Lore no Mori -forest of lore-

27291lDo you know about “lore”?
A lore is an urban legend. These stories are spread by spoken word, so no one knows which ones are real and which ones are fake.
The stories you know.
The stories you don’t know.
Can you tell…
if they are fact or fiction?

There is a site, Lore no Mori, that collects urban legends. But the site can only be accessed if you’re invited and the URL supposedly is changed all the time. However, the ones that has accessed the site is said to be struck by misfortune…

Forest of Lore (Lore no Mori)
Eiko has accessed to the Forest of Lore site and is looking into a ghost story that could be from her school. She gets her friend Hiiko involved and eventually Shiomi Nakura, a classmate of theirs, too get involved. Eiko shows him the website since he too has access to the site, and he tells her it’s a fake. Where did the site come from from…?

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Ouji to Hero

66057Hana Katsuhira has to move from the countryside to Tokyo because of her father’s work and she end up going to a really fancy school where the students even have their own chauffeurs. She sees Yuuki Ouji, whom she falls in love at first sight. At first she’s treated like air by everyone but one day Yuuki and his friend Hiro Takara, are nice to her and she gets bullied. Despite that she stays strong and an indecisive love blooms within her, leading her right into a love drama involving a sickly fiancée.

This was kind of bittersweet to read which ended up being sour at the end. As it’s a short comic, it doesn’t take long to read, however it went from cute love story to drama to everyone lived happily ever after. The turn from drama to happily ever after ending really was sudden, from a chapter to another, really.

Not a suggested read. In fact, keep away from it, unless you want to read shoujo in a really cute style but with badly planned plot.

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Untitled-1Nana is in an accident and her 24-year-old self is moved to her 14-year-old self. While in the past she tries to change herself and the same time she is discovering things she had completely forgotten, both about herself and about the people around her.

This is a story about self-discovery. When Nana “travels” to the past she remembers the love she lost and the emotions and memories she shut off to protect her young self. At the end when all her memories are back, she can go on and it changes her apathetic personality to a brighter, more forward-looking characters, It’s a great development of character made in just a single volume.

There was some pacing issue in the story, if you ask me, but both the story and art by Chiaki Hijiri are good, so if you like a deeper, more grown up romance and self-discovery story, this is definitely for you.

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Hotarubi no Mori e

6325lHotarubi no Mori is a collection of four short stories by Yuki Midorikawa. The theme through the volume is love and each of the stories represent a season. The title story – Hotarubi no Mori e, has been made into an animated film by the same crew that made Natsume Yuujinchou.

Overhearing a Flower Song
Shima has noticed music comes from the old building, and she’s curious about it because she likes it. One day she hears a boy, Fujimura, hum the melody and she start taking notice of him, until she one day takes a look and sees him teaching another girl guitar, and eventually she starts learning the guitar too. Continue reading

Ribbon no Kishi

130941lThere once was a king called Plastic
Whose smarts were less than fantastic
Dawn ’til dusk he was sleeping
Sucking candy and eating
When he wasn’t cranky or sarcastic

God gives children about to be born either a boy’s heart or a girl’s heart, but one of his cherubs messed around and the future ruler of Silverland got two hearts – both a girl and a boy. Because she’s a princess she has to pretend to be a prince and the cherub’s at the same time trying to get her boy’s heart out of her.

But the truth about prince Sapphire‘s sex comes out on her coronation and she and her mother are imprisoned and Plastic, who is next in line for the crown, takes over as king. The boy, however isn’t a good king and Sapphire needs to get her thrown back, all while the cherubs is still trying to receive the boy’s heart out of Sapphire, she herself has to flee from the people who want her gone, and she is in love with a prince of a foreign land who doesn’t know her real identity. Continue reading


56997lTokyo suffered a nuclear explosion on December 6th 1982. A new Tokyo – Neo-Tokyo – has since been built and the year is now 2019. But Neo-Tokyo is a city filled with gangs and anti-government terrorism. When one of the gangs, led by Shoutarou Kaneda, rides through the ruins of the old Tokyo, the member Tetsuo Shima is in an accident. Tetsuo’s power now awakens from its slumber and is asked to joined the Akira project. Shoutarou, too, is dragged into this, but in the middle of a battle between military and a rebel group which both try to do what is the best for the world. But Tetsuo interferes in a way that could mean the end of the world at worst. Continue reading

Angelic Layer

111953lMisaki Suzuhara ha just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. As she’s lost, she sees a commercial on a screen. It’s a match between two angels in the game Angelic Layer. Drawn to the game, Misaki meets a weird man calling himself Icchan who helps her get her own angel, Hikaru, and make her clothes. After a couple of hours of practise with the angel, Misaki then is asked to join the national competition. Following the suggestion, Misaki joins the competition showing off great potential. Continue reading


vlcsnap-000014Class 3-C at Yomiyama North Middle School is a very special class, because it’s isolated. It’s isolated from the rest because it’s a class close to death. So close, someone in that class is someone not from our world, someone who has died. But it seemed like the class of 1998 would be a class with no incidents. But Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to the class and talk to Mei Misaki. But he’s told not to talk with those who don’t exist and Kouichi tries to find out what’s wrong with this class he’s part of. Continue reading

Detective Conan

In celebration of watching over 700 episodes of the anime and the comic being published for over 20 years now (20th anniversary was on February 2nd, 2014) I thought I should write about this show and comic I love so dearly. As there are at the time 18 films, 12 OVAs, specials, a light novel, the spin-off Magic Kaito and several games that could be accounted for except for the anime and original work, this will cover the comic and anime in general.

44233lShinichi Kudou (CV: Kappei Yamaguchi) is a 17-year-old living in Tokyo. His father is the mystery novelist Yuusaku Kudou (CV: Hideyuki Tanaka) and his mother is the retired star actress Yukiko Kudou (CV: Sumi Shimamoto). But Shinichi himself is famous too. He’s the famous high school detective that even the police trusts. After promising his childhood friend Ran Mouri (CV: Wakana Yamazaki) to take her to Tropical Land if she wins a tournament, the two of them end up in a murder case where a person was beheaded during the roller coaster ride they were on. On this ride were two men in black and – after he figured out the case and the perpetrator was taken to the police – Shinichi spots one of them being suspicious. He follows them while telling Ran to wait for him. The boy has stumbled upon a new case. But the other man in black noticed him and knocks him out cold before giving him a poison to kill him.

Left to die on the ground a police finds him  and his taken to the police station where he’s wound from being hit is treated and he realizes he has turned small. He hurries home where he meets his neighbour, professor Hiroshi Agasa (CV: Kenichi Ogata) who – after a bit of deduction from Shinichi – learns about what happens. Professor Agasa manages to get Ran to take in Shinichi – who introduces himself and Conan Edogawa (CV: Minami Takayama) – to live with her and her father, a lousy detective called Kogorou Mouri (CV: Akira Kamiya (episodes 1-548), Rikiya Koyama (episodes 549 forwards) and with the help from the professor, Shinichi (or Conan) tries to find a way to turn back to his actual size. Continue reading