Release Schedule

Alright, it’s time to give you a new release schedule. I’m getting therapy for my injuries, but am feeling better and ready to take this on again!

While Beyond the Horizon isn’t ready yet by any means, When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God will begin updating again. Just as before, it will release on Mondays, but I’m shifting weeks from even to odd. I will take a short break after each chapter, so around every 9-10 parts. We have 5 parts left of Chapter One: The Elemental Mage, so it won’t be right away!



Chapter One: The Elemental Mage
October 11: Chapter One Part 6
October 25: Chapter One Part 7
November 8: Chapter One Part 8
November 22: Chapter One Part 9 (final)

December 20: Bonus


Chapter Two: Ashyll
January 3: Chapter Two Part 1
January 17: Holiday
January 31: Chapter Two Part 2
February 14: Holiday
February 28: Chapter Two Part 3
March 14: Bonus
March 28: Chapter Two Part 4
April 11: Chapter Two Part 5
April 25: Chapter Two Part 6
May 9: Chapter Two Part 7
May 23: Chapter Two Part 8

Chapter Three: The North
July 4: Chapter Three Part 1
July 18: Chapter Three Part 2
August 1: Chapter Three Part 3
August 15: Holiday
August 29: Chapter Three Part 4
September 12: Chapter Three Part 5
September 26: Bonus
October 10: Chapter Three Part 6
October 24: Chapter Three Part 7
November 7: Chapter Three Part 8
November 21: Chapter Three Part 9
December 5: Chapter Three Part 10
December 19: Chapter Three Part 11

Note that this is a tentative schedule and may be subject to any sudden changes. There may also be a change in how many parts a chapter is. This should give you a rough idea of what’s coming up. The parts will come up later on Wattpad and I might post on a by chapter basis on World Anvil after Chapter One is up. I’ll give you an update when it’s time for the new WWFSFG parts to go public. It was originally 2 weeks later, but I’m changing this. I just haven’t decided how many parts in advance Patreon should be.

Remember to check out Content Warning on the page for WWFSFG on this blog if you’re have something you’re uncomfortable with or something may trigger you and you want to avoid that content. To the rest of you: reader discretion advised.

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