Batch #16: Webcomics

This is the second of two BiliBili Comics focused batches, meaning it’s the continuation from last week. With this batch, I’ve covered all the genres they’ve listed. You can read some basic stuff about BiliBili Comics in my Reading Platforms Master Post.

If you’re interested in a similar batch, let me know what platform(s), and I’ll dig into it very happily. Free options are easier, but not necessary, though, more importantly, I prefer something not yet listed on the apps in the Master Post, so I can expand it.

The Martial Emperor’s Life After Seclusion
Ling Ge comes from a different world, and though he never had a master, his martial arts abilities quickly grew and became amazing. However, he went into seclusion 10 years ago after defeating invaders of Eastern China. Now he’s been lured out by a girl who wanted to join a sect, and, to protect her, he joined as well, pretending not to be as strong as he truly is. But before long, it seems trouble is knocking on his door, and by dealing with that, he ended up inviting more.

I have to admit I had no positive expectations on this because it’s a harem manhua, but I was not only pretty pleasantly surprised — I enjoy that he’s canonically a feminine-looking guy. It annoys me that the girls have determined that he’s a pervert, even though he’s far from bad in any way, and I swear, those girls are far more perverted than he is. Far from a favourite series, but I like it.

Read here for misogynists getting punched by a guy who doesn’t want to be hit on by men who think he’s a girl. *coughs* I mean, for a pretty interesting story despite the harem (so far).

Scream Queen
A fellow university student was supposed to die in a car accident some time ago, but she didn’t. When she’s cursed by a ghost, she transfers it onto Miss Popular, Zhu Yang, and it gives her seven more days to live. But she won’t take it lying down. As the ghost torments her, she retaliates it by tormenting the ghost in return. She survives, killing the ghost and finds out that the student who transferred the curse died, and a game has been transferred to Zhu Yang. What will happen when if she accepts?

This is a great manhua, which mixes comedy and horror, as well as human psychology. It makes me want to read the original webnovel, but not because I feel like there’s any missing plot, which tends to be the case with these webcomic adaptations.

Read about this ruthless lady and a ghost game here.

Xian Chan Nu
The young lady of the Liu family, Liu Shiqing, isn’t like other young ladies. Having grown up with her father leading armed escorts, she’s not able to stay cooped inside all day, no matter how much her father tells her. One day she sneaks into the men escorting a certain thing and nearly gets kidnapped. However, a handsome young master in white kills the bandit with a single attack, and then leaves. This leaves an impression on Liu Shiqing and she wants to find her saviour. Little does she know she’s about to end up amid mystery and forces one should not play around with.

Just want to point this is GL, so no one gets an unpleasant surprise if you’re uncomfortable with that. I don’t read as much GL as I would like, perhaps because I seldom find a story that I like. Anyway, this is a pretty interesting story involving demons, past loves, present love, vengeance and one handsome lady which I can’t stop looking it, ngl.

If you want to read this, you’ll find it here.

Offering My Neck to You
It’s been over a decade since the vampire Fang Yanchen adopted the little half-werewolf Fang Luoan, who got shunned by his pack after having lost both of his parents. Now Fang Luoan’s powers as a werewolf are awakening, making his emotions unstable and his strength difficult to control. What’s more, he and his brother become the centre of problems among both vampires and werewolves.

This is a really amazing BL story. It’s more story-heavy than romance heavy, and the brotherly bond changing is not a sudden turn (yet??). The action is good, and the art makes it really worth reading it too. It’s pretty violent with lots of blood, so if you’re not into gore, this might not be your thing.

Little brother and big brother but not related kind of romance that’s nearly non-existent so far can be read here.

Straight Girl Trap
Zhan Ying‘s boss, Zhou Yuanyao, is strangely kind to her. It makes her wonder if her boss is gay and hitting on her, but her friend and coworker, Wang Lele, tells her their boss is just trying to get to know her better. Turns out what Zhou Yuanyao was after was Zhan Ying’s knowledge about cats. They bond over cats, but will it lead to more than friendship?

Ah, an office romance. Maybe because I’m already in my 30s, I appreciate these more than the high school romances I used to come across and want to rip to shreds. It brings a smile to my face.

This is a very cute series with cats, lesbians, and bis (I assume?), and you can read it here.

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