And here comes 2022!

Happy New Year!


2021 was wild. I thought the 365 months of 2020 was something, but how did I manage to get 5 major and a severely sore throat which may have caused lasting damage all in one year? I spent more or less 6 months recovering! SIX! MONTHS!

So, let’s just recap the year a bit.

What exactly happened in 2021?!

I’m not kidding. I spent most of my time in fiction so I think I lost my sense of what happened in the rest of the world outside of my apartment. But what did happen was:

  • Season 2 of Madou Soshi was released
  • I had two subluxations (January & March)
  • I injured my knee (May)
  • Otome game releases (I got Bustafellows… but still need to get a Switch)
  • Wrist pain (August-September)
  • Seven Seas announced that they were going to release Mo Xiang Tong Xiu’s novels in English and released the first volumes of Scum-Villain’s Self-Saving System, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation and Heaven Official’s Blessing
  • My author friend Dan Fitzgerald released his book The Living Waters
  • I got a throat infection and a severe cough (October)
  • I fractured my rib (November)
  • Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat shared in a reply on Twitter that the English publication of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun is being discussed and that Meatbun will make an announcement when all terms are finalised
  • I got my hands on books 1 and 2 of 海棠微雨共归途 (Haitang Weiyu Gong Guitu; the simplified Chinese publication of The Husky and His White Cat Shizun)
  • And I actually took breaks when my body needed it

Things I will make happen this year are truly just one thing: Giveaway!

This is planned for March-April. I’ve announced two titles I will throw into the giveaway: The Living Waters, and Young King Arthur. A review of TLW will come out soon! I also plan on announcing at least one or two more books. All books will be physical copies, and I hope to make it an international giveaway, so I have to keep the costs (books and shipping) within a somewhat small budget.

I do hope to do the following though:

  • Increase the frequency of reviews because I have A LOT to share
  • Review all the MXTX media I can get my hands on, from English publication of the novels to the donghua and manhua. This is actually the primary reason I want to increase the frequency, because a rough calculation is that i have 20 reviews to write that are just MXTX.
  • Review at least ONE otome game, because PLEASE when was the last time?! I have CxM, Sweet Fuse and several OS X/MacOS compatible games to review, so I’m not exactly low on material.
  • Review some non-BL lit/manga/manhua, because GOSH have I fallen into some abyss of BL or something?!
  • Share posts related to creative writing — in particular posts with worldbuilding in my The Universe series and When the World Falls, I’ll be Safe from the Wrath of God. I’m thinking one of these posts a month, so it won’t take over. I might list all creative writing releases of the month in the same post, just to minimise spamming too.

That’s about it. No fancy promises, no fancy stats. That’s it.

Oh, well, I have one promise: I’ll get a variety of pages updated. Lol. These include the Q&A, Master List, guide list, any novel/series pages, and the collection of art. I also plan on adding more pages for my novels/project. That’s also make it more clear if someone is pretending to be me (for whatever reason they’d like to be this weirdo).

Also, as this is the first post I write that extremely indirectly relates to a certain thing that still circulates among nosy fans who have nothing better to do than gossip about things like nosy and unquestionably immoral aunts, uncles and whoever else falls in the same category of gossiping people but doesn’t identify as either: I will remove any comments discussing voice actors’ personal lives unless actually directly relevant to the post in question (which… is very unlikely?). I won’t comment on the personal life of these people, because it’s none of my business, and it’s not yours either. Those who know what this is about, knows. Those who don’t needn’t know. Just know that this is not the place to gossip, and I’m not the person to gossip with, and if you have a problem with me supporting media with a VA you have issues with that’s honestly just your problem, not mine.

If you want to support me through 2022, there are several ways to do it:

  • The Anny Blog Patreon: this has received an overhaul in what i offer (which is… nothing). I just can’t find energy to commit to more than writing posts here. I hope any future patrons are understanding. I guess what you do receive is the good feeling of knowing that the blog can continue to run for at least another year and the URL stays the same with no ads.
  • Creative Writing Patreon: Here you can opt to support me in several different ways and it all comes with some benefit, ranging from early releases to receiving books and hi-res art.
  • Ko-fi and my shop: if you’re not inclined to monthly support, you can at any given time drop me a tip on my Ko-fi or buy things from my Ko-fi Shop.
  • Affiliate links: You’ll find these in a lot of my posts. But if you’re looking for something specific, you can either ask me to give you the affiliate link on Book Depository, MangaGamer (does not include steam), CDJapan or PlayAsia. But you can also check out this list with my personal recommendations, which all have affiliate links. I update it as I get around to it.
  • Comment on posts you enjoy or share your thoughts on things you’ve read, watched, listened to, or gamed as well. I always enjoy discussing things.
  • Follow me on social media and/or like/share my posts. I’ve made a complete list with every platform I’m on with all active accounts (including private ones), my personal recommended minimum age for a follower and disclaimers about what to expect on certain accounts. I suggest reading the disclaimers, especially if you’re a minor, as I suggest any minors ask their parents before giving me a follow.

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