life hasn’t lost all meaning… does he really need to?

This one is a mix of superpowers, dark, school-life, comedy and… friendship? Ling Chen himself has tremendous character development, and it’s an extremely character driven story. At first, his goal seems like it’s just this very superficial goal and Ling Chen is evil because evil, but he definitely is not that simple. I really enjoy this one, and the humour, both the light-hearted and the dark kind, suits my taste. Out of this batch, I think it’s my favourite.

If you don’t mind some dark humour mixed with a story about life and friendship, read this here.

The Black Umbrella got stolen from the Imperial Palace and it results in massacres wherever the umbrella is brought. Upon finding this out, Cheng Shan and Ming Cai decide to get it from the thief to ensure it never gets in the wrong hands again. On the way, they meet Kang Ling and Ah Jing, who, too, look for the umbrella to return it to the Emperor. Together, they follow the clues to find the thief, each with their own motives.

Uh. Right. This sounded cooler than it actually was. I found it slow and rather boring. The art was great so I kept reading, but I just ended up yawning a lot.

If you want to read this has-potential-but-not-my-cup-of-tea fantasy mystery story, it’s here.

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