Batch #7

This batch is… a comic batch post! It’s actually a batch of first impressions of comics. I don’t do a lot of first impression posts, but I thought I’d share at least a few first impressions. I’ll try to make more comic/novel posts in the future. And I hope to get in at least one game post before the year ends.

Honkai Impact 3rd
14 years has appeared since the last herrscher appeared, but now one has appeared in Nagazora. It’ll be the start of the third Honkai War.
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Ao Haru Ride

40813lFutaba Yoshioka really dislikes boys. Except for Kou Tanaka. But after inviting Futaba to a date during summer vacation, Kou doesn’t come to it and when school starts again, Futaba learns that Kou has transferred during the summer.

Three years later Futaba is a first year in high school and for some reason she always reacts to the name of her teacher Tanaka, who’s somehow similar to the first love of hers. And one day she bumps into a guy he kind of looks like Kou, but has a different surname. Confused she follows him as they live in the same direction and it turns out it’s the Kou she once loved. But the Kou now and the Kou then are different… Continue reading


144347lExa is the Hero of humans in a world where demons and humans co-exist, but war against each other. Sheila is the Demon Queen and her goal is to kill the Hero and exterminate humans so that demons can live in peace. One day she gets her chance to kill the Hero, but as she seems to be attacked by a dragon, the Hero saves her and Sheila changes tactics to pretending to being weak and having fallen in love with the human. She then starts following the Hero on his journey to defeat the Demon Lord without killing demons, hoping to get an opportunity to kill the Hero before he kills her. Continue reading

Hana to Akuma

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32636lVivi is a demon duke and was bored with the Demon World and so he moved to Earth, taking his butler Toni and his holiday house with him. A year later he found a human girl at his doorstep and named her Hana. Now Hana is 14 and demons are desperately trying to get Vivi to return, involving the young human girl into their schemes. And while this is happening Vivi and Hana are slowly realizing they don’t just love each other as family, but demons and humans shouldn’t be together.

As good as the premise sounds to me, this was a pretty boring read. The ending was bitter-sweet as Hana dies and Vivi stays on earth with their two half-human/half-demon children and I loved that part. The jokes were also pretty good. But, everything else was average and at times pacing was bad. All in all I liked it for the jokes and the bitter-sweet romance, but this is not something I would recommend to anyone.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

102691lKousei Arima (CV: Natsuki Hanae) used to play the piano, but after his mother died he lost the ability to hear himself play and he stopped. One day he is asked to go as Friend A with his friends Tsubaki Sawabe (CV: Ayane Sakura) and Ryouta Watari (CV: Ryouta Oosaka) and the fellow classmate of Tsubaki and young violinist Kaori Miyazono (CV: Risa Taneda). The young violinist start to violently and forcefully changing Kousei’s life after their meeting, and little by little Kousei is forced to deal with all his past demons and the ghost of his mother.

67177lThis is a story by Naoshi Arakawa that really wants to tell you something and the original comic is well made although I saw a few issues in the art once in a while. The pacing was messed up in the anime as they too religiously followed the original work, but it doesn’t change the beauty of this work. The story ends in my favourite way – bittersweet – and the general theme here is classical music. A question it rises for a fellow classical musician, as myself, is “Should you play as you wish, or follow the score to every point?” Another question that would go for everyone is “Are you ever ready to give up?” Continue reading

Kimi no Kachi

17725lKimi no Kachi is a collection of romance short stories with a school theme.

You Win (Kimi no Kachi)
Ayu doesn’t like Kataoka. Early in the school year she accidentally got coffee from the vending machine and tried to give it to him. He didn’t want it and then he got another coffee for himself. That left Ayu with the impression that he’s mean. But when the seats change in class, she starts changing her mind. Continue reading

Lore no Mori -forest of lore-

27291lDo you know about “lore”?
A lore is an urban legend. These stories are spread by spoken word, so no one knows which ones are real and which ones are fake.
The stories you know.
The stories you don’t know.
Can you tell…
if they are fact or fiction?

There is a site, Lore no Mori, that collects urban legends. But the site can only be accessed if you’re invited and the URL supposedly is changed all the time. However, the ones that has accessed the site is said to be struck by misfortune…

Forest of Lore (Lore no Mori)
Eiko has accessed to the Forest of Lore site and is looking into a ghost story that could be from her school. She gets her friend Hiiko involved and eventually Shiomi Nakura, a classmate of theirs, too get involved. Eiko shows him the website since he too has access to the site, and he tells her it’s a fake. Where did the site come from from…?

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Ouji to Hero

66057Hana Katsuhira has to move from the countryside to Tokyo because of her father’s work and she end up going to a really fancy school where the students even have their own chauffeurs. She sees Yuuki Ouji, whom she falls in love at first sight. At first she’s treated like air by everyone but one day Yuuki and his friend Hiro Takara, are nice to her and she gets bullied. Despite that she stays strong and an indecisive love blooms within her, leading her right into a love drama involving a sickly fiancée.

This was kind of bittersweet to read which ended up being sour at the end. As it’s a short comic, it doesn’t take long to read, however it went from cute love story to drama to everyone lived happily ever after. The turn from drama to happily ever after ending really was sudden, from a chapter to another, really.

Not a suggested read. In fact, keep away from it, unless you want to read shoujo in a really cute style but with badly planned plot.

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Untitled-1Nana is in an accident and her 24-year-old self is moved to her 14-year-old self. While in the past she tries to change herself and the same time she is discovering things she had completely forgotten, both about herself and about the people around her.

This is a story about self-discovery. When Nana “travels” to the past she remembers the love she lost and the emotions and memories she shut off to protect her young self. At the end when all her memories are back, she can go on and it changes her apathetic personality to a brighter, more forward-looking characters, It’s a great development of character made in just a single volume.

There was some pacing issue in the story, if you ask me, but both the story and art by Chiaki Hijiri are good, so if you like a deeper, more grown up romance and self-discovery story, this is definitely for you.

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