Batch #17: BL Webcomics

I know I’ve said the nest post was supposed to be The Living Waters, but I’ve been unwell and tired these past months, and haven’t had the energy to finish the review. It’s felt like a heavy weight on my shoulders, even, which doesn’t help when I need a nap every few hours to get by. So I wanted to do something easy, hence a batch post! The theme is BL webcomics that are adaptations of Chinese novels I’ve read. Or, you know, BL webcomics. AGAIN.

On a different note, I had a poll on Twitter about tags a while ago. I asked if I should add genre and/or age tags. Genre tags seemed to be a given, but age tags I was a bit hmm on. Since I’ve already had so many posts and I work on this site entirely on my own, I can’t do any major addition or changes like this in the tagging system after this, so I’ve decided to only add genre tags. Demographics and the like won’t be a tag. I apologise to anyone who anted them, but as usual, I’ll be writing its content is unsuitable for a younger audience.

Fake Slackers
The two school tyrants of the east and west building — whose exams score place first and second from the bottom, coincidentally meet for the first time in a street fight during summer break. When the second year begins, the students of class 2-3 are terrified out of their minds, because the violent tyrants are in the same class. Not only that… their seats end up being next to each other! They are surely going to fight! But appearances are not always as they seem…

I love the novel this has been adapted from. I’ve read Fake Slackers 3 or 4 times in a year, I think. So, you know, I really love this one. It’s currently on hiatus, which isn’t a problem for me because I’ve already read the story so much I know it pretty much by heart. But I could see how it would be frustrating to others, especially since it’s pretty much at the very beginning of the story. I think the art is really good and the way how the people in the app get chibi characters is so nice. The translation seems slightly iffy, though, with some variations in screen names and so on.

You can read Fake Slackers on BiliBili, and I’ll try to get a review of the novel up sooner or later.

Those Years in Quest of Honor Mine
Word is that Zhong Wan was the love of Prince Yu’s son, Yu She. These rumours stem from no one other than Zhong Wan himself, so when he has to return to the capital for the Emperor’s Longevity Festival, he’s feeling dread of meeting the man of whom he took advantage of. What will happen to him now?

Another novel I love, and another adaptation I think makes it justice. This one has absolutely gorgeous art, in my opinion. Yu She and Zhong Wan are just so… good-looking. Man, I just want to start from the beginning just to look at them more. But I think the story is really well adapted, and this one is reaching the story climax and is regularly updated weekly, so if one doesn’t want to wait too much, this is the choice. It’s also a really wonderful mixture of historical, comedy and court intrigue. Genuinely one of my recommendations, both as a novel and as an adaptation.

You can read TYQHM on BiliBili as well.

This Villain Emperor’s Gotta Charm the Male Lead to Survive
Xiao Yu’an got terminally ill and at the end of his life he chose to read webnovels. Before he passed away, he commented on one and when he woke up… he was the villain of the story he just finished?! To avoid certain death, he tries to treat Yan Heqing well, while saving many people… But it appears that the universe itself might be against him…

Also known as How to Survive as a Villain (which is so much shorter!), I actually reviewed this specific webcomic a year ago, but the story finished now with only the extras left, so consider this an update.

At the time, it was the best of the ones in that batch, but this time it’s the worst one. After a while the story got repetitive and while I don’t mind a clueless character, the lack of communication as well as the story repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again between the two… I’m not surprised I’ve been reading the novel since sometimes in the middle of the year, last year. What I can say now, that I didn’t know then, is that this is considerably less dark than the original and there are some significant differences. I kinda miss the parents trying to hook Xiao Yu’an with someone, failing and it’s kind of like “is he asexual???”, which makes me laugh even now. We don’t get to know much about Xiao Yu’an life before he reincarnated in the adaptation. I wouldn’t recommend this one, unless you want to see the “villain” and ML do the same things over and over and over and over for over a hundred episodes. Pick up something better like The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System and since I love to hate Scum Villain, please do think about what that means Villain Emperor.

This is still on Tapas.

Can I comment on how funny the coincidence is that not only is this the last one in both batches, the cover art even ended up on the same side. That was not planned at all.

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