This is a little late, but it’s that time of the year again, when you need to consider what’ll go on during the next year. I’m clearly infinitely on the universe’s bad side, so things keep going very, very bad. I ended 2022 with tonsillitis! I also fractured my toe during the first half the year and that was after I fractured the rib at the end of 2021. I’m doing really well!


But it doesn’t change that I’m pretty stubborn. I’m giving a new approach a go, and that’s setting a goal on how much time to spend on different tasks. This is much more flexible than previously, and after two years of just… things going to hell, I think it’s better to increase flexibility a bit.

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I follow Christian holidays because of where I live. I do take some liberties though, public holidays differ a bit depending on whether they are observed or not, and I do follow more than just Swedish public holidays

With that said, here’s the colour key:
White: Noteworthy, such as character birthdays, general events, etc.
Red: Public holidays, de facto public holidays, or similar ones
Lavender: Other special dates I keep in mind
Green: All other days off for any other reason


1-6: Winter Break

1: New Year’s Day
1: Hanakawa Fuyuki
2: Day Off
3: Day Off
4: Day Off
5: Twelth Night
6: Epiphany
13: Holiday
13: Tanaka Rui
17: Holiday
22: Lunar New Year


5: Holiday
5: Seki Sawa
11: Holiday
14: Valentine’s Day
17: Holiday
23: Hanakawa Haruka


6-12: Spring Break

1: Seki Chiyo, Furukawa Airi
6: Holiday
6: Holiday
7: Overlapping Dates
8: Holiday
14: Holiday

14: White Day
15: Overlapping Dates
21: March Equinox


1-30: Camp Nano
7-14: Easter Holidays

2: Palm Sunday
3: Momoi Tomoki
6: Maundy Thursday
7: Good Friday

7: Holiday
8: Holy Saturday
9: Easter Sunday
10: Easter Monday
10: Hanakawa Sakura
11: Overlapping Holidays
11: Hanae Hiroshi
16: Momoi Shouji
25: Holiday
25: Sakuraba Makoto
30: Walpurgis Night


1: Labour day
14: Mother’s Day
18: Ascension Day
19: Day Off
26: Holiday
27: Pentecost
28: Whit Sunday
28: Mother’s Day
29: Overlapping Dates


14-30: Summer Break

5: Day Off
6: National Day of Sweden
21: June Solstice
22: Seki Ichirou
23: Midsummer Eve
24: Midsummer Day

30: Holiday


1-31: Summer Break, Camp Nano, World Anvil Summer Camp

18: Seki Chika


1-21: Summer Break

5: Hanakawa Natsuhiko
9: Birthday
22: Qixi Festival


6: Holiday
11: Holiday
14: Yamada Kenta
19: Sakuraba Yuusuke
23: September Equinox


30: Autumn Break

3: Holiday
6: Hanakawa Akira
14: Fujita Kouta
19: Fujiki Arata
21: Holiday
25: Satomi Mikoto
31: All Hallow’s Eve


1-5: Autumn Break
1-30: NaNoWriMo

1: All Saints’ Day
2: All Souls’ Day
2: Prince U’il
3: All Saints’ Eve
4: All Saints’ Day
4: Suzuki Tatsumi
12: Father’s Day


22-31: Winter Break

3: First Advent Sunday
6: Independence Day of Finland
10: Second Advent Sunday
13: Saint Lucia’s Day
17: Third Advent Sunday
22: December Solstice
24: Christmas Eve
24: Fourth Advent Sunday
25: Christmas Day
26: 2nd Day of Christimas
27: Overlapping Dates
31: New Year’s Eve

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