2022 Schedule

Happy New Year! My Annyversary post will be out in a few days, don’t worry.

Today I’m sharing my tentative schedule for this year though!

This year I’ve added holidays, days off, and more character birthdays. I also added when schools are on break, because during those periods of time I will without doubt be busier. I also chose to colour code the days off to make it a little easier to figure out.

I didn’t add WWFSFG or BtH this time for one reason: I don’t actually have a schedule for either at the moment. I did add worldbuilding posts. It’s far from certain, but for now I decided to post those last holiday-free Wednesday of the month.

I will update this schedule as needed over the course of the year. especially since I had a terrible 2021. That way we all are updated.

Edit 2/6: I’ve removed all posts from the schedule because of my decision to post whenever suits me to lessen pressure and adapt to my current life. I’ve leaving characters birthdays and all days off, because I’ll still take days off and I still work, after all.

With that said, here’s the colour key:
White: Noteworthy, such as character birthdays
Red: Holiday on a Workday
Lavender: Holiday on a Weekend
Green: All other days off for any reason

Regular Schedule

Monday: Work
Tuesday: Work
Wednesday: Chill
Thursday: Work
Friday: Work
Saturday: Blog
Sunday: Blog


1-9: Winter Break

1: New Year’s Day
1: Hanakawa Fuyuki
13: Tanaka Rui
18: Day Off

20: Day Off


3: Bonus Chill Day
5: Holiday
5: Seki Sawa
11: Holiday
14: Valentine’s Day
15: Day Off
17: Holiday
21: Day Off
23: Hanaka Haruka


7-13: Spring Break

1: Seki Chiyo, Furukawa Airi
2: Day Off
6: Holiday
7: Day Off
14: Holiday
14: White Day
15: Overlapping Holidays


15-22: Easter Break

3: Momoi Tomoki
10: Palm Sunday
10: Hanakawa Sakura
14: Maundy Thursday
15: Good Friday
16: Holy Saturday
16: Momoi Shouji
17: Easter Sunday
25: Sakuraba Makoto
30: Walpurgis Night


1: Holiday
8: Mother’s Day
26: Ascension Day
29: Mother’s Day


13-30: Summer Break

4: Holiday
5: Pentecost
6: National Holiday of Sweden
6: Whit Monday
7: Overlapping Holidays
21: Summer Solstice

22: Seki Ichirou
24: Midsummer Eve
25: Midsummer Day


1-31: Summer Break

18: Seki Chika


1-31: Summer Break

5: Hanakawa Natsuhiko
9: Birthday


11: Holiday
11: Election Day
12: Overlapping Days Off
14: Yamada Kenta
19: Sakuraba Yuusuke


31: Autumn Break

3: Holiday
6: Hanakawa Akira
14: Fujita Kouta
19: Fujiki Arata
21: Holiday
25: Satomi Mikoto


1-6: Autumn Break

1: All Saints’ Day
2: All Souls’ Day
4: Suzuki Tatsumi
5: All Saint’s Day (Sweden/Finland)
13: Father’s Day


23-31: Winter Break

6: Independence Day of Finland
24: Christmas Eve
25: Christmas Day
26: Boxing Day
31: New Year’s Eve

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